March 31, 2010

Free Range Serfdom

Yet another chilling but interesting video from Stefan Molyneux.

In 16 minutes Stefan explains how we got here. In the final minute he tells us there is hope, and that there is a way out.



Sue said...

I keep thinking about what we can do. Ideally, setting up a pirate radio station might be an idea.

Somewhere people can get REAL news, not controlled by the government or the EU.

Barking Spider said...

He's got it well sussed, CR, anyone, even sheeple, could understand that if they ever got to see it.

Harry J said...

Good find Captain. I enjoyed it in the main but take issue with a couple of points.

Dismissing present day problems with mass immigration as 'paranoia' seems to fall a little short. I agree the 'problems' have been intentionally created but that doesn't necessarily diminish them. What is required is very careful handling of these issues so as to not fall into the carefully prepared traps.

I'm also less inclined to completely dismiss all religion as 'superstition'. Yes, much of it is manipulated in various ways but I'm loathe to dismiss it all. Remember a key part of the agenda is to downplay the various religions so as to create a unifying 'world religion'. For that reason, again, this is an area that has to be dealt with carefully.

Then we come to the 'nationalism is pimped out bigotry' statement. Well, of course it can be in its extreme forms. Again the nation state is a key target of the NWO agenda. Personally I'm far more of a nationalist now than I've ever been. I certainly don't feel bigoted. I'm living the multicultural dream and found out I don't particularly like it too much. There was much more cultural diversity when there was much less multiculturism. I find the diversity within British culture much more appealing than any of the other cultures that have been foisted on me. That hasn't turned me into a hate fueled bigot because I understand the game and realise that immigrants are as much victims as we British.

For me the key word is balance, in all things. In the case of multiculturism, even after all the brainwashing has been ended there will still be some who enjoy such things. That's fine but there should be equal recognition that it isn't for everyone. Left alone (by the PTB) things would settle into more multicultural areas and more recognisably British ones.

Otherwise his characterisation of farm management systems is spot on. The challenge then is to imagine the (working) alternative.

Tapestry said...

correct in its basic proposition. yet most humans are sheep-like and want to be livestock. few want to think away from the crowd. there is a constant swing away from centralising power and distributing it.

the current period is all about technology and how the powerful can in secret shepherd their livestock and monitor them without ever seeing them.
technology is the new problem.

Captain Ranty said...

Sorry not to have responded.

Yesterdays sudden arrival of yet more global warming brought down the power cables to my village. All 200 houses sat in the dark all night and had no hot water to wash with, or leccy to cook with this morning.

When I called the emergency number after shivering for 7 hours, they told me that the team had gone home "because they were cold" and that "they would have another go in the morning".


I may be back online later, if the God of Leccy deems us fit to receive the volts again.


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