September 03, 2011

Gross Injustice: The Jeremy Bamber Story

Regular readers will be aware of my thinly disguised disgust for the judiciary: I have come to believe that it is a very, very lucky man or woman that gets a fair hearing in a courtroom these days.

A couple of days ago I was reminded of the Jeremy Bamber case. Jeremy was sent to gaol for life in 1985. He has maintained his innocence steadfastly throughout his sentence. Having read the details, I am not in the least surprised.

Like me, I am hoping that when you read those same details, and discover the players in this tragic event, you will be just as surprised and outraged at this miscarriage of justice.

Just for openers we have:

  • A bungled police operation at the crime scene
  • A "dead" body that moved itself from the ground floor to the upstairs of the house
  • Tampered ballistics
  • A scorned woman
  • An extended family's greed for the inheritance
  • Suppressed evidence

I am not going to lay out the case for you here. I'd prefer you to go and have a look at it first hand at the site set up for Jeremy. It is here.

There is a lot to take in, but you should have a look at the videos on the site because they will give you a condensed version of events. Then, because the devil is always in the detail, you need to look at the evidence more closely. The column on the left hand side allows you to do just that.

In order to stimulate your interest though, I want you to take a look at this video:

After watching that, you need to ask yourself why the police would not release the logs of the conversations heard at the crime scene from the moment Nevill Bamber called the police to say his schizophrenic daughter, recently released from hospital, "was going crazy with a gun". The line he called the police on remains open, and it is from here that detectives wrote the 25 page transcript. Instead of handing this to Jeremy's defence team, they locked it away in a cupboard and refused to hand it over. Worse than that, the police insisted that Nevill never called them. They also deny that Jeremy called them.

You may be wondering where Jeremy was at the time the murders took place. So was I. He was at home in bed. Much later, a police search found a silencer at his house. It looks as if the police took the silencer and used it to run their ballistics test, and it is after this that a whole bullet is found on his dead sisters body. The original fragment that was found (it clearly did not match the rifling on the silencer) mysteriously disappears. This evidence largely convicted Jeremy back in 1985. The scorned woman (Jeremy's girlfriend) added some damning evidence that was pure fabrication: she was clearly very pissed off about his having had a fling with another woman. The extended family, scenting blood in the water, leapt in with all sorts of tales to ensure young Jeremy was locked away, thus giving them an unhindered run at the inheritance.

Perfect, isn't it? Bungling cops, suppressed evidence, the real killer dead, others queuing up to testify against Jeremy, a big pile of money, a judge that took far too much at face value, and a prosecutor hungry for the fame of winning a sensational case.

With hindsight we can see that Jeremy was fucked from day one. With persistence, we can force the police and the prosecutor to release all the evidence that proves Jeremy's innocence.

The only small problem we have, is that it proves their guilt.



Pesky Anonymous said...

An excellent exposé Captain.
Gobsmacking in fact

I recently read a link left by an anon on your 'hanging' post concerning the Ian Huntley case.

How many cases like this can there be? The mind boggles.

Anonymous said...

I remember this case at the time and was always unhappy with the outcome of the trial. As you say, CR, the truth is out there, but I doubt it will surface until all the bent coppers have completed their gold-plated retirements and gone to hell.

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me that the sheeple believe that our country is a fine upstanding example of justice and human rights.

The sheeple are also instructed by our media that it's only "foreigners" in the World that live under hideously criminal regimes that must be smashed whenever there is chance because they are unable to handle their own resources like oil, food and water in a responsible manner.

Whenever the sheeple see films of the local people in these horrendous countries smiling and laughing they assume that they are being forced to look happy.

Such is the strangle hold of propaganda over the sheeple that they think it is quiet normal to cower in their homes and to be fined and prosecuted for every little "offence" whilst being observed by the thousands of CCTVs.

James Higham said...

Not just in the law either, Cap'n. It's in all spheres and is characterized by criminal incompetence and wildly insane judgments both ways, e.g. Cherie Blair's latest decision.

Fair trial? You might as well ask free market?

Anonymous said...

you might enjoy this little ditty

Anonymous said...

To further Pesky's post on Ian Huntley, it's believed that these girls were murdered by American Servicemen at the nearby base. And Huntley was blackmailed into taking the rap or his partner would either be removed or sent to prison. Not very nice.

Here's some links

It's all very dubious. Paedophilia is ripe as all one needs to do is look at the Holly Greig scandal. The elites look after themeseles.


Anonymous said...


I've had a link to Bambers site for some time now. having grown up in the same area as Bamber and knowing him slightly I've never believed that he was guilty. There is an alternative that is much more believable - that his sister did it and the police bungled the whole operation allowing an innocent man to be framed. To allow evidence from his former girlfriend was extraordinary! You only have to look into her background to see that she was as reliable as a chocolate bicycle. I wouls urge all readers to visit the site and make up your own mind.

Thanks for publishing this piece on Bamber.


Anonymous said...

Here's alink to the official blogger site

Anonymous said...

I know a lot about the Bamber case and I agree with what the CCRC said; 'the more I know about this case the more I know Bamber is guilty!'
If you want to enter a detailed debate I will show you why you're wrong and Bamber is guilty.
My poistion supporters include Bamber's ex girlfriend and ALL Bamber's remaining relatives, the twins' father, the farm secretary, the trial judge, the trial jury, the police, the CCRC, the CPS, the DPP, two appeal court judgements and Bob Wofenden.

Who supporters Bamber? Mike Tesko and a SMALL bunch of cranks.

Anonymous said...

No Gun or Dust residue found on the sisters body or clothing.....if she was the killer as Bamber would like you all to believe to have shot 26 bullets, this is not possible. It's game over for Bamber.

chokvid said...

No gun residue on her hands? Really? Cranks? Ok. Of course, it's very natural for people to side with a child killer. Maybe before cranking up the crank insults, some people might want to answer the questions in the video.

Anonymous said...

Mckenna=Double Thick
Looney Lisa C=Foul Mouth Chav
Bambers Few Supporters=Need To Get A Life!

Anonymous said...

Pity his legal team can't answer them in court (where it counts)Not trial by internet.

Anonymous said...

You know full well that his legal team have had their hands tied behind their backs by the misuse of public interest immunity and the refusal to comply with FOI requests by employing 'exeptions'. Now are you going to answer the questions in the video? Or are you going to keep running away from them?

Anonymous said...

Excuses Excuses..Answer the lack of Gun Residue for one??
These logs have been examined by the CCRC and explained, it's old and desperate news..
Live in the real world it's over for him..
Can't even sell his nude pics of her now. Only you lot are running and thats scared of another defeat.
Keep sending the letters lol

Anonymous said...

Look, I will ask you one more time and one more time only. If you ignore my request then you will only make your self look a fool. Nevermind the CCRC. I am asking YOU. Give me the answers to questions in the video re the logs...

p.s. Have you seen the pic of her hand with the greyish bruising / residue on? It doesn't look that clean to me.

Anonymous said...

Calm down Dear the conviction is safe, you keep going over old ground matey..He's not coming out and there are plenty more for you to follow. 26 years in Jail, they are not going to let him out or let his legal team come close to anything now!!
Just keep writing those letters for a standard reply back, we really do have a good laugh in the mornings at them lol x