December 13, 2012


I have been banging on about the UK exiting The Stupid Club for quite some time now.

The legality of our joining in the first place is in serious doubt. On the day she signed that Bill and turned it into law, Mrs Windsor violated her Coronation Oath and reneged on her vow to protect the UK from "foreign usurpers and prelates". The government of the day, and all MPs who ever a) voted "Aye" to an EU statute having validity here or b) did not rise up in rebellion, colluded with her. These are facts. No conspiracy needed. It is what it is.

It was not a simple mistake made by the traitor Heath and his supporters. It was no less than treason. And treason remains the most serious offence we have on the Rolls. This also, is a fact.

Our Glorious Leader (PBUH), the Shiny-Domed One, is floundering badly. His brief is to protect the bastard Union at all costs. So sayeth the Whitehall mandarins. He has to do as he is told by the faceless, the invisible, the unelected, the unaccountable ones, for the unelected, unaccountable ones in Brussels.

As the nation clamours for an in/out referendum, his reasons for us to remain in The Stupid Club become ever more tenuous.

His latest waffle?

Look here: Find some better arguments

As you know, I have just returned from Switzerland. I have been there several times in the past. I have also been to Norway a few times so I think I am qualified to tell you what life is like in those two independent nations.

Switzerland is a happy place, Norway is slightly less happy. The Swiss have good control of their borders and Norway less so. Both countries are clean, and the infrastructure works well. Road, rail and air links are good. Switzerland has low taxation, and Norway has low taxation. If I were resident in Switzerland I would pay around 8%, and in Norway a maximum of 24.55%. Both beat the crap out of paying 73% here in the UK.

Cameron says if we left the EU, we would "become just like Switzerland".

I say "Bring it on".


Imagine living in a country where the government could not make any major decisions without the blessing of the people it represents?

Imagine a country so well organised that no-one is shocked when more than 5mm of snow falls, and teams swing into action to keep the roads, the railways and the airports running normally?

Imagine controlled immigration?

Imagine paying a fair amount of tax on your earnings?

Imagine low crime?

Imagine decent schools?

Imagine good, clean, efficient hospitals?

Imagine NOT going to war, legally or illegally, with brown people at the drop of a hat?

Imagine wanting to do national service, and keeping your weapon at home in preparation to defend you and your community should the need arise?

Imagine the wealth of the nation being spent on things YOU want?

Imagine tons of money put aside to cope with natural disasters?

Imagine, and this is the toughest one, imagine that your elected MP does NOT borrow money from your unborn grand-children to pay for the stupidity of bankers?

These things, and many more, are taken as a given by Swiss nationals.

Would we like to be another Switzerland, Mr Cameron?

Too fucking right.



Moony said...

Bring it on. The £100 A SECOND we pump into the EUSSR's bottomless money pit will come in handy too.

Captain Ranty said...


Imagine having a surplus for a change?

It can be done (in time) but the first thing to do is to dump the EU.

It's a bloody millstone.


Jacobite said...

Switzerland has been voted the best place in the world to live with people the most contented in the world and yet the camerong spouts do we want to be like them as if it would be a bad thing, surely as a nation we are not that dumb as to not see through the propaganda.

Anonymous said...


You forgot the railways!

Keep up the good work CR

David B

Captain Ranty said...


I mentioned them twice!!


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

I must confess I'm rather baffled by the "Forehead" at the moment - just when I believe he's reached the limits of gob-smacking stupidity, he surprises me again. Who would he have us be like? - actually I think we all know the answer to that one.

Captain Ranty said...


I am completely fucking mystified.

I shouldn't be though. They (all of them) are working to an agenda that usually defies belief.


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Imagine living in a country where the government could not make any major decisions without the blessing of the people it represents?XX


You are living in a dream land.

The Swiss Government resrves the right to veto ANY referendum vote.

And they DID when the Swiss voted to ban the building of new mosques a few years back At, now get this, "THE BEHEST OF THE E.U!"

Captain Ranty said...


I knew that the referendum was a resounding "NO!" but I did not know that the govt vetoed the decision.



Anonymous said...

The Swiss do have a problem with immigrants, particularily those that worship a long dead murdering paedo. They do have a few politicians who speak up, and the people are armed to the teeth so I think the problem is containable.
Nice place, but beer and other essentials are a bit pricey
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

WAR NEWS 13th. Dec 12
Attended a meeting of the FULL Highland Council held in the Council Chamber, Council Headquarters, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness.

80 cooncillors, attendant gangsters, me and two charming Police Constables ,
Nick ( Your Nicked !!! but he had heard that one ) and Michelle a rather ravishing little blond. XXX.

Boy did the Gangsters get a fright when I turned up in the Public gallery.

Cops were charming - I gave my details and the whole story.

Edecated them - Love Police - YouTube - Common Law - Freeman on the Land.

Their eyes were agog.

Community Council in half an hour.
Two of the cooncillors will be there (poss)

We are Taxpayers. We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Furor Teutonicus said...

'fraid so. :-(

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain,

Norway's a fascinating one, as is the Nordic Model. There was a report published by the World Economic Forum in 2011 which asked "Is there such a thing as a common 'Model' particular to the Nordics and if so, will it last? Is it sustainable, even transferable to other parts of the world?"

Given who published the document I think it's quite important. Look at the aspects of the Nordic Model and see how many are already functioning here or are on the way. The document frames the argument in terms of "radical individualism", a main thrust being that "one can discern over the course of the twentieth century an overarching ambition in the Nordic countries not to socialize the economy but to liberate the individual citizen from all forms of subordination and dependency within the family and in civil society". I don't know whether that's how its viewed there, but the phrasing sounds a bit, um, "familiar".

Norway doesn't have low taxation, it has low income tax. There are local and municipal taxes, surtaxes and wealth taxes (over certain amounts), property taxes, social security - I think the lowest marginal rate is around 43% and I've seen one source have it at 49%. VAT is also 25% for most things. The low income tax band is 12.55% but when you add the local and municipal taxes it comes to 28%, then you add 7.8% for social security, etc. I suppose the one thing you could say is that at least it gets spent properly, which it certainly doesn't here. And how much is in their oil fund? £400 billion? We don't have one at all. The wages are high but so are the taxes and the cost of living.

Returns are public and have been for ages; it's part of the Model and imo this will ultimately be brought in here, the codswallop over "immoral" tax avoidance is just one means of nudging that forward (plus it acts as a massive distraction for various other things). The privacy-conscious will be uncomfortable with that, yet transparency will be presented as the only "solution" to the "problem", given the "reaction". When? Who knows.

Yet in a sense the comparisons merely concern different plantations within the system. Norway is interesting in other ways; it has been posited the shootings were a plan that was directed at Norway, but there is other elitist involvement. There's the seedbank up in Svalbard, funded by Gates, Rockefeller, Syngenta and Monsanto; there's Tromsø which has the most powerful HAARP array in the world 20km outside it. There are DUMBs there too.

Norway has at least given two fingers to the Stupid Club both times it was "invited" to join. The most recent polling has 74.8% in the "no" camp...

I have no first-hand knowledge of the country or its people, so I will of course bow to your own experiences of visiting there if anything is inaccurate! :-)



banned said...

What would be the parameters for applying to become Switzerlands 27th Canton?
Failing that could we find a descendent of Cnut and rejoin Norway as a new United Kingdom?

bollixed said...

Been remiss commenting of late but we're all busy researching and doing stuff.

Here's a heads up mate, look into these concepts under Maritime Law... ‘sister ship’ and ‘surrogate ship’. This is an eye-opener.

Captain Ranty said...

Great comments from all, thanks.

TSL, you are right. When I penned this I had income tax in mind. Thanks for the links. Fascinating stuff.

Dave, thanks for the war report. It sounds like you are making advances!

For clarity, I really wanted to say that I liked the Swiss style of government. Power seems to rest with the people, mostly.

Here, power rests with the corrupt and the inept. That has to change.


DC said...

I often wonder WHY Switzerland has been allowed to opt out of the NWO (to a large extent). In Britain we had change-agents sent in to alter us and lead us into the EU - it wasn't really an interior decision. So why has Switzerland not been subject to the same targetting?

Captain Ranty said...


Could it be as simple as the mega-rich needing somewhere "local" to store all their dosh? Somewhere that was not subject to the lunacy that we all have to endure?


Furor Teutonicus said...

Steed, basically what Ranty said.

Even Hitler realised, that it was unwise to rob the bank that kept YOUR money safe.