September 12, 2011

Look What You Did!

To all who voted for my 'umble blawg.

As a result of you lot we came in at Number 18!

So thanks.

Thanks a bunch!



Dioclese said...

I wasn't in the top 50 so it clearly doesn't mean much...

(Only joking - well done!)

Captain Ranty said...

Steady on!

I was in the "We don't know where else to put them" section.

You'll probably rank in an important category... :)

Thanks though.


hangemall said...

I just left a congratulatory note at Leg-iron's, so the same to you too.

Angry Exile said...

Congrats, mate - promotion to Major Ranty next?

wayne said...

Well done mate

NewsboyCap said...


Well done, deserved.

Anonymous said...

congrats capt'n and thanks.


John Pickworth said...

Chuffed to bits for you Ranty me'old

You beat some pretty famous peeps there... and great to see LI get the recognition he deserves too.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or were you being rather sarcastic there? lol... Anyway who gives a fuck about ratings or polls?

Captain Ranty said...

This award is not a reflection on me.

This really is what YOU did. YOU voted for the blog.

Sarcastic? Hell, no. I am chuffed to little pink daisies that you bastards comment here.

I start the conversation and you guys make it happen. Without you guys this is a "transmit only" station. I desperately need the convesation. I learn more and more when you good peeps talk.

My thank you's are genuine.

I mean that.



Tonyb said...

You deserve it CR, your is one of the first I go to every morning alng with Guido Fawkes, Max Farquhar, Anna Raccoon.

Thanks so much for your hard hitting posts and long may they continue.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Tony!

RantinRab said...

Gweedo Fox is a felching tosspot.

Anyway, well done CR.

Anonymous said...

Well done Captain - your fine work is most appreciated!

Top 5 next... or higher?!



Anonymous said...

Hurrah - you were my No.1 choice. Fantastic work!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry i didn't actually vote, as i don't really partake in such things, perhaps i should but it just kinda makes me cringe... As for conversation i'm with you there! We do need conversation but i would rather it was a bit more about what we're actually going to do! Maybe you could use your talents to provoke a conversation on some possible actions we can take... I'm somewhat of the stefan molyneux train of thought, though a litte more pro-active! He believes we should abide by lawful and legal rules and not rock the boat because you may get arrested! So he's basically a coward! However he believes voting and protesting is pitiful begging! I'm with him there... So i won't vote, never have, and i won't protest, because i don't need to! I propose just taking back my life! Taking control, i won't beg for it! Come what may! I could be kidnapped by men in costumes, but hey, you could get kidnapped by any number of thugs and criminals! What do you think?