May 04, 2011

The Uncounted

In direct contrast to the counting of one dead terrorist, I wanted to have a look at the uncounted.

I talk, of course, about the Census Rebels.

The Scots continue to defy their intrusive, abusive government. This article is a couple of weeks old and the Oh En Ess have gone strangely silent on the matter.

A little further south, the Yorkshire men & women are saying, in large numbers: "Nay, lad, Tha's gettin' nowt from me" which is music to my dear old lugs. Note the threat of "loss of services" which is a direct appeal to their wallets.

Friday seems to be D Day for the counters of chattel.

I remain uncounted. I also remain undaunted and unterrified by their childish threats.

They may, however, count this:

I am still in West Africa so blogging will be anorexic for a tad longer. I return to Soviet Britain next week.

Stay feisty,



Steven said...


Why is Friday the D day?

Captain Ranty said...


It says so in the Yorkshire story:

"But with just days to go till the May 6 online deadline, officials in Hull say the apathy could cost £344m over the next decade."

This relates to online completions.

The Scottish story says:

"There is no official cut-off date for returning the forms, although Wednesday marks the deadline to complete the census online in either English or Gaelic."


Anonymous said...

Some of the first wave of census goons may be working until Sunday May 8th rather than Friday May 6th, I've read. Just in case anyone's going for the "no contact" approach, like I am.

(they were at my door when I returned home the other night. I walked down the street for a few minutes, and by the time I came back they were gone. Still no contact, no refusal for them, just a house with the curtains closed and the door unanswered)

Captain Ranty said...


I was really looking forward to the confrontation.

I am here until the 10th and will arrive home sometime on the 11th.

Good on you though! They cannot get a house to fill in their stupid forms.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

I got a visit three weeks ago (?) and have heard no more. Said if they wanted to see me again they could arrange a court hearing.

Captain Ranty said...

Nice one WfW.

Maybe we can arrange our hearings on the same day in the same court?

We can both yell out the same response: F**K ORF!


Oldrightie said...

I've had four useless visits so far. Two letters to the Head Fred and only one reply. I am not refusing to fill it in just want assurances and answers with which to be satisfied. I doubt those answers will appear!

Captain Ranty said...

Four visits! I am jealous, OR.

I have had one letter. They stopped writing to me when I said that I would charge one thousand ounces of silver per hour if they hauled me to court.

Funnily enough, HMRC ceased to threaten me when I told them that if they hauled me to court my counter-claim would be fifty times what they demanded of me.

Seeing a pattern?

All they understand is money.

They are happy enough to bully, threaten and coerce us into parting company with it but when we pull the same stunt....


Katabasis said...

Amen to all of the above!

Stay strong my friends!

WV: undhar

Ro-me-ro said...

"There is no official cut-off date for returning the forms"

If there is no cut-off how can they fine for non-completion!?

Another Anon said...

I've just had a third written warning, like from a very persistent Avon Lady who wants to be my special friend. I haven't refused to fill in the form. I just don't open the door to strangers. Don't reward bad barky dogs, I've seen that on the telly-box.

She says they are going to send 'specialist investigators'. Perhaps I shall enquire in to the cost of that with an FoI.

Funnily enough, I don't have any objection to giving the same info as I give to get my worthless vote. I quite like the idea of someone being able to find me in 100 years as I've been able to find ancestors. The rest I tick at random.

I intend to make this as expensive, acrimonious and difficult as possible and I will eventually complain to my MP who should have had enough sense to tell the ONS that they could have only basic info about residents. (Name, birthdate, nationality).

Still, that's another lot of public-sector jobs we can slash by half. The ONS shouldn't have been allowed to ask stupid questions in the first place. They were clearly only doing make-work and managed to get the legislation to entrench it. They will be winkled out in The Reckoning.

If Cameron was any kind of a Conservative or had a smidgen of sense he would have realized the Census is unnecessarily antagonizing and remembered where that got the John Major government. "Don't piss people off untill you really have to" should be tattooed on their bums (so someone can read it to them) as John Major found out when he finally lost the election for a hundred little reasons, even though he had corrected the central mistake of his government and shock, horror, the economy was not bad, considering.

Tell them this for free: don't tell lies and don't threaten me, it just makes me dig in.