December 05, 2012

I'm Off

To a works Christmas do.

In Switzerland.

Seriously. I am not yet on the payroll but they want me at their Christmas bash. So I am going. (They may also want me to attend their bash in Stuttgart on the 17th as well).

I leave at stupid o'clock on Thursday morning, take a flight to Amsterdam, then on to Zurich, then a three hour train ride to a sleepy little village in the alps. On Friday I meet with my new boss for lunch, get a swift tour of the facilities and then back to the hotel for the shindig.

 Looks nice.

 It has a "Fumoir" as well. So I will be fumoiring. Like a chimley.

I leave at dark o'clock on Saturday for my noon flight from Zurich and I will get back home at five-ish on Saturday. That's a lot of effort for a piss up, but you know me: dedicated.

A wee message to the climate-changers: fuck you.



Caratacus said...

Sounds like a crappy job Cap'n ... but I suppose someone has to do it ;-)

I remember corporate compulsory pissups from the old days - garnered a lot of useful ammo from alcohol loosened tongues, whilst staying as jober as a sudge meself of course *cough*

Captain Ranty said...


I may have to limit my drinking as I have to be up at 4 am to head back.

Still, as you say, it will be an opportunity to gather some early intel.


Jason said...

have a good un Captain, bring us back a Toblerone.

Dave_G said...

Damn - just missed out on purchasing a 5.7-litre V8 Jeep to do my part for Global Worming. Had to settle for the 3-litre version instead.....

More power to you Cap'n.

James Higham said...

Wouldn't say no.