May 25, 2011

True Dat

I was over at GV's place earlier and I thought I would have a quick listen to Ashley Mote.

I'm glad I did. I think that Ashley is one of that rare breed that "gets it". This is a man that has served at Westminster and in Brussels so I guess if anyone truly understands the damage various political fuckwits have done to our nation, he does.

I urge you to watch the first video at least. If that doesn't make your blood boil then I suppose nothing will. The following three videos (watch them at GV's gaff) are just as interesting and they will affect your blood pressure.

Watch them all if you care for this little island of ours. Watch them all if you have been dozing under the duvet for the last 20 years. When you have watched them all, pop into the bathroom.

In there you will find the hero you have been waiting for.

He or she will be looking back at you from the mirror.

We keep putting it off. We keep saying "Any day now those bastards are going to drive me around the bend, and then I will act". Or "One day soon I will be able to fight back".

Guess what?

That day is here.

Do something. Say something. Tell someone.

I have a magic little word. It starts all sorts of trouble. Not for you, but for them. I've mentioned it before so you should recognise it.

That word is "NO!"

Politicians hate it. Bullies hate it. Control-freaks hate it. Pecksniffs especially hate it.

Start with "No" and build it up from there. Until they hear it everywhere and all the time they are going to continue raping our country. They won't stop until we all have microchips embedded. They won't stop until cameras adorn the inside of every home. They won't stop until even thinking that the EU is a bad idea is a crime.

Tell them no. Tell them it stops now. Tell your friends. Tell strangers. Tell everyone.

But, FFS, stop telling yourself that a hero heads this way.

The hero was here all along.

It's you.



mescalito said...

nice write up ranty you've hit the nail on the head, it is within all of us and all of us must make a stand no matter how small people perceive it to be.

as ranty said, tell someone, send a letter, attend a protest, say NO absolutely anything that will chip away at the current system.

we are obligated, its our duty.... to ourselves, to our brethren, to every generation that is yet to follow.

GoodnightVienna said...

Thanks CR. I agree. It's very obvious that there is no point whatsoever looking to any political leader. The main 3 just go their own sweet way regardless of what the electorate say and the smaller ones (including UKIP) seem to be in-fighting.

It is down to us, as individuals, to do what we think best. There are no heroes; nobody will come.

Captain Ranty said...


You are too kind.

It worries me greatly that some people are too timid to try it out. After the first time it gets easy.


Captain Ranty said...


Nail on the head.

There's just us. We either start helping ourselves or keep bending over.

I am enjoying my life since I straightened my back.


Anonymous said...


There is much to agree with in his words, without a doubt, but sadly Ashley still sees a left, right and a centre when they haven't existed for a long time. If you're going to do something about the problem you have to understand just what the problem is and sadly, Ashley won't delve into the world of conspiracy, which is sadly the world he must go in order to understand the problem that we all face.

He also mentions a Christian society when it is a Christian society no longer. One look at one of the groups behind the obliteration of the UK and you'll find the Fabians, a socialist organisation who see the belief in a God a polar opposite to socialism. Therefore should anyone look into Humanism, they'll be able to trace it back to Julain Huxley, brother of Aldous Huxley of Brave New World, amongst others, themselves also Fabian Socialists and atheists. We also see that the Fabians contained Annie Besant, the freemason and follower of Blavatsky's Theosophy.

He forgets that our society was subverted some 60 years ago, where the majority now do not partake in any indigenous culture whatsoever, happy to be part of a multicultural world, when oblivious to them, even though they believe they may be fighting against the NWO, their own promotion of globalism, through acceptance of multiculturalism, is playing right into the hands of their enemies. Our ignorant society is rebuilding the Tower of Babel. Either way it's a case of heads they win, tails we lose.

Watching and listening to members of the BCG is like listening to speakers of the BNP. Not only do they speak much of the same of the destruction of the country and growing ridicule of the majority by the ethnic minority, but the age groups are also the same. It's the younger generations you have to win over, not the older ones, but again, as I stated in the previous paragraph, the 40 and under age group are already subverted and nothing but globalists.

Captain, there is nothing that can be done. This battle was lost a long time ago, for the simple reason the elite have every base covered. They know whichever way society goes they've won. At the moment there seems to be a world effort of uniting all people's together to beat the NWO and yet this only destroys individualism, by creating the group mentality ever more. More so, it brings even more sovereign destruction of nations and ironically promoting the one world government situation because all it will take is for a couple of lower psychopathic elites to fall on their swords and some nobody to bring about a united people and a government that will state it will never allow the systematic plunder of the public purse from the banks, the governments and needless wars, to be regulated by a world bank and government.

As I said Captain, it's a win win situation for the elite. Nothing can be done. You will disagree but me, well, I know the reality, accept it and I'm seeking a higher state of consciousness to prepare for the oncoming storm.


Anonymous said...


We live within an immoral society now Captain and therefore it is impossible to take any moral stance as everything becomes relative. It means that every taboo is now normality.
You will disagree with me as I know you to be what you are a fighter. Yet I've always been a fighter and know when to and when not fight. This is not the time. People will have to experience incredible suffering in order to see reality and do something, but even then the bases again will all be covered.

Society has dug a huge hole in front of itself and it's about to fall head first into it and stay for a very long time. There's no point in getting angry and trying to do something about something you have no way in hell of sorting out.

Like I said Captain, a higher state of consciousness is the only way to living any kind of fulfilling existence. And I haven't given up writing. I still partake in the Daily Telegraph's comment section, albeit to constant ridicule. But I know what I say gets through to some.


I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

Just say noooooo! thats the way!

@Harbybaby, multiculti works for me..;)

FireballXL5 said...

The word NO is, as you say Capt. the ultimate weapon and one I learnt to deploy, thanks to you and other "malcontents" some time ago.

Sadly most people are too timid and brainwashed to consider this tactic, let alone any sort of civil disobedience. I see it in the queues at M&S when I refuse to buy a 2p carrier bag to fund their crusade against climate change. As I am "reasoning" with the cashier people behind me are quietly tut tutting or openly berating me as I fill my pockets and their free wine carriers with my purchases! People like to conform, to assuage their consciences by doing what they have been told is "the right thing", I've not yet come across another "troublemaker" outside of the blogosphere.

For me the answer, at least for the time being, is to live life totally on my own terms, ignoring all the shit that we are showered with by the thieving lying cheating scum who wish to control us, and accepting I can only change my own world and not everyone else's. In other words, how to live free in an unfree world.

That little word NO is the biggest weapon in my armoury in MY fight against the system.

Captain Ranty said...


"As I said Captain, it's a win win situation for the elite. Nothing can be done."

That depends, doesn't it?

It depends on how far you are willing to go. With me, it's all the way. I cannot and will not stand by, twiddling my thumbs while these fucking imbeciles kick me in the face. No-one gave them the right to destroy this country.

I'll keep at it. I'll do my bit.

I know you're a feisty bastard. I know there is a fight in you and I know you have a spine.

But telling yourself, and everyone here, that the battle is lost is not realism; it's defeatism.

C'mon H! You are in a position to do them great harm. Get back on the horse, old son. Your nation needs you.


Captain Ranty said...


"For me the answer, at least for the time being, is to live life totally on my own terms, ignoring all the shit that we are showered with by the thieving lying cheating scum who wish to control us, and accepting I can only change my own world and not everyone else's. In other words, how to live free in an unfree world."

Fine words indeed!

If only a significant minority adopt that attitude, we really would be home free in no time at all.

Some people may imagine that you and I tear around the place with a big throbbing vein at the temple and a maniacal glint in either eye, but the reality is very different. Just a quiet and a polite "No" seems to have the fire-power of a Tomahawk missile.

I don't gloat, I don't wave my arms in the air, I just say "No", and move on. It is very tempting to turn around to look at their faces, mouths agape, but I am above even that now.

The feeling is tremendous.


Anonymous said...

Nice words from Ashley. But wasn't he banged up for fiddling his MEP's expenses? Could have been a fit up.

Captain Ranty said...


If Wiki is to be believed, it wos him wot done it:

I was unaware of his fraud case.

Mind you, it doesn't alter the truth in the videos.


I am Stan said...

Yes Urban 11 the guy is an utter fraud,he falsely claimed benefits, pocketing over 65 grand and was sentenced to 9 months in the poke.

He kept his seat in the EU but was chucked out of UKIP.

Farage said, "If he had been jailed for more than a year, the seat could have been reassigned to UKIP.

"As it is, the voters in the South East will see taxpayers' money going to a man serving a prison sentence, unable to represent them.

"I know it's far too much to expect, but if this man had a shred of decency or integrity left, he'd resign."


Anonymous said...

People need to stop following politicians altogether. The majority are only in it for themselves.

Saying 'no' in a polite manner is a good start. Practice it and take it from there.

Also, look into ways of living off grid. Starve the beast!

Captain Ranty said...


There may be some doubt as to his guilt:


Captain Ranty said...

Anon (11:55)

Well said.


I am Stan said...

Thanks for the link Capitan,

The pure waters of truth, honesty and justice have been polluted by toxic politicians, gangrenous lawyers and er...Motes own website.

*sighs again*

Snakey said...

"Corporations like General Electric, Monsanto, DynCorp, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Wal-Mart, Exxon, Google, BP, and AT&T most certainly have the "ability to do or act" and literally change the face of the earth. In fact, the vast majority of the rules, regulations, laws, decrees, and proposals, that our politicians feign to have developed on their own, come from think-tanks funded by and representing the collective interests of these very corporations. They literally fuel society, move mountains, bridge rivers, manufacture machines that dominate the air, land, sea, and even space, hold dominion over our means of communication, and oversee the distribution and sale of nearly everything we use on a daily basis. That is power.

Any means of protest or "change" that does not undermine or effect this current balance of power is nothing more than a superficial, ineffectual, and ultimately futile exercise at best, and a self-defeating, counterproductive, co-opted acceleration of humanity's consolidation and control under these global corporate-financier interests at worst."

The above post is worth reading in its entirety. I also recommend the following link as well:

(sorry if I posted this link before, I lose track ;))

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the links. I spent an hour or so looking at the posts. Very interesting.

That article is bang on. If we want to take control, we will have to take control.

Leaving it up to those 650 muppets isn't working.


Anonymous said...


"That depends, doesn't it?"

Of course it does and that's the whole crux of the situation. If society miraculously wakes up; if our younger generations see the subversion that's been ongoing with them; if they switch of the TV's and the rest of the MSM, or even better the MSM journalists realise the wrong they're doing within society and start printing the truth; if the judicial system throws out admiralty and the police start protecting the public instead of the elites then we mot certainly will see a change within society and for the greater good, but can you honestly see any of the above happening?

"It depends on how far you are willing to go."

My stance, my pursuit of the truth Captain has cost me dearly in my life.

"I'll keep at it. I'll do my bit."

That's the thing, I do. Although no longer blogging, I post regularly on MSM comment forums, stating the bigger picture, constantly having my replies edited by the moderators and removed. You write well and you know I have a great deal of respect for you but the people who come to your blog are already awake, well most that is to the reality and grim situation that we face. It's not these people whom you have to convince Captain. And don't take this as an attack on you by all means for it isn't, merely a pointer. If I'm not writing on MSM comment forums, I'm trying to drop the odd bit here and there into conversation, in order to plant some seed of questioning to the overall situation.

"But telling yourself, and everyone here, that the battle is lost is not realism; it's defeatism."

It is realism Captain and most certainly not defeatism. You are ex forces. Would you run head first into a battle knowing that the odds of survival were one in a million? Of course you wouldn't. That's the point I'm making. This battle is lost for many reasons. We don't just have the elites to contend with but our own ignorant society who protect them. They have done what is needed in order to protect themselves - coerced the public into protecting them.

I have merely weighed up every possible option to see just what the situation is and it's an impossible one to say the least. People within society do not realise what is coming and many will think that the future severe austerity, will awaken the public. It may, but my point is that this has all been planned. It's merely following step by step on the agenda.

"You are in a position to do them great harm."

I try to, but the MSM continually censors every post or removes everyone I make. When people know the truth, they may act, but sadly the noble lie is all they ever read.

Anonymous said...

Again forgot to sign the above.


GoodnightVienna said...

Harby, I'm sympathetic to the points you raise and miss your blog. If you'd like to do a guest post, please email me.

Giolla Decair said...


"the 40 and under age group are already subverted and nothing but globalists."

Speaking as someone under 40 I rather object to that broad brushing.

KTHXBI (As modern youth culture would put it)

Anonymous said...

Hi Goodnight Vienna,

Will certainly think about a guest post undoubtedly. I'll be in touch and thanks.


Anonymous said...

Giolla Decair,

"Speaking as someone under 40 I rather object to that broad brushing.

KTHXBI (As modern youth culture would put it)"

Giolla Decair,

"Speaking as someone under 40 I rather object to that broad brushing.

KTHXBI (As modern youth culture would put it)"

Well thank you for the insult and I actually was going to reply with "When I speak of the under 40 generations I of course speak of the majority, you are one of the different ones..." Then I realised that you aren't.

You see you're obviously young. One look on your blog proves overwhelmingly so and more so a youngster trying to defend from a moral standpoint themselves living an immoral existence.

You see Giolla Decair, you will of course, like Stan and others attack back at what I say because you are oblivious to what I write about and where I'm coming from. Why? Well to those who know me and understand not just what I write, but my viewpoint, they know where I'm coming from and that through time one acquires wisdom, unlike yourself, one of the younger generations, part of the MARXIST youth culture - THAT THINK THEY KNOW ALL, especially as they rebel against the system, oblivious to the simple fact that they are doing just what is desired of them.

One look at your blog overwhelmingly proved my thoughts of you and your SLUTMARCH support cemented my views, that was after it had been locked up in a thick chest, put in another, padlocked and dropped into the Pacific at an unclosed location.

You think you're fighting against the NWO when you're an overwhelming globalist, protecting the very immorality of society that the NWO is forcing on all to create a hell on earth.

So, as you would say "ok thanks bye" in your txt spch, I'll simply say the old way, no point in closing the door once the horse has bolted....

I am Stan said...

Harbybaby said,

"I do however agree that the culture of Britain is most certainly your culture, for the culture of Britain no longer is the culture that was. Your culture, like the majority of people in the UK is a globalist one "- "Why can't we all just get along"

Harbybaby, I would suggest if you find OUR shared culture so frightening that you emigrate and take Goodnight Vienna et al with you, the Falklands perhaps

Don`t thank me, glad to help! ;)

I am Stan said...

Harbybaby said,

"The ironic thing Stan is that you're 100% oblivious to the fact that although you think you're fighting against the elites, you are actually playing their game and worse still promoting it."

Ha assumptive delusional codswallop!, for a start I`m not fighting the elites, I`m living my life, and if you think you`re fighting them you need to grow up, so I`m under 40 and know nothing eh!, what I do know is that its a big big world full of oppertunity if you have a pair off balls some intellect and the character to adapt.

I``l tell you what makes me laugh Harby, people like you, with all the advantages of being an "indigenous" male, living in one of the richest most powerful and stablest countrys in the world you work hard at making a rod for your own back and lose out, piss and whine and actually think anyone really gives a fuck about you.


Giolla Decair said...


What insult exactly did I offer?

Also please point out to me what immorality you find on my blog, as I'd be most intrigued to know. But thank you for the the compliment on my Peter Panesque nature.

I also would like to know where I attacked what you said, as by objecting to your tarring of everyone under 40 as being part of the problem, am I not acknowledging the problem and in fact supporting your words?

My Marxist friends would be most amused at the idea that I am one, and I'm not exactly known for rebelling against the system as such, but I take your point.

I wish I was able to reach a judgement on someone's character with such certainty and erudition as you seem to posses. As to my support for the Slut Walk, why shouldn't I support the right of women to not have the way they dress used as an excuse by those that attack them. The job of the police is to uphold the law and not insult those who have been victim of criminal behaviour by saying that they caused it themselves by dressing in a legal and decent fashion. The logical conclusion to such an attitude is that women are forced to dress as some Muslim states generally dictate.

Should I presume that you would prefer a return to ankle length skirts and "modest" clothing with any aberration from that (or other accepted mores)being a mitigating factor for those amongst us that consider it acceptable to attack others?

I don't think I'm fighting the NWO, I'm merely fighting as Henry Reed put it:
"not in the hope of winning but rather of keeping
something alive: So that when we meet our end,
it may be said that we tackled whenever we could.
That battle fit we lived and though defeated,
not without glory fought."

Anonymous said...

Oh Stan,

Still totally oblivious to reality I
I'm fighting no one.

"I``l tell you what makes me laugh Harby, people like you, with all the advantages of being an "indigenous" male"

The indigenous male has no advantage within the UK today. All advantages within the UK go to non whites. Oh, that must mean the likes of you!
Moreso, you can leave and go back to your own country any time you want you know. No one's forcing you to stay in the land of the white male. This is your choice completely. And laughably you say:

"I would suggest if you find OUR shared culture"

There is no shared culture you plumb. The indigenous cultures of this land are 99% all but dead. The culture that exists is multiculture - globalist.
You have the audacity to call me delusional when you are oblivious to the reality of the overall situation.

What you don't like about myself and Goodnight Vienna is that we're indigenous, living in OUR OWN land that's been drastically changed (for the overall worse) thanks to immigration. And that buddy boy means the likes of you and your fellow non whites, many of whom are currently running around inner cities playing gangsta rapper bwad bwuoy, piling up the dead.

You're oblivious to reality Stan, but then I already knew that a long time ago.


I am Stan said...

The Falklands are hiring peat cutters...;)

Anonymous said...


"I wish I was able to reach a judgement on someone's character with such certainty and erudition as you seem to posses."

Don't worry, that will come with time and wisdom.

"As to my support for the Slut Walk, why shouldn't I support the right of women to not have the way they dress"

Women dress in provocative attire because of the reaction that it gets. It's got absolutely fuck all to do with "I just feel comfortable in it....blah...blah..." Women who walk around with their bras and their g-strings/thongs showing do so becuase of the reaction they know they'll get. Most women are and always have been materialists. More so they are also superficial and use what they have to attract a mate. It's why they are the way they are.

There is that saying - if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's a duck. The same can be said for sluts (loose women, whores, hussies). A woman who walks around dressed like a slut shows that she is one and worse still has no respect for herself, which automatically means she has no respect for others. And this is modern society today, especially those of the 40 and under generation.

Again, this is all about reaction and this is why women dress as they do. This is why umpteen women will have tattoos and copy the styles of the likes of Gaga and Minaj in their attire.

Simply Giolla, if sluts didn't get the reaction they do from dressing and behaving like sluts, they wouldn't dress and act the way they do. It's image. It's materialistic superficiality and if women send out the signals of being a loose woman then frankly whatever negative side effects befall them for doing so, such as winding a man/woman up and then turning the light switch off at the end, is entirely their own fault and own doing.

Women have no respect for themselves today (of course I don't mean all but a good whack) which automatically also means others. In the past lewd behaviour and dress sense was frowned upon. Women took respect in their attitudes and dress sense.

Put simply, women in today's society who dress like a slut have a far higher probability of being raped than those who don't. Again, slut behaviour and dress sense are clear signals to the opposite (or same) sex that carnal desires are sought. And lastly, again, sluts dress the way they do because of the reaction they get. Look at any film from the 80's/90's and look at how whores dressed. You will see that young women today almost copy that style.

That is immoral behaviour, whether you like it or not. I won't be discussing this anymore because firstly we've diverged from Captain's initial post and secondly my point has been made.


Anonymous said...

"The Falklands are hiring peat cutters...;)"

Oh Stan....

Well, you know I think I'll stay in my OWN country, with my OWN people, living by my OWN culture and promoting it. Unlike yourself, living not by your OWN culture (a globalist one) and in an ALIEN land, forever being nothing more than a guest.

But hey Stany boy, whatever rocks your boat.

I am Stan said...

Harby Baby said,

"I do however agree that the culture of Britain is most certainly your culture, for the culture of Britain no longer is the culture that was."

Then curiously he said

"Unlike yourself, living not by your OWN culture (a globalist one) and in an ALIEN land, forever being nothing more than a guest."

See Harbybaby you contradict yourself, because you talk utter nonsense, you even confuse yourself lol.

Hope that helps clear things up for you ;)