December 19, 2012


I've posted this before but it is worth repeating.

When you get to wondering about cancer rates on the rise, instead of looking at me and my harmless pack of Luckies, look instead for the trillions of radiation-laden dust particles in our atmosphere.

I get tired of the anti-smoker propaganda.

Check out this article as well: Nicotine-The-Zombie-Antidote



Anonymous said...

Something completely unconnected to your post, Captain - apologies!

TVL/Crapita, with rozzers in attendance, attempt to execute a "search warrant":

Nice copper.

This story may have legs though, depends on what happens next - if anything. Crapita usually excises these vids from YT pretty sharpish.

Lengthy discussion on TVLR forum here:,6582.0.html

They don't tend to like FMOTL over there but their commentary is well worth reading.

You may spot a certain book in the vid there...



PS: On the radiation there's also this one from Fukushima:

Anonymous said...

That's not what I would call a fuckin' "cold war" CR!