August 10, 2012

Friday Fannies

Brand new feature.











Please forward your suggestions for next week's Friday Fannies.

Have a fabulous weekend.



Max Farquar said...

Bwaahahahaha ... made oi larf, I can tell you. Lovin' it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent! far too much material out there, you may need to introduce "Tuesday Twunts" ;)

Sackerson said...

Didn't recognise the last one. The others - one despairs.

RAs B said...

2nd to last is the biggest fannie of the lot, to be honest !!
He turned his back on his own country to go after the " BIGGER" job in the EU...FFS ! and the rest fannies the same !!

Dave_G said...

Love your regard for our sensibilities Cap'n given that 'cnuts' doesn't rhyme with Friday....

anon said...

Monday's morons
Tuesday's twats
Wednesday's weazles
Thursday's thickos
Friday's fcukwits
Saturday's sh1ts
Sunday's smugs

Just repost the same pics.

James Higham said...

Where are Davignon and Sutherland?

Anonymous said...

GB has never been anywhere near one.


Anonymous said...

"The Fannies you elected did this."

Not often I disagree with you Cap'n but the politicians aren't doing this, the people are. Politicians don't fly the bombing sortees, man the artillary or pull the sniper's trigger.

If I killed a man later today and said I was ordered by another to do it, would the courts and victim's family excuse me of my actions? Of course they wouldn't so why should we excuse the people in the armed forces? Politicians are scum but they're not murdering scum.

Until people take personal responsibility for their actions and know the difference between good and bad, things won't change. You can't play a game of chess without pieces and the same goes for war. People are and always have been the problem because they not only elect their enslavers but do their bidding too.



Captain Ranty said...


I couldn't find a picture of the 62 million drones....


NewsboyCap said...


william fucking arsehole twating baldy cunting cunt hague.
Biggest CUNT south of the North pole.
On the beeb now "we must prepare for the day after Assad"
No you fucking don't it's got fuck all to do with you/us......CUNT/fanny.

NewsboyCap said...




Just been reading Lysander Spooner,Constitution of no Authority. Recommend it, makes perfect sense.

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

None of them are fannies - they are all cunts.

You can add Peter Mandelson, John Prescott, Piers Morgan, Ed Balls, Harriet and Jack Harman, Ed Miliband, Keith Vaz, Alistair Campbell and Tom Watson to that list for starters.

And John and Sally Bigcow.

Noggin the Nog said...

I feel it is only fair to nominate a load of wimmin that have also wrecked the UK over the years, in the interests of equality, you understand.

Emily Pankhurst. Bitch.

Cherie fucking Blair.

Harriet Harrman. WTF?

Margaret Beckett, half sister to Shergar.

Margaret Thatcher, Wicked Witch of the West.

Shami Shakrabati, if that is her real name.

Polly bastard Toynbee, nice to meet you, so long as you're rich. Or poor, then I can patronize you.

That fucking les that's married to that fucking wanker Ed Balls.

Hazel the thief Blears.

Jacquie drug fiend Smith.

Fuck me, the list is endless.

Let's not forget utter twats like Jade, Charlotte Church, Jordan, Posh fucking Spice, Oprah Nig Nog, HM the Queen, Sharon fucking Shoesmith and various other bastards that have done nothing but ruin.

My contempt knows no bounds, hence the intemperate language.

Noggin the Nog

Noggin the Nog said...

Especially Shoesmith.

Noggin the Nog

bollixed said...

Charlie Veitch

The parliament of fannies (hey, a new collective name for fannies!)

The civil service

The puppetmasters of all the trained fannies you posted

Noggin the Nog said...


Just looked at the pics you posted, and I can honesty say, if I was King the only fucker that would escape with his life is that Bieber twat, and that is only because he has never forcibly inflicted his shit on me, whereas the other fuckers have.

I'd still thrash him

PS Please stop this 'Prove you are not a robot' shit. It is doing my fucking head in.

Noggin the Nog

Jason said...

Why don't we just call them what they are... CUNTS.
All cunts, every man jack of them.
My cunt of the week? Piers morgan.
Have a look at this
Piers Morgan... Cunt in the first degree.

Anonymous said...

paul mccartney.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cap'n

my question is now the can of worms (or should i say fannies) has been well and truly opened.. will you have enough friday's...

my nomination .. is this fanny.. for he truly is more of a fanny than a cnut..

has a nice piccy of him...