May 09, 2011

Fuck Osama

I like Muslims.

Have done for more than twenty years.

But Pat sums up what I really need to say to the radicals.

Disagree, if you dare.


PS-tip of the beret to GV where I spotted the video.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Posted this as well Cappy! My God Pat does so well here!

Captain Ranty said...

He says just exactly what we are thinking, doesn't he?


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Damn straight!

vervet said...

One of the few that tells it EXACTLY as it is.

Sackerson said...

OK, here you go, I disagree. Or rather, have a point to make: the US worked out the military plan beautifully, it seems; but they didn't get their ducks in a row about the legal implications, and that's why the post-match report has been something of a shambles.

2. If OBL was an enemy combatant, he could be killed - weapon or no - as long as he wasn't offering to surrender.

3. If OBL was a criminal, he should have been arrested but could be killed by the SEALs if necessary, in self-defence.

Reportedly, a SEAL confirmed that "this was a kill operation" and so presumably the argument was number 1. All that was needed was to establish that as the story before going in.

Post-event PR crap does not do the job - hiding behind a woman vs pushing her away to receive the bullet himself, it's a mess. This is inviting the public to judge by the emotionalist standards of action movies.

Unless we have descended to simply "might makes right", in which case the future does not look good for those who aren't strong or will not always remain strong.

Pat doesn't help things by his anti-religious sneering - which I think on other occasions he'll be happy to extend to Christinaity and all the others. He's just off the point, which is that either we do things (or at least claim to do them) according to law or F the law itself.

Murray Rothbard said...

Sorry, I do disagree. Every emotional bone in my body wants to agree with him, but rationally I can't.

richard said...

I disagree too. What actually happened? Man who was trained by the USA to kill people at the tax-payers' expense has been shot by the USA at the tax-payers' expense, after a 10 year manhunt, two wars (or does Libya make three?) with millions of lost and ruined lives.
Now that he's dead, can we put away the guns please? No? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Pat has lost the plot.

Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI. When asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Laden's Most Wanted web page, Tomb said, "The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on osama Bin Laden's Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11."
9/11 was an inside job.

James Higham said...

Not while he's dead, Cap'n.

handymanphil said...

I really do not see what anyone's problem is with this!
Arsehole connected to terrorism world wide.
Arsehole promotes terrorism throughout the muslim world. Arsehole celebratesboom-boom all over the place
Arsehole is found...
Arsehole is shot...
Arsehole is no more
The only thing the Yanks did wrong was forget about Vlad the Impaler-now that would have informed the world that Arsehole was definitely gonski!
Excuse my lamentable french please Ranty :)

Anonymous said...


Pat Condell is in three words - a Zionist shill. His utter hatred for the Islamic faith is overwhelming in every drivel that he preaches, as he's now ironically taking god like status, even though he's a bloody atheist!!!

Let us not forget that this wank on the face of the earth was a die hard Labour supporter and voted for them up until the last election. Thus, he epitomises the NWO globalist, MSM fed automaton.

Pat has his legions of followers. I was one, that is when I was in my anti Islam phase, that is my ignorant but waking up situation back in 2006.

He of course continues to parrot the MSM (Obama killed in Pakistan, buried at sea etc etc) and worse still makes a joke about it, that is, that people complained he wasn't given a proper Islamic burial?
With all this man's supposed intelligence, where are the questions like:

"Why was his body hurriedly buried at sea?

Don't you think it convenient that he was murdered (supposedly) in Pakistan, giving the UK grounds for an invasion as 9/11 did for Afghanistan?

Did Mr Condell never look at the obvious difference of Osama Bin Laden's face as it changed from the original into the doppelganger, controlled by the CIA?"

etc etc...

What's worrying about Condell, is one now believes is he an insider? Is he controlled opposition, the rallying cry for atheism, the New Age, Zionism and of course the New World Order, because all he ever fucking harps on about are Mooooooooooslims.

Condell would be wise to listen to the alternative media, such as reading the following articles:

You see what Condell is Cap'n is a MSM shill and they love him, especially the Zionists. He's an arsehole and I'm disappointed to see that you listen and support the shite that spews forth from his mouth, although it's entirely your prerogative to do so.


Anonymous said...


Why do I speak as I do? I do because I was one of the dead, asleep, totally ignorant to what was really going on and this is where fuckwit extraordinaire Pat Condell is.

Although not religious in the slightest, I respect that all religions have their freedoms to promote what they do. It is the choice of the individual and no one else. However Pat Condell, ATHEIST Pat Condell, is that fucking blinkered to reality as well as being so far up his own arse, that he is 100% oblivious to the fact that atheism is a religion, as it's most certainly a cult that promotes a hatred in anyone's belief that there may be something far more powerful out there that created us. Guaranteed, give the atheists more time to grow and they'll be doing what the inquisition did, but to all people who believe in a religion.

He's an intolerable cunt Cap'n. Someone who comes across as knowledgeable, when his information comes straight from the MSM daily broadsheets and tabloids.

If he had an ounce of common sense he'd be dangerous. Thankfully he doesn't.

My sadness is that I actually believed the shite that he preaches and the MSM told me.
Fucking really sad.

vervet said...

Harbinger - what a load of bollox.
I don't worship Pat Condell, but I do recognize that he treats every religion with equal contempt.
He does not criticize religion per se, but justifiably draws attention to all the damage that it, in its many and various forms, has visited upon the people of the world for thousands of years.
All the lies, all the supression, all the death. All in the name of one religion or another.

Anonymous said...


Your opinion. I disagree. He never speaks whatsoever of the reason behind the growth of Islamism and ignores Palestine. He simply hates Islam and everyone that happens to follow it. He bashes Christianity and Islam but always remains silent about Judaism, conveniently forgetting Jewish manipulation of society for hundreds of years = Zionist shill.

He's 100% up his own arse - parrots what the MSM says all the time and hasn't the common sense to go out and do his own research. He is a member of the cult of atheism. I am not religious in the slightest, but most certainly believe in the revolutionary ideology of Christ.

Condell's an arsehole for the simple reason that he only ever goes as deep as the topsoil in every subject. He should have stuck to comedy instead of getting involved in politics. Then again, he is a socialist and an atheist, therefore, narcissistic personality disorder, psychopathy and ego, very possibly dwell within the fool.

I can't believe I ever had anything to do with him. The atheists love him along with all the rest of the New Age followers, that is the other name for NWO controlled, globalist, automatons, who are oblivious to the fact they are actually worshipers of Lucifarianism. LMAO!


Dave said...

Nice one Pat. Loved it.Thanks for posting CR. According to some (who will never face anything more riskier than a paintball gun) it seems that the team should have assumed that OBL wouldn't have donned an explosive vest/belt during the operation and therefore could have safely arrested him. This despite him having so much warning about what was happening until he was finally and rightfully shot.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Why should I hate anyone? even Osama Bin Laden?
An CIA operative, clearly.
What to believe or not to believe?

The blindfold is securely on 'folks'. Hey LOOK at this honey they shot OBL.
It would be far more constructive to HEED what is going on, on ones doorstep. This charade is playing out under ones feet but we are directed like actors in a badly produced film.
Only the ending is bleeding obvious.
While one is talking about OBL and whether he is dead or not our children are being abducted, our taxes are being stolen, our NHS is being stripped, our banks are being robbed by the bankers.

I say stop being distracted by the powers that be, stop being told to be angry or happy, stop being told what you can and cannot do.

Our government tell us they know what is going on and they tell us 'Nothing to see here' move along, nothing to do with you.

Be interested by all means in this sad little play but don't take your eyes off the ball, it's a cannon ball and it's coming your way.
Remember April 30th, Chip paper - Boy! they sure know how to distract, don't they!

Namaste, phil;
Sorry CR, I just think this stuff is an engineered side show.

vervet said...

From that last rant I have concluded that you are a Christian troll, determined only to rubbish Pat Condell.
Sorry if that is a misjudgement, but your opinions are so full of non-sequitors that I stuggle to conclude otherwise.

Zaphod said...

Well I thoroughly enjoyed the vid. I wouldn't attempt to disagree with Pat.
Thanks, Cap'n.

You do get some fruitcakes commenting in here, don't you?

Lost said...

ooooh look it's the lesser spotted msm parrot, haven't seen one of those in, oh my my must be three hours.

He has merely recited all the msm spin I'm supposed to believe, whilst conveniently ignoring any urge at a logical critical thought process.

There are many questions that need answers as some have posted above.

What really got me about the whole, we've killed the bogeyman thing are the reactions.

Presented with video of people celebrating his death (mainly USA) waving flags jumping around chanting and whooping, it took me back.

About ten years, to the pictures and video of people in the east doing the exact same thing.

Cap'n sir, I get the feeling we're being played like a fiddle.

The needle returns to the start of the track, and we all sing along like before...


P.s I wanna see his long form death cert :)

Anonymous said...


Don't worry, what I write about, is so over your head that even if you kept climbing to reach its level, for the rest of your life you'd still never reach it.

There are some people in life who are 100% oblivious to reality. Sadly this is the majority and that includes you. Oh how easily you are indoctrinated by the MSM.

And I'm not religious, I just don't belong to any cult of which atheism is. So full of hatred and they are oblivious to see that they are.

Like I said, don't worry. I expect replies such as yours from the contaminated and the dead.
Happy caged existence, for that what you're living, with zero knowledge you are. LMAO!!


Anonymous said...

Nice one Pat! The only thing he got wrong was that islam has been at war with everyone else not for 10 years, but 1400.
And Captain, I usually find myself agreeing with much of what you say, but "I like muslims" is akin to turkeys liking Christmas.Whilst there are many decent people who just happen to be muslims, or attend the mosque now and again, possibly to please their family, any devout muslim will want to live in a world-wide caliphate under sharia. And that is a fact.

John Churchill said...

I don't agree with the Muslim-hating sneering in the video, particularly as most of the victims of al-Qaeda have been Muslims. Bin Laden's death was celebrated in Iraq, where thousands were murdered by Zarqawi and his goons, acting under the orders of bin Laden.

But the video has more truth in it than the conspiracy theory nonsense peddled by Harbinger, who is obviously the kind of far left nutjob who believes 9-11 was an inside job or done by the Jews.

If you want to find out about al Qaeda and bin Laden, I suggest you read the book written by Jason Burke. It is utter crap to suggest bin Laden was ever supported or finance by the CIA, his hatred for the West was well-known even when he was supporting anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Then again, they work behind the scenes pushing all the buttons for every major conflict in this world in order to financially benefit and smash all culture and nations that aren't Jewish and Israhell.

Have you been reading Mein Kampf, Harbinger? Hitler couldn't have put it any better than that. It's funny how a nation the size of Wales that has been fighting for its survival since it was born wants to "smash" every other nation on the planet.

banned said...

Great vid, also reposted via Max Farquar.

Can anyone remember that old action movie (Bruce Willis?) which included a scene with a background of photos of the FBIs most wanted list amomg whom is quite clearly Osama bin Laden?

That movie was released prior to 911.

I am Stan said...

Yowza Capitan,

Wow it`s amazing what they can train seals to do nowadays eh?

I`m off for an early sniffter, Pat, Harby and Urban 11 always turn me to drink.


Pat`s not ageing well is he, its all those long negative rants eating away at his karma.

Bottoms up!

Derek said...

I quite liked the last few lines, but hasn't anyone considered OBL may well have been dead these past ten years? Kept 'alive' to prolong the 'war on terror' and snuffed by an alleged raid that few knew about all in the name of a political bump for a failing President Obama. Buried at Sea - who was? Photo's of the action - none seen. Sight of the body - ditto. DNA proven - not possible in the time scale claimed.

Story's about as sweet as a rotting fish. Surprosed at Condell on this one.

CrazyDaisy said...


Pat is entertaining - how are we to know what is the "Truth"? I will keep an open mind and continue my journey - lots of angst kicking around and clealry more research required.

For those who haven's seen Loose Change 2 on Youtube - give it a watch, brings up questions that even logic can't deny...

Stay Alive


Anonymous said...

Fuck pat.
listen to stephan.