December 10, 2012

Nine More Reasons To Despise The EU

My thanks to commenter Paris Claims for these images.

They are deeply disturbing. For millions of reasons.

Here are (some) MEP's earning their 12,000 euros per month.

A near empty building.

And those missing still get 12,000 a month.

Having a snooze.

12,000 a month.

Reading her newspapers.

12,000 a month.

Having forty winks.

12,000 a month.

Reading her novel.

12,000 a month.

Having a nap.

12,000 a month.

Personal correspondence.

12,000 a month.

Reading his magazine.

12,000 a month.

Reading his porn.

12,000 a month.

And remember, these are just the stupid ones. Stupid enough to get caught, that is.

The clever ones simply don't turn up and they still get their 12,000 a month.

Still want to pay for The Stupid Club?



James Higham said...

And Scotland is unhappy it does not want them.

Captain Ranty said...


Scotland should get down on bended knee and thank the gods.

All 5,011 of them.


john problem said...

Oh. I thought that was the House of Commons....

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile on the Highland War Front

Dingwall was attacked by video camera team today.

We are Taxpayers. We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget. Expect us.

Paul said...

That last picture - containing Arte Magazine - ain't a jazz mag, but a genuine monthly art journal (not a euphemism!) from Belgium. Here's their website (Flash and in French, unfortunately) if you don't believe me.

Oldrightie said...

This attitude pervades public lack of service.

Anonymous said...


'The stupid club'? I think it's those who pay for their 12k a month salaries that are the stipid ones don't you? These EU MPs are profiteering over a weak European populous. They are exploiting them because they can.

If you allow someone to beat you with a stick and do nothing to stop them, you have no ground to complain. A doormat is a doormat.
If your average Joe got the chance to be an EUMP and not have to bother turning up for 12k a month, they would.

Life has taught me well about human nature. I've found out that people abuse one another regularly. Whether they be psychopaths who do it because it's in their nature or non psychopaths for whatever reason, the outcome is the same - more abused people.

Now what do you propose Capt? That is how will you educate the masses into stopping being exploited? As I continually ask (to no reply) how will the UK benefit from leaving the EU? Sure, it will save all that cash, BUT, the elites will only find another way to steal it. 60+ years of immigration and forcing of alien culture has destroyed the indigenous one to the point being no one knows what culture actually is!

The EU has succeeded in it's endeavours. No point in bolting the gate once the horse has fled is there?

If people DON'T WANT THE ELITES TO KEEP ABUSING THEM, like being beaten with a stick, they have the choice to attack their attacker or forever hold their tongue.
People deserve the society they live within.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting it up Captain.
I've emailed it to a couple of newspapers. Perhaps a few more might be useful.
Paris Claims

NewsboyCap said...


Now, now, be fair. They spend gruelling hours rubber stamping thousands of pieces of new legislation. They need their rest, if, they are to attend all the free lunches and dinners and soirées, travelling the world, attending conferences. Purely for research mind, they do it for our own good.
All the CP inspired 'newspeak' and lies to placate the masses must be draining on the poor little souls, didums, there there.
Stop being such a nasty little Taxpayer, pay up, don't question, just accept. They know best, why on Earth would they be there if they didn't.
12,000 a month that's cheap compared to....Err... well it's cheap,anyway, whatever, just shut up and pay up.

Dioclese said...

Only nine, Cap'n? You're not trying...

Dave_G said...

TBH the Eu can keep on going exactly as it is as far as I'm concerned - they are rolling towards Armageddon as it is and the sooner they get there the sooner it all collapses.