March 02, 2010

Marcellus Is Revolting

He tells us why, he tells us when, and he tells us how. And I agree with every word.

Because pretty soon the only people NOT actively supporting civil disobedience like this will be the insane, the drones, the feckless and the monumentally dim.

Sure, you can have a quiet life. You can close your door, then your curtains, then your mind, as you reach for the TV remote.

Sure, you can turn on, tune in to X Factor, and drop out.

Sure, you can ignore 1100 wrongful deaths in police custody, without a single prosecution, over the last 13 years.

Sure, you can ignore the damage El Gordo has done to your country. The same country he gave to Europe without asking your permission.

Sure, you can ignore the billions he gave to the banks. The banks that should have been allowed to bleed to death.

Sure, you can ignore the poll rigging, the vote rigging, the expense stealing, and the absolute hypocrisy of your elected officials.

Sure, you can stand by and smile ruefully as the high and mighty get off with serious crimes while us scum go to jail for almost nothing.

Sure, you can cheer for the warmists as they try again, and again, and again to take more money off you every month.

Or you can stand up, man up, and say, in a loud and happy voice "FUCK YOU!"

One of the shortest words in the English dictionary is "No". Enn Oh. How hard is that to say? You don't even have to say it all the time. You just need to say it once. Then, my friends, you will experience the sheer awesomeness of the word. It becomes addictive. You will want to say it to everyone, everywhere and all the time, because when you get used to it, you will learn that by saying "NO", you just took all their power away.

You are sovereign. You are special. There will never be anyone on earth quite like you ever again. Not ever.

Are you absolutely certain that you want to voluntarily hand all your power to morons in parliament? That thug wearing a police uniform? That plastic plod, that traffic warden? Those greedy, wasteful freaks down at your local town hall?

Do they deserve it? Do they give value for money? Do they offer any value at all? Do they deserve up to 80% of YOUR hard earned money every week, every month, every year, for ALL of your working life? Only to leave you with nothing in your last remaining years?

Like Marcellus, I have decided that everything stops. I will not conform. I will not obey. I will understand my place in the world and I do know that change starts right here, and right now. My biggest enemy isn't them. It's me. I have won the battle with myself. I am now taking the fight to them. I will win. Or I will die trying. I will no longer live on my knees, pretending that I dwell in a democracy, or a fair society. That myth is busted. Reality bites like a rabid wolf on PCP, but I am recovered, I am strengthened, and I am fully awake.

Here is another item in your arsenal.


The scary part is choosing to say no. Cross that bridge and unlimited freedom awaits on the other side.

Don't be afraid though. You will find many friends on this side of the bridge. And we grow in number with each passing day.

Our newest friend is Marcellus.

And he is most welcome.



Anonymous said...

That is one hellava rant.

Totally agree.

Side by side we will face the bu**ers.

Snakey said...

They really don't like it when you say NO, as I did to the moron receptionists at my dental surgery but boy did it feel satisfying. I refused to fill in their nosey NHS form which asked how much I drink and smoke as I now refuse to go along with the mindless nanny state bureaucracy. The outcome? - the dentist refused to see me unless I filled out the form. I walked out. Stuff 'em - I no longer care. It sure is liberating when you say NO even if the result the petty refusal to treat you. If we all did the same the system would collapse overnight.

James Higham said...

It's going to come to it.

Uncle Marvo said...

Hallelujah freedom!

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do when you get toothache?

Lion of England said...

The only thing a dentist needs to know is are you allergic to any medication what he may use,and weather you have a heart condition nothing More. said...

New to this blogging, but you've inspired me, along with Marcellus.

Thank you.