December 18, 2012

Stop! Thief!!

Raise a hue and cry, folks. There are thieves abroad.

Those with no sense of right or wrong, those who work in that moral-free zone in Westminster, those who have no idea how much damage they have already done, must be told to leave alone that which they did not create. They are about to take more of our rights away. These rights were paid for by the blood of your ancestors. Honour them now by fighting hard to retain what they fought so hard to gain. It is no less than they, and you, deserve.

This will take you less than five minutes. The work is already done. Just add their name, your name, and wing it southwards.

Cut, paste and send/email this letter to your MP. However useless they are, this letter must wake them up. Be polite. Be firm. Be persistent. If they do nothing, explain in no uncertain terms that not only have they lost your vote, but that you will actively campaign against them at every opportunity.

Then? Tell all your family and friends to do the same. Just for good measure, tell your enemies as well. It's just us now.

"Dear Member of Parliament

The Commission on a Bill of Rights was established in March 2011 to investigate creation of a UK Bill of Rights.  Seven of the nine Commission members believe that on balance there is strong argument for a UK Bill of Rights incorporating the UK’s obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights.

We already have the 1689 Bill of Rights as a major part of our Constitutional Law which incorporates the Declaration of Rights 1689. 


Based on the Declaration on Rights,  the 1689 Bill of Rights was made by all the Estates of England which met in a convention. 

It was not made by a parliament.  So the UK Parliament cannot unmake it.

This major constitutional law has very effectively protected us for centuries and continues to give us all the protections we need.  Any new bill will be an attempt to subvert the Constitutional Laws already in place.  At this level of sedition,  that will be an act of High Treason against the Constitution,  the Monarch and the people of England.

Bear in mind that Britain is NOT part of the European Union :-

When he signed the European Communities Act in 1972,  Edward Heath knowingly and wilfully deceived and betrayed the British people into the hands of a foreign power.  THAT is High Treason.  His treasonous act failed to become binding because treason cannot do that.  His government immediately became an unlawful assembly because a treasonous government is not lawful. 

No parliament can bind a successor.  Each successive government was free to reverse Heath’s treachery.  None did, however.  Instead,  each following Parliament has deliberately continued Heath’s treasonous pretence that Britain had signed up to the EU.  Each parliament since Heath’s therefore,  has been treasonous  -  thus an unlawful assembly.

No law or other binding obligation can result from treason or action of an unlawful assembly.  British law therefore,  stands as it was before the 1972 Act.

Britain is thus not part of the EU as all Treaties (and all statutes since 1972) are null and void.  As a consequence,  the European Convention on Human Rights has no influence upon Britain. 

Britain already has the fully extant 1689 Bill of Rights.  It is forever.  Anybody who seeks to replace it will as explained above,  be guilty of High Treason  -  whose penalty is imprisonment for life (meaning life) or,  if the people so decide,  death by hanging which is the current lawful tariff for High Treason.

I am well aware of the Parliamentary Protocol.  However this matter is of national importance,  far more serious than any constituency issue.  It is an MP’s sworn duty and paid responsibility to work for the nation's good (only) and in its interest.  Neither of these are served by creation of a new Bill of Rights to subvert the existing and fully adequate 1689 Bill of Rights.  The British people are evermore widely aware of the above.  It has also been sent to every newspaper in the country.

Your name,  address and email"

Read it until it sinks in. Stop them before they harm us further.

Please, and thank you.



Martin said...

Nice one rantmeister something practical we can all do . Just looked on my mp contact site and they say that they will block any cut n paste letters . So I'll write him and change a few words .
Viva la reVolution .

Mac said...

Done Cap'n. Thanks for the lead.

Tarka the Rotter said...

Have sent it to my MP captain - can't wait for the response!

George Speller said...

If you go through writetothem they track each mp's responses - not including just acknowledgements.

Anonymous said...

That's all very well CR...

...But remind me, who's got the guns?

Anonymous said...

For your information;

First comment is pertinent to your post.

Dave Allison said...


What makes us different?

Why are we squarepeggers in a round world?

Are we programmed at birth?

Whats the answer to 42?

What am I getting from Santa?

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note of amendment to your text. You state “Britain is thus not part of the EU as all Treaties (and all statutes since 1972) are null and void. As a consequence, the European Convention on Human Rights has no influence upon Britain”.

The European Convention on Human Rights 1950 was drafted taking the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 as its starting point. The terms of the European Convention on Human Rights in 1950 were negotiated over a period of 14 months. States agreed that everyone within their individual jurisdictions should be afforded what were considered to be their basic rights and freedoms, which should be enshrined within the laws of each state. Many nations, including the UK, were opposed to the establishment of a European court of human rights as they did not want an international court judging their own domestic law.

To ensure that negotiations did not collapse a compromise position was reached under which nation states signing up to the European Convention on Human Rights 1950 could choose whether or not to allow their individual citizens the right to bring a complaint, and also whether they wished to submit to the jurisdiction of the court. Despite reservations about a human rights court, the UK became the first nation to ratify the European Convention on Human Rights in September 1953. This Convention preceded our entry into the EU by nearly 20 years.

A rewording of your article perhaps?

Captain Ranty said...


I did not write the letter. It came to me from another group.

I will send them your suggested amendment.


Captain Ranty said...

I got a reply from Bob:

(I had asked if you were right)

"He is indeed, never the less as of late it seems that the EU has presumed a very strong influence over the European Convention on Human Rights. One must also be mindful of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that no people should be made citizens against their will. The Queen is a signatory to this but it seems she would not sign up to that particular clause which suggest that what we now have was being planned many years ago and it seems the Queen fully understood this at the time of her coronation."