May 19, 2011

Government = Coercion.

Lots of good thinking in this video from Timothy. (If I didn't know better, I'd think I was the AT).

Have a listen and let me know what you think.



Derek said...

Spot on.

'The Obviousness of Anarchy, John Hasnas, pdf.

Anonymous said...

absolutely spot on about voting,and the royal family, let us not forget the inbred royals eh!, who have a divine right to be above us! if their dna was slightly different they could be cleaning the palace toilets now thats food for thought aint it

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the link. I am reading it now.

I wish more people understood the concept of anarchy.

Hopefully, by the time I read that essay I will understand more.

I urge everyone to read it.


Captain Ranty said...


Once you understand the true meaning of sovereignty you realise that they are no better than we are.

They just think they are.


Anonymous said...


"I used to be a libertarian and if you're a logical libertarian you become an anarchist."


"I believe that which is about to fall ought to be pushed. You really should be learning about money and law..."

Yup also!

If you want freedom and above all liberty then you either become an anarchist or put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. You won't get it any other way, regardless how much you believe what politicians tell you and that includes the likes of Tea Party bods like Ron Paul - controlled opposition.

He always speaks sense. We don't need a police force but the freedom to defend ourselves with whatever force necessary. Watching those police videos made me boil - wankers. We don't need a judicial system, merely a responsible public with morals who will understand that oppressive force on another will be met with the same back. We don't need any gangster taking protection money from us to keep us safe.

Will this happen? Highly doubtful sad to say.
The indoctrination within society is far too deep.

Best thing we can do Cap'n is prepare for the oncoming storm - as individuals. If people aren't prepared to wake up, see the overwhelming reality and start joining the dots, now turning into the size of planets, then whatever negativity that befalls them is frankly not just their own fault but greatly deserved. All these morons, unable to understand the job market; unable to realise that they're a rat's whisker away from joining those they attack (lazy, feckless unemployed) in Shitsville; unable to see that they're merely rats in a cage and part of an unstoppable agenda, deserve no sympathy for their ignorance of educating themselves via the pages/airwaves of the MSM.

It's not so much that I'm selfish Cap'n, but the faster society plummets into total NWO control, the slower people seem to be waking up than ever before.
Life goes on as you know and some may say that the awake have a duty to help others awake, when no one woke me up, I woke myself.


Derek said...

Thanks CR, I hope the reading makes sense.

My wake up call was Ian Tomlinson's death; a chance meeting by my wife with 'Mirthful Merryweather' aka Carolyn, who chatted and gave my wife a couple of web addresses one for codex alimentarius, and the rest is history.

Hat tip to a person called 'Me' for this one; it's two and a half hours long and a recording of Myron Cuereval Fagan in 1967-68 speaking of global control and World Banking. Well worth setting some time aside to listen. He was 80yrs old back then, and knew a thing or two:

Now I'm at a loss to know where I saw this link - too much surfing. Apologies if it was here! Short (20min) vid, but read the three part 'History of Money':

Anonymous said...

It means alot when people have no intention of replies.

I am Stan said...

Eh! our Lizzy a gangster, no no no capitan dem yoofs from the next door estate robbin your gran for er pension is de gangsters innit not our Maj,

No Capitan I don`t get it, yeah some tings is shit innit like the smokin ban an that but tings aint gonna change to Anarky any time this millenium, unless a meteor hits Grimsby and the whole system collapses.

You gotta make the best of it surely? I mean there`s a lot worse shitholes to live is their not!

Maybe I`m just being a tad optimistic, I`ve only had one drink so far today, did I mention my wife`s leaving me BAH!