December 30, 2012

A Message From Nige.

Common sense. All of it.



WitteringsfromWitney said...

Sorry CR but for the most part it is tosh - no more, no less!

Why? Suggest a visit to my place.... :)

Captain Ranty said...

I disagree David.

No other politician says what he does. Some of it is painful to hear, but we need to hear it.

More importantly, we need to act.


Anonymous said...

Straight talk and all common sense stuff, can't argue with a single point.

Bloody depressing knowing that millions of turkeys will tribaly vote for their own Christmas doom as they always do, deaf to the truth that Farage speaks.

Happy New Year all


JJ said...

Good vid by Nigel he does talk sense and he wants to repeal the smoking ban - try this.

Oldrightie said...

For God's sake what does Witney want?

Dave Allison said...

Highland Council WATCH
YouTube has been updated and includes many LINKS to Freeman and other information.

Anonymous said...


"Four million have settled legally in the UK. Five million illegally..." - BOLLOX!

When one considers that Nulabour were letting some 400k in a year legally; add to that the illegals (those coming in with work, student and tourist visas - some 23+million tourists each year) then you can safely put the figure of immigrants into the UK since '97 at 400k to a 800k staying in the UK each year. Multiply that by fifteen years and you have a number between 6 and 12million. Now add on the offspring, because the indigenous aren't reproducing enough to sustain the population? Hence why London's white population is at 44% of which a large whack are Eastern Europeans!

Bottom line: John Tindall of the National Front was saying everything Nige was, just that Nige doesn't target non whites. Instead he's a white bashing white man. And of course E. Powell warned about this too but he was shouted down as a racist. Let's face facts here:

1. Whites aren't reproducing. "Yes they are. What about the chavs?" Well, take a look at the population growth of the indigenous since the 50's and you'll see the UK population has pretty much stayed the same. With the average number of kids being ONE, the population is halving with each generation.

2. Look at the number of non indigenous births in the UK? 75% of Britain's population growth over the next 25 years will solely be down to migrant procreation whom entered the UK after '97. This was stated by Sir Peter Green of Migration Watch around 2007 or so.

3. More people = more competition for jobs = longer trial periods without pay (volunteering) with no guarantee of a job = more profits for bosses (no wage is slave labour) = more people desperate for work who will work for the state and happily oppress their fellow man = more crime = more death of liberty.

And who will have all the cushy state jobs when one looks at birth ratio amongst the population races, not forgetting equality and political correctness? Remember Powell's prediction of who'll have the whip hand in his 'Rivers of Blood' speech?

Bottom line is the indigenous will be thrown into reservations like the native Americans, Aboriginies and Maoris. Karma's a bitch. Pity the children will suffer for the sins of their fathers....

In a word the UK is FUCKED. Too many people here who will outgrow the indigenous and you will have to follow to their tune. What you know of your indigenous culture will be in a history book. I would say future generations will live under incredible oppression under a god status elite, but then a slave is only a slave if it knows what slavery is. LOL. May as well forget about UKIP (or any like minded POLITICAL party) for there's nothing that will be done to stop the inevitability of what I've written from happening. WW2 was the seed that was planted to bring about the inevitable obliteration of the white races and their indigenous cultures, more importantly those who have always been a thorn in the sides of the elites because they won't submit to slavery - THE CELTS.

regards and a 'Happy New Year' (LMAO)


Anonymous said...

I might be seeing him in a few days WfW...

...UKIP New Year Dinner.

Shall I send him your regards?

William said...

Nigel talks a good show but what most people fail to see, and they fail because they are looking without for an answer not within, is Nigel is a paid up member of the same political class as Cameron, Bliar, Heath, Barroso, Von Roumpey, Hannan, Slamond, Gillard, Obama, Clinton(s) et al ergo he knows the rules and plays by them.

Stop funding the beast, say NO at every opportunity question everything, stop drinking the MSM Koolaid. All very easy to do all very doable.
Stop looking for a white knight to emerge over the horizon. White knoghts exist in each one of us so go looking there instead and you might just might find one...

Here's to 2013 the year of the awakening?