March 22, 2010

Back! (Sort Of)

I'd like to tell you that I have had a joy-filled week.

I'd like to tell you that, but house-moving is a singularly horrible experience that should not be repeated very often. BT screwed up my order and when I called them on Thursday they said "What house move?". They went on to explain that their system was down when I called and my order was not processed. Lovely jubbly. No communications in the new house: no phone, no broadband, AND my mobile phone does not receive a signal either.


Things aren't as bad in the picture above, but they could certainly be better.

I should be back on line later this week.



Unknown said...

Ah, the joys of house moving eh CR.

Welcome back, (of sorts.)

microdave said...

"BT screwed up"

That sounds familiar....

watching said...

Time to go satellite broadband etc methinks.
Glad to see you have survived the move kind of intact.


Anonymous said...

Captain, use Zen for broadband. They have not let me down in over 10 years - not a single minute's downtime. Excellent service.

I feel your pain and will not be moving again. ;)

LazyCookPete said...

Funny how communication companies like BT are always shit at communicating.

It is usually the 'listening' part they are bad at.

Nice to see you back Skipper.

James Higham said...

Still, you're in.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks all.

They now say my broadband will be switched on tomorrow.

I won't hold my breath.....


Uncle Marvo said...

The cheque's in the post.

Anonymous said...

fuck off you commie stooge Freedom through fags fucking hell, I get more sense from jock drunks outside the off-licence. Read some political economy and understand TRULY what what freedom means (hint, it's not about fags, cheap petrol, 'others').

Al Bion

Captain Ranty said...

A truly insightful comment Al. Thank you for sharing.

But if you don't see that everything is linked purely so that they can control us, then there is no help for you here.

I have never been called a commie before and I cannot say that I understand why you would call me one now. Although I don't feel particularly insulted.

My next post may explain more clearly why I am doing this. Who knows? Even you may understand my reasons.


watching said...

"My next post may explain more clearly why I am doing this. Who knows? Even you may understand my reasons."

Assuming BT play ball!

Captain Ranty said...

Incredibly, BT delivered early!

I got home last night to find that the broadband was on. It is up and down like a brides nightie but should settle down over the next few days.

I am back in business!


subrosa said...

Do brides wear nighties these days? What's the world coming to?