May 12, 2011

And So, To War

With the UK Border Agency.

The backstory:

Almost two months ago I had goods seized on my return to the UK. I wrote a Notice to the UKBA and informed them of my lawful standing and demanded my goods be returned to me immediately. I politely explained that I was in Lawful Rebellion and I sent them copies of several affidavits as evidence. I then left on another trip to West Africa. On my return home yesterday there was a letter waiting for me from UKBA.

It says that I have appealed against the seizure and now they must start Condemnation Proceedings in the Sheriff Court. I should expect a Writ to be served on me by 9th June. It does not say under which statute my goods were taken. For transparency, you should know that the goods taken were duty free cigarettes and cigars. I was also carrying some duty paid goods, which the agent generously permitted me to keep. I saw no point arguing with the agent at the airport, knowing full well that I needed to issue a Notice to his superiors.

As you would expect, my Notice to them dated 23rd April fully explained why statute law is meaningless to me, but they patently do not/cannot understand the written word, so it's off to court we go.

I realise that I am supposed to be scared silly at the prospect, and even more terrified of the implied threat in their letter to me, which clearly informs me that I alone will be responsible for their costs (£3000-£6000) in the event that I lose my case.

I am not terrified. I welcome the opportunity to test Lawful Rebellion in a court of law. To my certain knowledge I have four separate defences and in law, a man can bring as many as he feels necessary. I may add more.

When the Writ is served, I will be sending a Notice to the court detailing my counter-claim.

More updates will follow as this thing rolls out. UKBA say it could take between six and twelve months.



Anonymous said...

Brave good man.

Joanne said...

Someone needs to nail those thieves, but they have probably already smoked all your ciggies!

Alien said...

Good luck and skill, I take it this is happening up the road? I'd be there otherwise.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Ermm... how many did you have?

Were they duty free?

I have had legitimately held duty free goods seized from me in Aberdeen (200 cigs) when I couldn't prove I'd come by them "legitimately". The thieving gits broke open the carton and stuffed them in their pockets in plain view as I was getting into my taxi...

I suppose you've been over to ?

I have had a number of brushes with these gits over the years - arrogant bullying bandits being the main impression.

They need sorting.

Captain Ranty said...




Captain Ranty said...


They say that my goods will now be "held safe" until the court decides.


Captain Ranty said...


I am assuming Banff Sheriff Court.

The Writ will confirm the venue.


RantinRab said...

I had 1200 mayfair taken from me at Prestwick a few years ago. Bastards!

Captain Ranty said...


I had 960 ciggies and 25 Cuban cigars stolen from me by UKBA. I paid duty on the ciggies (in Nigeria) and the cigars were duty free at CDG airport in Paris.

I paid around £40 for both the ciggies and the cigars. In the UK, the thieving, money-grabbing UK, I would have paid around £350. Needlessly. Both manufacturers made a handsome profit from me. I was happy with the original price paid.

But it is the principle, it's not about the money.

Yep, I visit N2D every time they post a new article. They are right legally.

I am right lawfully.

Let's see what the court thinks.


Captain Ranty said...


Bastards is right.

If they charged the right price (about 50 pence a packet) smuggling would end overnight.


JerryD said...

Hey Captain - why don't you set up a PayPal account for donations for your defence - I'll gladly put something in.

You're taking the right stand - and I for one back you.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Never one to turn down a challenge then ? :-)

The illegality of UKBA seizures is what really, truly boils my piss. Even the EU commission knows that - what happened to the EU directive ordering HMRC to give all those legitimate and lawful, tax paid cars, vans , booze and ciggies back?

I've promised myself that I'm not going to be parted from my legitimately held goods without a fight - and I mean physical resistance. Self defence against a mugger - I don't care these days about the consequences.

One asshole tried it on with my old watch a few years ago FFS. And people sneer at Nigerian corruption.

Anonymous said...

Can an issue be made with this to Brussels? If it is EU says it is okay and UKBA not following the EU directive, then maybe informing EU would put some pressure from them. That is high court costs if they manage to wiggle out of it. If the agents sold those cigs on the black market, as they may well be doing, then there may not be anything left to return to you in the case that you win, thus more reason for whoever in UKBA might be confiscating goods to sell on blackmarket to bribe the judge, as corruption once it gets going tends to push outward creating more corruption as it spreads. Have a Paypal donation button online for defense needs in the case you lose would not be all that bad, if it came to that. Hope that you win though and that they still have the seizure to return to you and have not already sold it blackmarket.

Captain Ranty said...


Paying fines is anathema to me. I already got out of paying several thousands of pounds worth of fines from HMRC. This is a spin-off division of them so I am not perturbed.

Thanks for the offer though. If it really goes tits up I may well be back with a begging bowl!

And thanks for the support! That means worlds to me.


Captain Ranty said...


I fully intend to.

Matter of fact, I have already won. They just need it explaining to them.

Which I will happily do.


Captain Ranty said...


In their eyes I have broken their law but my standing as a Lawful Rebel already protects me from their statutes. I can safely ignore them. I have not caused harm, loss or injury to another man or woman. Incidentally, I said in my Notice that if they could prove that I had, then I would happily cease and desist.

Remember: my job is to "distrain and distress them (the government) in all possible ways".

I'm just doing my job. They will not win.

Thanks for the offer though!


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I just loved that mobile phone video from Portsmouth - was it last year? when UKBA tried it on and everybody essentially said fuck the fuck off! I've got a passport, and I'm going home and marched en masse through the UKBA goons.

More of that needed.

Mind you...

This must be stopped dead in it's tracks - stone, cold... dead.

A good start would be to "out" the faceless boosters of this scheme.

New question #75 : Time and place of last bowel movement.

Bollixed said...

I can't make Banff to offer my support mate. Too far. All Lawful Rebels will be there in spirit though.

Interesting things happening down in Birkenhead following on from the British Constitution Group arresting the treasonous and fraudulent judge. Two good rebels were in magistrates court a couple of weeks back and standing their ground with the support of the BCG team. Good turnout too supporting them. More court appearances to follow but the judicial system is definitely on the defensive and we're heading to higher courts where there is more chance of getting common law jurisdiction accepted. I think the police and courts have finally realised that we are not at all intimidated ( as law abiding, decent, honest, and committed people) and every time they arrest one of us on trumped up charges it ends up in a headache and huge costs for them. I've never felt such a sense of camaraderie and willingness to sacrifice oneself for a greater cause since being in the army.

By the way, anyone who hasn't looked into The Lawful Bank being set up by the BCG as a real alternative to our current corrupt banking system should do so. I've made my pledge, as has my good lady. All those folks who constantly whinge about bankers and bonuses and bailouts have the chance to put your money where your mouth is and do something about it. Just do a web search for 'lawfulbank'.

All the best with your own skirmish CR and I look forward to hearing of your success against corruption!

handymanphil said...

Oh Ranty, please take them apart at the seams, I beg you sire! Beware the 3 card trick from the bench ;)

Anonymous said...

Knowing that you are a egalitarian.(They wont like that).
Sly like fox's are they. Seeing all (other than their little society) as cash cows.
I would love to be a fly on the wall when they read your counter claim.
Sharpen your claws and teeth you will be going into the lions den.

Be well.


BTW. Welcome home..

Anonymous said...

I expect they'll just ignore your arguments and bill you for £6k, And if you lose your cool jail you for contempt. Hope it turns out differently,good luck.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck mate. Go get 'em!


Anonymous said...

Captain, I take it you know about the 'when the judge leaves the courtroom' scenario and 'legal personality' (i.e. the name - ergo, legal personality - you are summonsed under has to be the exact same one they have on their documents)?

Keep us updated.


Anonymous said...

Are you taking a good crowd with you to witness events?

Captain Ranty said...


That's the plan!


Captain Ranty said...



I don't actually think they will even start listening to me until I introduce my counter-claim.

All they care about is money.


Captain Ranty said...


That is one outcome.

But there is an appeal process at my disposal.

I will not just nod and leave the court. This is the beginning, not the end.


Captain Ranty said...



I don't yet know whether this will be heard by a magistrate so I have not yet planned my strategy. The Writ will tell me what I need to know.

I have several submissions to make to the court long before I get there.

I'll update as it unfolds.


Captain Ranty said...

Anon (8:33),

I do not plan to.

As it rolls out I will develop a strategy and it will include publicity-whether I need it or whether I need to avoid it.

This is a game. I intend to play it well, and I intend to win.


Anonymous said...

good luck captain although none is needed.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Nige.

In an ideal world I wouldn't need luck, but I have to get a fair-minded judge for my case to stand the best possible chance.

Since they are part of the system, my work will be that much harder, but I am prepared for that.


Anonymous said...

Go Captain .. GO GO GO!!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Anon.



Anonymous said...

All the best Captain.
John Gibson

Sukyspook said...

Captain, don't know if you've seen this series but imo it contains some golden nuggets which may help regarding your forthcoming SPECIAL APPEARANCE (not just an 'appearance') in court.
Remember who you/we are...which 'they' want us to forget and remain 'lost' and abandoned on their high seas of maritime admiralty law/commerce:

Blacks Law / Moorish Law Dealing With the Courts pt1

Big hug,

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks John.

Captain Ranty said...


Thank you.

I have watched it before but I will be boning up between now and my Special Appearance.

The only thing I do not (yet) control is the timing.

But I will have that just after the Writ is served.

We are going to play this game my way!


Sean O'Hare said...

It says that I have appealed against the seizure and now they must start Condemnation Proceedings...

I think that must have been a typo. They probably meant commendation proceedings. They are going to reward you - at least they should do. Good luck CR!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Sean!

Woodsy42 said...

Good luck!
Where will the entertainment take place?

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Woodsy.

If they have jurisdiction, Banff Sheriff court, if not, Aberdeen.


Groompy Tom said...

Go get 'em, Captain.

Take no prisoners!!!

Found A Voice said...

Ah Capt'n. The day you've been waiting for and the one that we've been waiting to support you for.

Since I started my blog, I've emigrated to Hong Kong and am in the process of bringing the family over. I plan to fully engage with Lawful Rebellion and becoming a Freeman this summer (it would have been earlier but for the emigration).

Anyhow, hopefully I can make an excuse to be in the UK to visit to be part of your court appearance and provide personal support.

In the meantime, my best wishes go with you.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Tom.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the support, but I suspect that in the first hearing I will challenge their jurisdiction in the matter so I expect it to be very brief.

Depending on the way things pan out, I may then demand that my case is heard before a jury. That would be interesting for people to attend.


Anonymous said...


Be well; go in Freedom and Love!

I have been studying these kind of things very intensively lately.
14-16 hours a day during three weeks, and maybe all the years of life before these could be considered in this matter/letter.
Thousands of pages later, I can only conclude this:

I want to Bow for you, my Brave Brother!

Every muscle in my body is aware of this huge coming event.
Each of my thoughts of my love are with you.

I Bow for you, with my hands on my heart and tears in my eyes.

With Love,

Sovereign at Heart.

Captain Ranty said...


Thank you for your kind words, but please, no bowing! I am just a normal bloke, no better and no worse than anyone else.

I have been looking forward to my day in court since 15th July 2009 when I entered Lawful Rebellion.

I used it as a defence to withhold over £7000 from HMRC. They said I was wrong and that I simply MUST pay what I "owe". I refused. They threatened me with court many, many times. I accepted. "Take me to court" I said, repeatedly. They did not.

And now I may get my day in court over £40 worth of tobacco.

You'd have thought that £7K was worth the effort but the HMRC Solicitors Office thought not. Very wisely, in my opinion.

It would be ironic indeed if I were to go to court over tobacco since it was the smoking ban that got me started on this path.

If they have any sense at all, they will run away from me and keep on running. They have not yet understood the importance of this case. I expect them to wake up soon.


FireballXL5 said...

Capt. I believe your resourcefulness and determination will see you win this, maybe not at the first attempt and maybe not in a way that the "enemy" would consider it a victory but I doubt you will be parting with £6k.

Wil be eagerly following this case and look forward to you sticking one up the corrupt courts and the insidious UKBA. I for one am sick of being searched EVERY time I come back in to this benighted country via the shithole known as Dover.

Your victory would set a precedent that will allow us all to go about our lawful business free from state tyranny.

I salute you sir!

Captain Ranty said...


Thank you.

Your support has been unfailing since your first visit to Ranty Barracks and I salute YOU for that.

Let us not forget: they say I have broken one of their "laws". I say I haven't because I am not subject to them. That is what this case rests on; my ability to prove my standing.

In 2008 I swore an oath not to harm, injure, cause loss or make mischief with my contracts. Three years later, I confirm that that is still the case. I have harmed no-one.

This case is vital for anyone either contemplating entering, or who is already in Lawful Rebellion.

When I win my case it will prove that Lawful Rebellion does what it says on the tin.


Anonymous said...

Sock it to them, Captain.

Hopefully, you'll be able to sneak some allies into the court room, equipped with wearable cameras (e.g., via buttons, glasses, pens, etc) and youtube the whole thing.

Might be worth starting a fighting fund for this, as TPTB are likely to play dirty. C&E spare no expense in their quest to relieve us of our property. A fund might assist you to take this further; justice is costly, especially when the deck is against you.

I'm sure Holby can work his magic for you!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mrs F.

This stand of mine was never about money, per se.

And I always said that I took responsibility for my actions. I feel that to ask people to bung money my way contradicts that.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with this but you are on a hiding to nowhere.

I have seen very little evidence of FOTL working in court.

They will simply ignore you, conspire against you, do you for contempt of court, fine you or whatever but they will extract their pound of flesh.

Sorry for raining on your parade.


Captain Ranty said...


I am not using FOTL in this instance.

Lawful Rebellion is an entirely different beast.

I am still bone dry....


James Higham said...

Need to be letter perfect in your grounds, Cap'n. They'll seize on the slightest slip.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to share an email i received relating to the genocide of native Canadians by successive governements and with the full cooperation and connivance of the catholic church and, "the crown".
it makes sobering reading indeed.

Anonymous said...


It is your authentic believe in Justice combined with your Bravery, which makes me bow!
A true leader would be he, who doesn´t want to be one, in the world of hostis humanis generis. The world which wants to crush the Eternal Human Spirit.

Fare well and return safely my Friend!
Remember my Love being at your side,
Sincerely Yours,

Sovereign at Heart.

P.S. I presume you are aware of the following for instance?

- Universal Jurisdiction under International Law; Randall,Kenneth C.
- Paul Sieghart Sri Lanka

Anonymous said...

Fair enoguh so,

Best of luck.


George Speller said...

"I alone will be responsible for their costs (£3000-£6000) in the event that I lose my case."

No you won't. Cap'n

Neither of us are Cornish but . . .

here's twenty thousand Cornish bold
Will know the reason why!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Captain

You said above, 'Lawful Rebellion is an entirely different beast from FOTL', how so?

Good luck on your endeavour

Captain Ranty said...

Anon (03:23)

If you have a look at the banner you will see my instructions:

"...distrain and distress us in all possible ways...".

That's exactly what I am doing. I am not subject to statute law.

It's an open and shut case.

(In theory).


Zaphod said...

Customs have nurtured a mythology that they have extraordinary powers. Most people believe it, including magistrates and judges.

If anyone could win something like this, I'd put money on it being you, Captain.

My own battle to get Customs in court for damages is still just alive, but I've been the victim of dirty tricks by the court staff, "losing" documents I've sent or handed in, and failing to post stuff to me.

I took more documents in today. They refused to give me a receipt.

Anonymous said...

Lawful Rebellion seems to be bollocks, unfortunately. You should probably start saving to pay your fine

Zaphod said...

I'm not sure which would be the best thing about winning.

Beating the authorities?

Or the look on the faces of the sheep who said you were wasting your time? "Baa-a, we must obey, baa-a, we must obey our masters. They are mighty, baa-a."

StealthUpperLip said...

Any evidence you give will be held against you, I can't wait for this lol ;P

Captain Ranty said...

Just received another letter from UKBA.

I'll explain what it says in a blog later on.