March 28, 2010

Reality TV....No, Really.

This is funny. And true. And accurate. And brilliant.

Oh, I get a mention too!!

Huge round of applause to  Cold Steel Rain



Cold Steel Rain said...

Glad you liked it Captain!


Captain Ranty said...


I know the Downfall thing has been done many times but they all still have the power to make me spit coffee on the keyboard. I thought yours was especially good and not just because I was in it.

The bloggers are a source of good, honest reporting. We may be more brutal or more sweary than the MSM but we print what they are terrified to touch.

Newspapers are all but finished. When they (the MSM) finally understand that we want the truth, however unpalatable, without the spin and the dumbing down, it will be too late for them.

In ten or twenty years the only place we will be able to see a copy of a newspaper will be in a museum.


Furor Teutonicus said...

He wants to build a second house in Karlshorst/Schöneweide???

Is this man a bloody nutter?

LazyCookPete said...

Notice how Bruno Ganz shamelessly copies Charlie Chaplin's moustache in this video. You see, there's nothing original anymore!

If you want anything approaching the truth, you must avoid the MSM - so the blogosphere is the logical choice. It's not all truth, far from it, but Grimm's fairy tales has more truth in it than the shit peddled by the MSM.

Why pay a TV license fee? Only to fund the British Bullshit Corporation's propaganda. As for newspapers, well Alf Garnet had a good use for them!

Unknown said...

I noticed your mention CR...who were the others again?

Yes CSR, agree with CR, I thought here we go again but the subtitle writing was excellent and appeared to match the narrative.

Anonymous said...

You might well be right, Captain. The Express is increasingly realising that the public will not pay for garbage - they prefer truth.


OK, it's not a major newspaper but I wonder how many others will follow when they see the Express's sales figures shoot up, while theirs decline.

John Pickworth said...


By the way which CSR are you? The Miami one or the New York one? I hope you're no that shit Las Vegas one because that ones' crap and I refuse to watch it.

Anyway, fantastic job with the video. Perfectly executed, brilliantly funny and spot-on timing (poor timing being what lets a lot of these things down). The Harman bit had me in stitches. Well done.