May 16, 2011

Rebellion: In Pictures

Forgive the light blogging. I am beefing up for my upcoming game in the British court system.

Have some pictures instead.

 See what happens when you say "No"?

Teach 'em young, and teach 'em right. Tell them why they are enslaved, and tell them how they can end it.

Explain the harsh reality of our vaunted 'democracy'.

Explain that only rebellion will deliver change. Protests & Marches only deliver tired feet.

One is nice. A thousand is better. A million is better still. Tell your friends.

Keep it simple:

Just. Say. No.



Tip of the beret to HV over at TPUC for the images.


Katabasis said...

Every time I say no

Katabasis said...

p.s. Ranty, I can't find an email contact for you. Would you mind dropping me a line on katabaticwinds AT gmail DOT com ?


Captain Ranty said...


A cracking link.

I am googling gods I don't even know just so that I can pray to them.

And this from a non religious.

Contact email sent. Check yer inbox.


Sue said...

Are we going to have a party when the Eurozone crashes?

I will even come back to the UK for that!

Captain Ranty said...


We'll party like it's 1971.


Woman on a Raft said...

Made me laugh, Captain.

Anonymous said...

Captain, you might want to check out Alfred Adask.

StealthLeafClover said...

Love it :) Good luck in the court CR, I don't think you'll be needing it though I bet they wise up and drop it lol :P

netkat said...

readin blogs like this over the last few months has steeled my conviction to finally become responsible for myself and take the step to being a freeman :) keep up the good your doing man