May 07, 2011

Alex Salmond Is A Liar

So says this man.

Peter makes a great deal of sense. Why would Madge simply hand over Scotland, given that she owns large chunks of it, and, the Crown earns a handsome income from the taxes on North Sea oil revenues?

Have a look and let me know what you think.



Found A Voice said...


I rather think that he misses the point. Salmond is playing the long game. By having a referendum where the Queen is kept the head of state he stands the chance of winning the referendum.

It would be a politically astute move as once Scotland became independent another referendum at a future date could be held to reject the Queen.

He's definitely taking small steps and leading where he wants to take Scotland.

Captain Ranty said...


Confession time: I never, not for one second, imagined that Salmond would retain Madge as constitutional head.

I was assuming a Republic.

Now independence means even less to me. Who wants to be another Canada, New Zealand or Australia? (No insult intended, that isn't my point).

Years and years of bitching about ditching Madge.

Either go for independence (which means dumping Madge and the EU), or just don't fucking bother.

It's like having a Casio but having "Rolex" stamped on the face.

A Casio is still a Casio.


Anonymous said...

Who needs Liz... when they've already got Van Rompuy?

Anonymous said...

Dump the EU?? In your dreams Cap'n, Salmond is a fully paid up member of the EU. Independence, true independence, will never happen, we will go from part of the UK in the the EU to being Scotland part of the EU.

Salmond is a liar and a very dangerous man.

RantinRab said...

Scotland will never be a republic. Not without civil war. Trust me on that.

Found A Voice said...


Sure. I accept your point, I was merely commenting on what Peter talks about.

However, I reiterate that the first referendum will be for independence. The second will be for a 'true' republic.

And I don't think RantinRab's too far from the truth.

Hope you're well.


Confused said...

Anti-monarchism against a backdrop of the Royal Standard?

NewsboyCap said...


I truly believe we will see the true power of the EU if Salmond even dares to suggest a referendum on independence from the UK and the EU. They will not allow a small nation to decide it's own future in case one of the big boys also wants out.
RantinRab is right it will take armed struggle to release us from this tyrannical yoke.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Well CR, that is probably you de-blogrolled by Subrosa! :)

Anonymous said...

Most Jocks I have met seem like decent people. However, I'd love to see them break away. They give us labour governments.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I believe a living descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie lives in the Congo, if that's any help. He's current Witch Doctor in Chief of the Oyo District, but I think he could be persuaded to accept the Scottish Crown.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the video, but what's wrong with keeping the queen? You won't have to pay for her or her family any more.. unless you want President Salmond?

There are other things you would have to keep: the pound probably, though you might want more influence on the BOE, the Common Travel Area, you'd probably need to outsource embassies to the UK, probably need some sort of agreement on foreign policy, and a lot of people would be eligible for dual citizenship.

There are other things which could go either way such as timezones and the railways, but you could leave the EU and become like the Channel Islands. Yes the EU won't like it, as Scotland would become a tax haven. Then again, the UK may become permanently conservative and leave the EU first!

An independent Scotland should probably leave the EU but maintain a relationship similar to Norway. Norway has the Nordic countries agreement with Sweden, Finland and Denmark which are in the EU. Scotland could have a British isles agreement with England, Wales, Ireland and NI.

banned said...

@Confused 18:45, good point.

Go for independence if you will Captain but don't kid yourself that from being an important partner within the United Kingdom Scotland will become an unimportant single EU Region standing alone among 270 others all clammering for largesse and special treament.

The cost of changing all the stationary alone will bankrupt you.

Bucko said...

Captain. Off topic but I cant see a contact me address on your website. I have something I need to run by you in private. :-)

Lion of England on a distant shore said...

Do you not see what is going on,everything that is happening in the
Un-united Kingdom has all been organised
in the Eussr,and with the help of every
pestilence political spineless party that have been,let the people decide if they
want independence and only the people
must decide.The Eussr and the parasites
in London and in Scotland will do their
utmost to stop it,the aim of the Eussr and
their payed lackeys in the un -uk,is to destroy Britain at all costs,because Britain was and still is a stumbling block for
the Eu parasites they do not want a sovereign Nation on its doorstep i saw
this coming at least twenty years ago.

Captain Ranty said...

I have moved this comment from my post on Scottish Independence from January 3rd.-CR

Anon says:

I am posting this comment as someone who lives in Scotland and is Scottish.

Personally, I see the SNP as a gamble. More often than not, people will talk about the imminent dangers of Scotland becoming independent and how unviable it is (certainly this is the viewpoinr from a lot of people I've encountered).
I find the recent election results rather interesting, to say the least, with regards to the SNP's majority victory. I, personally speaking, see the SNP as a stepping stone in a challenging (and perhaps correct?) direction towards developing our country further. So far, it seems that the only way to have gained independence (and realistically achieve it) would be to vote for the SNP and hope that the referendum held comes out favouring the split. However, this doesn't necessarily dictate that the SNP would always be the favoured party after this vote.

Personally, I'd welcome the opportunity of Scotland maintaning its own and thriving in such an environment, as ut'd be an opportunity to prove ourselves and our worth separate of outside help (for the most part (hoefully!)). One thing that does dishearten me, however, is the lack of proposals suggested (in a publicised way) to overcome issues such as the financial situation from thereon in, the military situation etc etc. I believe that if such solutions are available then they should be more readily accessible to the public (via better political advertising).

For Captain Ranty (really approve of the name, by the way :) ), I'd ask for you to give Scotland a chance, even if we became independent, we can sometimes surprise people with the solutions that we come up with. SNP may be a quick answer to people's wishes but may not be the permanent one that we're all looking for :)

p.s. If anyone has any links to proposals made by any parties concerning a split could they please link me to such things (it'd be much appreciated).

From a "looking to be more politically enlightened Glaswegian" of 22 :)

8 May 2011 03:10

Woman on a Raft said...

Chill, Captain. This is exactly the structure which suits the Channel Islands so well.

Goodness knows there are criticisms to be made of the government of the Channel Islands (and Stuart Syvret makes them) but constitutionally it has protected the Islands from the worst of the EU as well, as they are not parties to any of the treaties.

Make your peace with the Crown; it is in your interests to do so as this is, historically, a known deal-breaker. The people - including Scottish ones - won't give her up and I'm guessing that if they get William and Catherine, they will be just as fond of them. If they get Charles, then they may be less fond of the monarchy but who knows what will happen.

First, get the UK executive off your back, then the Crown is a relatively small issue and shouldn't be allowed to derail independence.

Salmond with his face like a sucked Werther's Original has, even in the eyes of his opponents, played a blinder for a very long time so listen to him. Don't turn down the whole pizza just because it has the odd slice of sausage on the top.

As regards sovereignty; don't make me laugh. If we don't get out of the EU nobody has sovereignty. Not the English, not the Scots, no-one.

Woman on a Raft said...

Sorry Captain, I meant HE should reconcile himself to the Crown.

St Paul said...

Wee fat Alex is a weasley gauleiter.
He is bidding to be ruler of European Region UKM, so far as he can with his allowed "comptences". He will take his orders from Brussels and the natives do not matter. Independence is an illusion.

English Viking said...

Oh, you're a Jock.

That explains it.

Captain Ranty said...


No, I'm not.

You, however, obviously don't read what I write. I've lost count of the times I've said I'm an Englishman.

Is it your inability to read that explains your arrogant writing on here?


Captain Ranty said...


Wing a note to me here:

captainranty at btinternet dot com


RantinRab said...

I'm concerned that people seem to think the 'crown' refers to the Queen and her family. It doesn't.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

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Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

I am not sure how this is going to come out but I am coming from a simplistic view point.

The Scottish peoples are hardy and self-reliant; in reality they need nothing that any country has to offer.
Take a look at what the Scottish have lost before deciding the gains of anything else.
Farming, Industry, Health care, pensions (remember Scottish widows? What a monumental invention), education and all the rest.
In the current situation Scotland is loosing it's unique identity and customs, and is been regulated from a distance by those who do ‘NOT’ know the Scottish people.

Scotland IS at the moment weakened by the shackles of foreign legislation. Your country could once again be Scottish and a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Historical note;
People believe that the GREAT that comes with the phrase 'Great Britain, is because the country as a whole is 'ONE'. this is NOT true. 'britain' is the mainland and the outer islands not connected are also britain, together the whole are called 'Great britain.' So if Scotland becomes independent the term 'Great' could no longer be used.

And who cares about the pound, it's all a fiction anyway, Scotland has oil, coal, arable land minerals ‘GOLD’ and a STRONG people. Go for independence and then negotiate with the rest of the country negotiation first is only asking for permission. You have MUCH to offer and you have the right to demand proper trading value.

Namaste, phil;

CrazyDaisy said...


Irony - man stands in pseudo uniform with sew on badges bearing the "Royal" Lion Rampant - #fail

Peter would do better to remain objective and less emotive. That said - I personally would prefer a Republic.

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