September 22, 2011

Ranty Breaks The Law!

Shock! Horror! Societal meltdown!

Not really. It is an EU "law" and therefore meaningless.

But break it I shall. Repeatedly. Until they get the message that they are a useless, unwanted, unnecessary, unsupportable abomination.

You ready?

Let's violate their childish rules and regulations:

There you go. I haz broken their latest law.

The above slogan was coined in 1940 or thereabouts by the government of the day. It has since been copyrighted by someone, and that someone has whined to the EU. The EU loves whiners and they supported that someones right to the slogan. So we are not allowed to use it ever again. Got that? It is verboten.

I'll add the image to my piccie selection on the right shortly. Please do the same if you want to piss them off.

See you in the gulags.


PS-tip of ye olde beret to fellow blogger BJ for the find. He found the story here.


Dick Puddlecote said...

I break the law every day in my van. ;)

Pesky Anonymous said...

Does anyone take this stuff seriously anymore.
I'm in stitches.

My favourite one liner at the moment (and apologies to whoever I've stolen it from) is:
The government is like a chicken that's had it's neck wrung. It's dead. But it's still running around as if it's important.

There's a great article in the Telegraph today, The Great Euro Swindle, in which this line:
"...the pro-Europeans find themselves in the same situation as appeasers in 1940, or communists after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They are utterly busted."

Captain Ranty said...

I certainly don't Pesky.

These days I actively seek out EU law just so that I can violate it.

I read that piece earlier, it is terrific.

Are we learning yet?


Anonymous said...

Copyright is theft from the public domain.

Anonymous said...

Now then now then... A brief search reveals Keep Calm and Carry On Ltd, who applied for the trademark, is based in Surrey and is registered to former Celador executive Mark Coop, who brought us such wonders as The National Lottery: Winning Lines and Johnny & Denise: Passport to Paradise.

Of course one could say that it's the free market in action, spotting a business opportunity and all that, but one could equally well turn around and say "get stuffed", especially once our friends in Brussels get involved.

The good news: thanks to a campaign the cancellation of this mark is "pending", but the process apparently takes 4-6 months. (Rolls eyes)

Here is the offending article.

Someone should inform IPO, who don't seem to know it's being cancelled.

At the risk of immediate arrest:




PS: CR, did you see Gerard Batten mention Bilderberg in the EU Parliament last week? I wonder what his punishment will be? ;-) (Unless it's all part of the plan...)

Angry Exile said...

And hilariously they've just knocked back a similar request to give the old Soviet hammer and sickle trademark status. Apparently it's a nasty reminder of despotism and authoritarian rule or something. I laughed for ages.

OBO 110X said...

How the fuck can you copyright a slogan that has been around for decades and was originally coined by someone else!!!!!!

I will now Keep Calm and Carry On

Come and get me, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, oops there's another copyright infringement.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

achievablelife blogspot
See you in the gulag CR

Got it in a prominent place on my blog.

Can the crown be copyrighted?
I say keep calm all the time and I say carry on too, is the coulour red copyrighted too.

If I remember rightly this was produced with TAX payers money many moons ago. Th copyright owner may in be for a BIG bill if they wish to purchase it.
Plus I did not see a referendum asking 'we the people' if the government could sell it.

Has a law been broken by 'hijacking' a publicly owned slogan?

Namaste, phil;

Anonymous said...

Thanks for flagging up Ranty.

And thanks to those commenters above for some more info.

I rushed my bit out this morning as I had to toddle off to work and regret to say that I didn't do much research.

But, hey ho - KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON - oops!

James Higham said...

Insane, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Mark Coop - how about "FUCK COOP AND CARRY ON"?

Dioclese said...

As I understand it, this is a trademark dispute between two companies that stick out loads of Trashy Tourist Tat with this slogan on.

I don't blame the bloke trademarking it to protect his business, but I wonder at the brain power of the people who allowed it!

I am thinking of trademarking the words "Bullshit" and "Bollocks" and pethaps the phrase "Stick it up your arse" if someone in the gay community hasn't already beaten me to that one. I could charging people a license fee to use them. Whatcha reckon? Should be a money spinner...

James Higham said...

"Stick it up your arse"

Actually, we're looking for a name for the new party.

stealthy said...

Heard about this - shook my head, things people do for a buck lol

Lion of England on a distant shore said...

only a short comment,who is this nob end
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