December 28, 2012

UK Could Engineer EU Disintegration

The "UK needs the EU" argument has collapsed. If we leave, it all falls apart.

Today I read that we are given a 'warning' by arch-numpty, Herman von Rompuy.

In a staggering display of arrogance, he says that if we leave the EU we will be "....walking alone in the desert". Well, that suits me. And I suspect it will suit the country as well.

Forget the money for a moment. Forget the seemingly endless tranche of inane legislation flowing from Brussels onto our Rolls. Forget, even, the dubious legality surrounding our joining in the first place. Remember instead, that unelected dreamers in a big fancy building in Belgium-a non-country if ever there was one-tell us how to run our country. Remember that for almost 1,000 years we ran the place well enough on our own. It hasn't been beer and skittles all the way but pretty much since the first parliament in 1265 we have been in command of our own destiny. We made mistakes, sure. All nations did. The slave trade, along with tobacco, was paramount in the building of this nation, as it was the USA, and many other countries. Both are now vilified but arguably, we would still be a third world nation without them.

We did some good stuff too. Apart from democracy (I know, I know. It is a badly flawed concept but it is the 'least worse' system of government) we delivered fantastic engineering to parts of the world which would otherwise still be floundering badly. Railways, bridges, sanitation, roads, education, science and health were our combined gift to the world. Adventurers (some thinly disguised as such, I admit, as many were out to make their fortunes. Cecil John Rhodes being just one amongst many) traveled afar and found new plants and animals, minerals, new crops, and essential foods that Britain had an unending appetite for.

My point is that we were in charge. We helped to shape this brave new world. We had influence and we had power. Our leaders were well respected. Our armed forces the finest in the world. The Bank of England was one of the most respected establishments the world over. A cheque drawn on the BoE was like gold. Accepted by all. Our sovereignty was intact. Monarchs, a colourful lot, I'll grant you, were as respected as our politicians and our constabulary. Those were the days. I want them back.

What has changed? In 1971 we made a disastrous decision. Led by the traitor Heath, we were taken, blindly, into a union that should never have seen the light of day. Using hindsight, we can now clearly see that it was a continuation of those two failed German initiatives: to create a United States of Europe. The method altered, but still nevertheless employed force. Instead of using guns and bombs they just robbed us. Every month. The new weapon was called 'taxation'. They took our money and channeled it over the channel where it was (and is) channeled into vanity projects. It pays for the insane dreams of the unelected and unaccountable. Trillions of pounds have been wasted since the 1970's trying to bring 20-odd nations together in a hugely messy mass wedding. Divorce, the EU tells us, is not an option.

Look at what that limp dishrag, that political non-entity, von Rompuy says:

"In a major blow to the Prime Minister’s strategy, Herman Van Rompuy said the European Union would fall apart quickly if countries were allowed to pick and choose which powers they wanted to keep.

Mr Van Rompuy said he wanted Britain to stay in the EU, adding that the UK’s departure would ‘see a friend walk off into the desert’."


"Mr Van Rompuy said sweeping changes to the governance of the EU could even be brought in without a fresh treaty in order to avoid referendums in member states – leaving Mr Cameron with no leverage to demand concessions for Britain."

I don't know about you, but that reads like a threat to me: "Try to escape and we will change the rules to prevent you from escaping". Bloody marvelous.

Read the rest here: von Rompuy's nonsense

Be ashamed, as you read the words of Lightweight Clegg, and remember that his first duty is to our nation. Doesn't look like he knows that, from the words he chooses to use. This no-mark, thrust to the top by a party famous for never making decisions, insists that we remain in The Stupid Club. The same club that says we cannot manage our own affairs. A feat we pulled off for many centuries.  

The europhiles would have you believe that we need the EU. We do not. Dig deeper and have a close look at the figures. They need us more than we need them. This is nothing new. It's not a boast, either. It just is what it is. We have always enjoyed visiting our European pals, many of us relocate there. We had a healthy relationship. Now? It is difficult to look upon our Greek friends, our Spanish friends, our Italian friends or any of those newer member nations with fondness. They are costing us a fortune. Their inability to manage their finances impacts on every taxpayer in the UK. But, put that aside for a moment and imagine their distaste at being bullied and dictated to by von Rompuy and slimy Barroso. Some lawfully elected leaders were replaced with technocrats selected by Brussels. Not so much a democratic outfit by definition, more like a tyranny. And the longer we remain, the more we will be dictated to as well.

I say no.

I say how dare that political dwarf, and his Brotherhood of Conmen dictate anything to us?

I acknowledge that a succession of treasonous men and women in parliament, along with Mrs Windsor, gave the EU bigger and bigger chunks of our sovereignty but repatriation must commence immediately.

The experiment was a failure and we must declare an end to the project. 

I'd rather walk alone in the desert, thank you very much. 




Anonymous said...

Yes, lets leave the EU and hand more power to Ed Milliband when he wins the next election, DUH!

Captain Ranty said...

I would prefer that Brits held more power than Brussels. We need ALL of our sovereignty back. It matters not which clone is in charge.

Labour will not win the next election in any case. They did enough damage to us already. The British public should not, and must not, forgive or forget that.


James Higham said...

It's all moving very nicely, Cap'n and opinion in these isles is hardening.

Caratacus said...

You speak for many, Cap'n.

My hope is that the EU implodes under the inverse pressure of its own stupidity and corruption because no government in the UK is going to do anything to upset the bastards.

Dave Allison said...



Ian Hills said...

I read a good description of von Rompuy - "he bestrides Europe if not like a colossus, at least like the spread of fungus on a damp wall".

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I'm inclined to support the complete opposite now. Get rid of the incompetent shower of corrupt muddlers from the parties completely and be ruled by the EU. They can't do any worse.

Anonymous said...

You linked to the Daily Mong. Your street Cred is reduced to zero instantly.

Dioclese said...

Allow me to walk with you in the desert...

Zaphod said...

I don't understand why Cameron would even consider taking us out?

He, like all the other leaders, has stubbornly supported the EU experiment despite it leaching his power away.

Why would any politician have given up so much power? I've never understood that. And what's changed now?

I'm trying to be optimistic, but it sounds like a diversion tactic, somehow.

Bill Sticker said...

To torture a metaphor; leaving the EU should not be seen as walking off into the desert, but leaving a dead weight behind to die of thirst.

wayne said...

Me too......nice article as always! All the best for 2013 mate.

Anonymous said...

Britain out of the EU!
Down with hooman rites, we don't need them!
Hooman Rites are bad!
More power to our "democratically elected" politicians!
Buy the Daily Mail!

Captain Ranty said...

Great comments, as always, from both sides of the debate: leave them to it or pray for the EU's destruction? I'm not religious but I pray daily for the downfall.

I am, I admit, a little mystified by Anon's DM statements.

I use the DM as a reference because it is a hysterical rag. However, you may note Anon, that I did NOT quote the DM writer, just the lunatic babblings of Rumpy Pumpy.


TheBoilingFrog said...

"Try to escape and we will change the rules to prevent you from escaping"

No need to panic Captain...they can't do that.

Rumpy Pumpy (quite accurately) is telling 'cast iron' that concessions are impossible if we are to remain EU members.

We can always repatriate powers - cast iron won't do that though if he can help it

Anonymous said...

Q & A - The European economies:

40yrs ago, this would be unimaginable to most Europeans. Yet all has been orchestrated to trash the economies, a task in which it has succeeded. Why? When you have the power to destroy nations, that is what you do, then you move in to clean up - ethnically.

Anonymous said...

I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but Rumpy Pumpy really does look like a paedo.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

Lots of defeatists would claim that we are too weakened to go it alone. I say bollocks to that!

To all the naysayers, have a butchers at this manifesto from Golden Dawn:



Anonymous said...

Yes let's get rid of free movement laws from the EU and and repatriate all the brit ex=pats. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Seeing that the Cons are going to lose support to one-trick Pony UKIP, Labour WILL win. So you want to hand even more power to them by taking it away from the EU?! GB will be even more Socialist than it is already! I agree though that the EU would be better off without GB, as it was largely brit politicians in the EU who pressed for Big Brother legislation. Yes, brits played a large part in coming up with bad laws.You'll have them all to yourselves again.

Captain Ranty said...


We need more of this shit:

And you are probably right: before we joined, no Brits ever left these shores to live anywhere else on the planet. How stupid of me.


Anonymous said...

germanys legal system not like ours can be challenged as is constantly. some of the laws we get are like many allready in force there. but germany isnt england and when the laws come here its do as your told dont challenge. what seems strange after talking for along time with a german friend is, who actually behind the facade of the eu is pulling the strings.
who really is trying to control the eu

Apogee said...

This may be slightly O.T. but I keep seeing occasional references to an EU police force,seemingly armed and with full diplomatic immunity ,able to go to any EU country and do what it likes.
Also seemingly an attempt to create a military force equivalent to NATO.
Would this be so that when integration comes the Commissars will have enough military/police strength to make it stick. No one leaves!? Just wondering ?

Dan H. said...

Basically what we're seeing in the EU is the fall-out from a failed attempt at empire by stealth.

The mainstay of this attempt was the Euro. The general plan was to create a pan-European currency, ostensibly to aid trade, then as countries predictably over-borrowed against this currency they would all get into trouble and be forced to cede sovereignty to the EU centre in return for being bailed out of their troubles.

This ploy only works if countries are permitted to get into trouble, but never actually know precisely how close to disaster they are sailing. Britain in the 1970s did something like this and had to ask the IMF for assistance but crucially never really knew exactly how bad things were so had to be cautious.

Knowing this is impossible without mathematical models like the Black Scholes model and the subsequent developments from this, and massively parallel computing such as can be had with networks of small, cheap computers. Neither were present or were predicted back in the 1960s, when I assume the Cunning Plan was first dreamed up (pervasive networked computers and the Internet were not predicted by ANY futurologist or Sci-Fi author).

So, one of the main founding assumptions of the EU is wrong. Countries know both how close to disaster they are and how to hide debt such that markets take fright only when there is actual danger. Thus the incremental increase in fear never occurs, and corrupt backwaters like Greece never get the steady reforming pressure that they need in order to be fixed; nor is there much pressure to cede power to the centre.

What we have in the EU right now is, for the EU high command, a very, very precarious situation. All member states still have their individual governments intact; in thrall to a foreign power it is true but the command structure is still intact. Regionalisation programmes that were intended to rob these governments of their power were all shelved. The ONLY thing holding the group together is bureaucratic inertia, and democracy will eventually purge even this (a horde of Romanian scum would do wonders for sharpening up UK democratic rule).

The EU command system could vanish overnight, and every nation go back to local government with nary a hitch. There would be some confusion as regional currencies were reinstated, but not all that much; this is what Rompuy is so bloody scared of.