August 31, 2012

Brothers In Arms

Not since my army days have I known a bond as strong. I don't suppose I ever will again. It is unique.

This created a lump in my throat. Forget the why's and wherefore's for a moment and watch this goodbye.

I know you don't all agree with war. None of us can agree with those senseless deaths.

But can we agree that this is a righteous farewell?



nominedeus said...

Hey Cap'n have you seen this yet?
our time has come do you think????

NewsboyCap said...


Hopefully when the people do peacefully rise up against this tyranny, we will honour our fallen (and there will be many)in a similar way.

O/T have you read Nominedeus' post....Nice.

Jim Fryar said...

A warriors farewell.

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

I've never been in the Forces, Cap'n, but both of my parents were RAF - best years of their lives - what's the story behind this interesting vid?

ATB Laurie -

Jacobite said...

Very moving and at the same time very sad

Captain Ranty said...


NZ lost another three guys in Afghanistan.


Captain Ranty said...

Nommie, Newsy,

Yes, I read the piece in the Grauniad yesterday.

I wasn't in the least surprised.

The system is broken. Badly broken.


Anonymous said...

It ain't the British army that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi cap't,

You know me, I hold no punches and while the loss of life is sad we constantly see videos such as these, propaganda of 'look, they're killing our boys'' for the MSM, the government and the elites who control them don't give a fuck about any of them. These videos are nothing but recruitment ads for the armed sources ingraining national hate for Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians.....Muslims in general.

It's odd isn't it when one realises that the MSM & government spin is that 'our boys' are fighting the evil Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and yet William Hague has just funded the Syrian rebels with 5 million, known affiliates of Al Qaeda. 'Our' special forces are fighting alongside them. Oh the hypocrisy of it all.

What's fucked up is if I grow some home grown in my garden and try to defend my property, the old bill will come, arrest me and take me away. Our troops in Afghanistan are babysitting Rothschild's poppy plantations and yet they're welcomed home as heroes?

I wonder what the last thoughts were of the dead soldier? Could he have thought, like me and many others who are awake, 'What in the fuck am I doing here, killing Afghans who have never been a threat to me, my people and my nation?' Or was he one of the overwhelming majority, completely indoctrinated into believing the Afghans had something to do with 9/11?

This man would still be alive had he thought critically, realising he, or any of his people, has any truck with the Afghans whatsoever. He'd still be alive cap't had he simply said no. He'd still be alive had he not joined 'The Rothschild's Assassins' - her majesty's armed forces.

I don't feel sorry for any of those westerners killed in Afghanistan. I am not in the slightest bit moved watching Europeans, born in New Zealand, perform the Maori war dance, the haka, a culture that is most certainly not theirs, nor ever will be. I am however very sorry for the poor bastards, those native Afghans, we're never told about, murdered by said men and his allies, branded as 'terrorists' and a threat to democracy and the freedom of the western peoples by the MSM, all because they're trying to repel invaders from their lands.

Oh how low people have fallen cap't. Don't dress these people up as heroes when they're not. Call them what they are, banking and corporation assassins, invaders of foreign lands, disturbers of the peace and murderers of the innocents. They don't fight to 'keep me warm and safe at night' as we are constantly reminded by the MSM. I didn't ask anyone to kill in my name.
I know that many of the New Zealand armed forces personnel's ancestors fought in Culloden, defending their homeland from the ongoing tyranny of the crown against the Scot's people. They have become the very thing their ancestor's fought against for hundreds upon hundreds of years. They are hypocrites and I have no love for enforcers of totalitarianism.



Noggin the Nog said...

It all seems rather undignified to me.

It's just another coping mechanism for those soldiers left alive, a ritual that takes their mind off things and also gives the added benefit of an instant 'win' on moral grounds if anyone dare question it. It's rather like the 'dead man's auction' in the British Army, but without the practical help to the family of the bereaved.

I counted around 10 soldiers who looked like they actually knew what they were doing and they were all native NZ, not Europeans. Why anyone would think this is suitable behaviour at a funeral, I just don't know.

James Higham said...

Pity the bonding required a death, like passing through the kiln.

pitano1 said...

i find myself once again in total agreement with harbingers post.

personally,if they had said fuck it i`m going home,that would move me.

war seems to have become`or always has been part of the bread and circus paradigm`of empire.

a further illustration of the cold cold heart,that does not give a fuck
for humanity,but will destroy any who are in the way of the agenda.

who was it who said you can change more in 5 years of war`than you can in 50 years of peace.

my heart goes out to the children,and the ones that have signed nothing that are murdered.
for what..?

con-flict=agressive corporate takeover

Anonymous said...

Pap for sheeple. Essentially they are using dead people's relatives for propaganda. Darwin says they shouldn't have joined.

Kynon said...

I tend to find this song covers most of what I feel about this sort of thing: