December 21, 2012

Friday Post


So much for that so-called Mayan apoc


Woodsy42 said...

Friday hasn't finished yet! Maybe it's just slow coming, a bit like global warming I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Sun looks normal to me.

So how do the doom merchants look now then?

What about these doom merchants.

The troughing climate alarmists?
Why haven't they got egg all over their faces because according to this leaked draft they should have.
The MSM is suppressing this news, pseudo journalists the lot of them.


hangemall said...

The calendar on my wall still has ten days to ru..............

Dave Allison said...

I may be OK at your gaff
but here its HELL.

Gillfillan story up at:

Captain Ranty said...

Well done Dave!

I just tweeted it. Expect an influx.


James Higham said...

4:59 today, Cap'n - see Daily Mash:

Dr Evil said...

It was always idiocy, just like every other doomsday prophecy. After all our calendar isn't that accurate anyway. We are overdue another big asteroid though.

Mark Wadsworth said...

We appear to have survived it.

What about those dickheads in that bunker in France though?

nisakiman said...

They were looking at the wrong calendar.

The world is going to end on 1st Jan 2014, innit.

Leg-iron said...

Useless Mayans. If you want something done you just have to do it your bloody self.