December 20, 2012

End Of The World Special

Getting jittery?

Take the edge off Doomsday with this collection of images.

This could almost make sense. If we had a man on the moon this week...

Ignore this one. They don't know what they are Tolkien about.

Barmen. What do they know.

Calendar for optimists?

Spanner. In works.

Too simple.

Not to mention all the other Armageddons....

Wear your shorts on Friday, and don't forget the sunscreen!.

Erm, just in case.



Anonymous said...

Oh well, i'll just get the one pint of milk then.


Caratacus said...

Nearly as old as the Mayans ...

Ian R Thorpe said...

Everyone else can cease to be if they wish but my daughter brought me 6 bottles of an excellent Cotes de Beaune on her last visit to dear old Blighty. I have been saving them for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year and I'm damned if I will let them go to waste.

See you next week.

john in cheshire said...

Armoured geddons and armoured dildoes; what's the difference?