March 04, 2010


I found a great new site today (via the FMOTL Forum) and wanted to let you know about it.


The site is called Scottish Sovereigns On The Land and it has some fantastic sections that will help if you are enslaved north of the border.

Our laws differ slightly from English Law. Some of the most obvious are: juries (remember them?) of 15 people not 12, the third verdict "Not proven", and several other, smaller differences. In the main, when the Act of Union was signed in 1707 rights conferred on Scots transferred to the English, and vice versa.

Check out the Scots law section, and have a look at some of the videos lower down the main page.

If you (genuinely) want to learn more about your sovereignty then time spent at this great site will not be wasted.

This is a growing movement, and most of us feel we were driven to it because of the oppressive nature of Britain today. We rank above nations like China, Russia and Cuba in the surveillance rankings. We have more CCTV cameras deployed than China, can you get your head around that fact? I am struggling to. We have less freedom than Russia, arguably one of the most surveilled nations on Gods green earth. Even Cuba beats us. How embarrassing is that?

Still, if all goes to plan, Blue Labour will win the general election as anticipated, and we will lose even more freedoms as the EU monster starts to spread its disease to all 500 million citizens unwittingly bound up in its tentacles.

You are sovereign. The very instant you forget that, they have you. We sovereigns gave (lent) our sovereignty to Elizabeth II. When she swore her Coronation Oath she promised to protect and defend us from foreign invaders. She has reneged on that Oath several thousand times. Every time she rubber-stamps another statute shat out by Brussels, she gives up more of the power that we lent to her. It is a contract: we give you power, you protect us. Equal consideration, see? Our relatives and those that were alive in 1952 made a deal with the queen and only they, and their offspring have kept to the bargain. We are now in the awkward position of having to remind her, and her agents, that we are still sovereigns, and that we can take away that which was given. Lawful Rebellion, I should add, is NOT a notion, it is NOT a concept. It is a right. It even has the sanction of our monarch, and our parliament, if that matters to you. It was created for exactly the circumstances we see in the UK today. Entering into Lawful Rebellion is the duty of every sovereign that loves his/her land. When the powers that be abuse the powers we gifted to them, we are obliged to take action. We are duty bound to say "NO!".

Being "sovereign" is NOT an archaic phrase or badge. It defines what you are. It confers rights that HMG has no interest in promoting, or reminding you of. As a Briton, it now behoves YOU to remind them.

You have rights that are unalienable. That means that they can never be taken away from you. They can be traded for priveleges (from HMG) and these priveleges can be, and often are, removed with no notice and for no reason.

An example of that in practise would be when a policeman explains that you are to be charged. He will say "Do you understand?". As soon as you say "Yes", you just gave up your powerful rights for a couple of measly priveleges. The right answer is "No, I choose not to understand". This way you maintain your body of inalienable rights. They don't like this very much. You just went off the script and they don't now know how to treat you. You have not enetered their world. A wise choice, if you ask me.

Think of it this way:

Rights are a Rolls-Royce.

Priveleges are a rusty 40 year old Lada.

I don't know about you, but I like my Rolls-Royce.



Uncle Marvo said...

Like it.


I read yesterday of the EPP. I can't remember where, I put a comment on it so I'd remember and forgot to press the "send emails" knob, twat that I be.

Anyone help me out? It wasn't the Pearson blog, it was someone else's.

Captain Ranty said...


Was it Fausty's place? Sounds like something she would blog on.

I'll go look at it again myself.

Oh, and you should pop over to James Highams gaff as well. He just did a piece on hundreds of new laws that the EU are about to vomit out. His site is on the left-Nourishing Obscurity.


Uncle Marvo said...


How can you tell from that far away?

Yes, it was.


Like a microcosom, but much biggerer.

Captain Ranty said...

I made the mistake of calling her Mr Fausty.

And, we are email buddies. Just like you and I.

It is important to share details with a select few bloggers in case the men in black show up. Then at least someone knows where we are if we fall off the edge of Blogworld.


Uncle Marvo said...

Indeed, Mr. Capt. Ranty.

I am relying solely on you for this at the moment.

I have oft-wondered why a blogger would post something like "I'm off on my hols for a week".


The men in black had better be big black men though.

RantinRab said...

I'm feeling a little paranoid myself to be honest.

Captain Ranty said...

Paranoia be damned.

It just means you are aware.

Wing me your real email addy if you want to join the Self Preservation Society Rab.

I can be found here: captainranty at btinternet dot com