March 05, 2010

Something For The Weekend

And for next week, for next month, in fact, this "something" is for the rest of your lives.

Something huge, as it happens. Something priceless. Something, Fellow Oppressed, worth taking back.

The title of the video series (in reality, one lecture broken up into YouTube portions), is The Solution. I think it offers not just one solution, but many. Listen carefully in Part 7. The real answer is given to us there.

I am not even going to try and add to the words of Schaeffer Cox. No need. He is a talented, intelligent, motivated speaker but more than that: I believe him. Cox, more so than anyone else, has, I think, grasped the nettle.

Forget that he is in Montana. Forget that he talks about Alaska. Forget, even, that he is an American. The same applies here. It applies everywhere.

It was also strangely comforting to know that he had a Glock on his hip the entire time.

I want one. Not to attack with, but to defend. Not, as you would assume, as a defence against the "bad guys" on the street, (although that is a valid reason too), but to use to defend me and mine from our government. Today I learnt the difference between tyranny and democracy. Little hint: we ain't living in a democracy. Not when the law is used to coerce and punish instead of to protect and defend.

All the answers to all our problems are contained within these videos.

Three questions you might want to ponder:

How badly do you want to fix our broken country?

How badly do you want your freedom back?

How soon, my friends, do you want to start?



watching said...

Brilliant find Captain. This guy has confirmed to me that I am on the right track.


Lost said...

Outstanding stuff, this guy has it pretty nailed down.

Bet he didn't have the brainwashed apathy to contend with though.


Snakey said...

Well worth taking the time to watch.

Anonymous said...

I can absolutely resonate with this,except on one fundemental point,it depends on a belief in God.This is the stumbling block. Untill 'God' can be defined as something everyone can identify with,this won't be the answer.I susspect this will be a major part of a process,we have to experience this type of thing to learn what and how to do next....CERN has gone quiet,have they discovered the 'God' particle yet?