August 20, 2012

Dawning Realisation

"Not before time", some of you will say.

I'm naturally positive and I tend to look at the upside but these days there is precious little good stuff to observe.

London 2012 took our eye off the political ball and when it was over, politicians of every stripe rushed off to foreign climes to top up their tans. The House of Commons is in recess but what has been bothering me of late, is this:

Legislation continues to pour forth...

How is that number at the bottom left hand side of the page still climbing? At 9 am on 1st January 2012 we started with zero. Just eight months into the year we find that 2,691 2,711 2,713* new Acts or Statutory Instruments have been created and given the force of law. I know, like you will after you glance at the page, that the vast majority of these SI's are mundane things. That is not my worry. My worry is that with no MPs sitting, who has ratified/signed off on these SI's while the MPs are all on holiday? It strikes me that if something is given the force of law there has to be some oversight. Someone to carry the can. If they are being signed off by civil servants how can we be certain that something more sinister isn't introduced while we are not paying attention?

*My apologies. I looked away for an hour or two. In that time they managed to ejaculate another 20 22. If they trend like last week it will be around 2,820 by Friday afternoon. By December 31st it will be a jaw-dropping 4,320 for 2012. This will beat last years Coalition record of 4,116.

The HoC and its attendant lickspittles are quite literally a law unto themselves. We know that the monarchs power was diluted severely following the Parliament Act of 1911, and that the Lords were seriously curtailed with the House of Lords Act of 1999. When you decrease or remove powers granted under the constitution to the monarch and the HoL it increases the power of those 650 in the House of Commons. This gives them carte blanche to do what they will. Without any fear of retribution they do just that. No-one, of any import, is watching them. They police themselves. And they do it badly.

The Greeks continue to suffer. Their new government is having just as much trouble as the last one in making the numbers work. I see continued calls for more money as they realise that the bail-outs are nowhere near enough. The talk of them leaving the eurozone has changed from "if" to "when". The Finns are openly discussing disintegration, the Germans have said "No more dough", the French are silent, for a change, and I reckon the Italians, the Irish and the Portuguese are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Whilst I genuinely feel pity for the ordinary stiffs in these nations, I cannot help but think that a break-up of the eurozone will be a blessing in disguise for them all.

The misguided leaders of the EU, may they all contract genital warts, continue to try and breathe life into the corpse. To everyone else it looks like utter insanity but they don't see that. They will carry on regardless, and why not? It isn't their money they are throwing down the drain. It's yours. And mine. The UK government, in league with this devil, continue to help themselves to your hard-earned cash. Cash you could use to improve your lives, the lives of your children, and even the local and wider community is being tossed away on a failed experiment. As ever, we think salvation lies in electing a different government. Too late, we realise again and again, that the label on the party de jour is meaningless: they ALL take your money (by force when necessary) and piss it away.

In the Middle East the sabre-rattling continues. The Israeli's have recently said "We will not use thermonuclear weapons against Iran". I often find that when a nation makes an unequivocal statement like this, the exact opposite will follow shortly. I believe WWIII is just around the corner. We hope, and we pray for calm heads, but hope and prayer are useless. Look at the history: every time a truly global depression arrives, world wars follow. It is a fantastic opportunity for them to waste millions of young lives and it is usually over nothing. WWI was triggered when Franz Ferdinand (and his wife Sophie) was assassinated on 28th June 1914. Had Sarajevo turned the other cheek, over nine million lives would have been saved. War is big business and when it finally ends, the losses are sustained by the young, the brave, and those afflicted with patriotism, and the gains are enjoyed by those who manufacture weapons and war machinery. The millions upon millions of lost lives are replaced with a frenzied baby boom when the last bullet is fired. It is a cycle of despair and my disappointment in the human race is boundless. We repeat this exercise ad nauseum.

What is to be done? I don't know. I only know what I would like to happen but I also know there are vested interests, firmly entrenched, that will ensure it never happens.

History is written by the victors and it isn't necessarily the truth. In fact, it is almost certain to be strewn with lies, misdirection and misinformation.

Our good friend Harbinger sent me a couple of links and it may help you to comprehend the nature of this particular beast.

The Hitler Files


Propaganda And The World War

The usual caveat applies: read the articles and decide for yourself. This can be tricky for some because our education system seems geared in such a way that pre-formed opinions are wired into us at an early age. It has been decades since education actually educated and allowed us to make our own minds up. They do this for many reasons but the primary purpose is to churn out unthinking, uncritical system slaves. They do not need your mind to be free, they need you to work. They need you to comply. They need you to know that they need to watch your every move, for your own safety. They need you to part company with your taxes without dissent. Without a whimper and without asking what they are spending your money on.

Tomorrow's leaders and tomorrow's entrepreneurs are mostly selected from the "good schools and universities". They know who they want and those future leaders are selected carefully and they too, are brainwashed to "know" what is best for the nation. Of course, there is a blurred line between what is best for the nation and what is best for the individual. On the face of it these men and women are altruistic but when examined, their fantastic wealth becomes apparent. The nation needs leaders who are selected from known good stock, the rest of us are cattle. To be milked exhaustively, to be watched endlessly, and to be controlled absolutely. Of course, we are also trained to think we are free and that democracy is the b all and end all. It is all things to all men. It is a deception on a massive scale, and the ruse works well. Most of us think we are free. We are wrong. The chains are there if you look, but thankfully for TPTB, most of us never bother to look.

Reading that back prior to pushing the "publish" button, it reads like envy, or that I am bitter about the class system. I am neither envious nor am I overly concerned about class. Someone will always have more than me and someone will always have less than me. It seems largely an accident of birth.  I have met princes and paupers during my five decades on the planet and there are idiots and heroes in both camps. I just happen to know that when a "working class" hero emerges, it is more by luck than by design.

Problems (for TPTB) emerge when some of the cattle start wondering why they are kept in this particular field and demand another option. They wonder why the gate is always locked. They wonder why the farmer counts them dozens of times a day. They wonder why the farmer doesn't even need to walk down to the field and has erected poles with cameras to save the farmer the trouble of exerting himself when technology can do the work for him. They wonder ( a little) when they overhear the farmer say "You know, if we tagged them all with GPS devices, we wouldn't need the cameras". Most of the cattle think this is fine. "It's for our own safety", they tell each other.

When one or two of us wander off the reservation we can safely be ignored. Some of us are too big to be ignored though and a topical example of that is one Julian Assange. On the face of it, he is an (uncharged) but uncaptured rapist and a man that dared to leak sensitive information. This information would upset the cattle and Assange had to be stopped, and if impossible to stop, then all means fair or foul deployed to bring the man to book. I have no axe to grind with Assange. I think he may be a bit of a knob but conversely, I think he is providing a public service at great risk to himself and his family, so I tend to support him.

It's a messy old world, isn't it? I am realising late in life that it is a mess that is uncleanuppable.

Scrapping the entire project and starting again from scratch may well be the only option.

Most of us, it is now becoming clear, do not want that because it is too much trouble. Most of us prefer to keep our heads below the parapet because the fear of being ever so slightly different terrifies us. Many of us are waiting for the "right time" to act. There is no "right time". That time is now.

The government, naturally, say that we must knuckle down. We must produce. We are in debt. It's our own fault. We must continue the War on Terror, the War on Smokers, the War on Drinkers, The War on Eaters, The War on Drugs, The War on Thinkers.

These are all Good Things For Citizens To Believe In And Support.

Of course, believing anything the government says is our first mistake.They are inept, corrupt, and unashamed. They are treasonous, traitorous, and they act with impunity. And they do so with our consent.

When, oh when, will we wake up and smell the corruption?



Anonymous said...

Can i just put my 2 pence worth in... Ok i think you are right captain ranty, some new thinking is needed... All i can tell you is how i plan to deal with it, JUST OPT OUT... Now this certainly isn't a revolutionary idea, but i mean it, i'm already taking steps, and little by little i hope to eventually be completely self sufficiant! So far, this year for the first time i grew my own food, it was great, the kids loved it too... I've also removed my eldest daughter from school to home educate, this was discussed with her and then left to her decision... I'm not going to register my son to be, who is due in 12 weeks! My youngest daughter will not be enrolling in school at all... Over the winter i plan to prepare the ground for next year, expanding the plot, and also building a chicken hutch... If i were to get arrested for a victimless crime i would refuse to even move for them! If they want me they will have to kidnap me and carry me! If they want my picture they will have to hold my head up! If they want my signiture they will have to guide my fucking hand! Excuse my language. I will not co-operate with bullies or thieves!... I will not protest, riot, vote, beg or plead for my rights and freedoms back! I will merely take plenty of victoria cake and cheesy chips and stuff my fat face with them. If what i want to do happens to come into conflict with the establishments made up, immoral laws/rules, well then they will have to send their gang round to rough me up! I will not pay tax, i do not fund terrorists and torturers!... Well so far that's about it, along the way i tell everybody i know about whats happening, i know i piss them off, i don't care, if they don't want to discuss real shit then fuck off!... I hope i don't come across too angry, i'm actually pretty laid back! Lol.


Anonymous said...


This must either be the best or one of the best articles you've written. You sum up reality exquisitely and people reading this either need to wake up and put up or shut up.
The amount of articles you've written along with links to others, stating clearly parts of the agenda to a totalitarian world society, is huge. If people still don't get it by now then like a train running on time, we have to ditch those 'latecomers'.

History has been written by the victors and worse, those who created the problem in the first place. carefully setting up smoke and mirrors to keep us all in the dark. They are truly insidious individuals, the epitome of evil.
What's interesting about the 'Hitler files' and its follow up is that it's from a man, an archivist for the British intelligence services who like the CFR's historian, Carrolle Quigley (author of the NWO revealing books Tragedy & Hope and the Anglo-American Establishment) had access to top secret vaults. Much of what he knew the author David Irving and the revisionist Ernst Zundel have released, both only to be hounded by the MSM, governments and Jewish groups. He has told us that all this information will be released on his death.

Interesting, because this info will implicate thousands for war crimes and treason, so no doubt, plans are being made to stop this from ever happening. If, as I believe, historical documents are being destroyed, then there is nothing that will stop the elites' continuing indoctrination of society. Therefore endgame is most certainly nearing. If the truth shall set you free, then destroying the truth will mean eternal slavery. The outcome therefore doesn't bear thinking about. There will be nothing to stop the elites from succeeding.



Stealthy said...

Fkn superb post Rantus, I've sadley been saying pretty much the same thing lately :( - I'm surprised they resisted using the limpics to stir it up tbh.

Dave_G said...

Two points Cap'n:

1. Assange (and I don't have any personal opinion on him either way) is only a 'rapist' under the Swedish definition thereof. The offense he is supposed to have committed would not be considered 'rape' under British law.

2. Despite the EU assurances for its survival (and that of the Euro) I'll bet you a pound to a pinch of sh1t that they already have a redundancy scheme set up and that the former employees will be rewarded more than handsomely when the final curtain falls.

Tw@ts - the lot of them.

Captain Ranty said...


Good work fella!

Keep at it.


Captain Ranty said...


A great comment, thanks.

Thanks also for inspiring the piece.

The theme was war when it began but as usual, I digressed.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Stealthy!


Captain Ranty said...


Two responses:

1. He is being charged under Swedish law so we should really stick to their definition of rape, despite how crappily it is defined. But as far as I can tell he was with a consenting adult at the time and no complaint was made until much, much later. Something stinks.

2. I agree. They probably have an EU MK II waiting to be deployed. We must remain vigilant.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that for the most part you are giving voice to the thoughts that for quite some time I have held very much to be true. Of course history is written by the victors, and never will they paint themselves in a bad light. Of course propaganda was used to make people hate another just so that said hate could be utilised to further an objective. I see very clearly indeed that just as the lies of the present have become visible, so too have those of the past. War is the aim and global domination is the objective. No doubt many thousands of "patriots" will run to the flag just so they can die in ignorance for nothing. From my vantage point, Israel pulls entirely too many strings and I hope that before it is too late, it and it's band of thieving murdering nation pals take a beating worthy of their crime.


Noggin the Nog said...


You undermine your good points when you post links to crap like the Hitler Files and give quarter-wits likes Harby the buzz of seeing his name on your blog.

I tried to plough on manfully through the unsubstantiated, anonymous, unsourced pile of poo that the Hitler Files is, but had to call it a day when I got to the bit about him being a lover of children and animals.

The part about the word Nazi being derived from the Hebrew word Nazarite (you know, the Jewish language) and denoting a follower of Christ (you know, the Jew) is palpable nonsense and merely demonstrates the fact that the author is misinformed and/or lying.

If you are an anti-Semite, or a neo-Nazi, or both, why not just say so?

Anonymous said...

Cappy--you keep on suggesting to starve the BEAST . Well-let's do it. Let's start spreading this around--it's the ONLY thing that'll work

Anonymous said...

Three major flashpoints building.
The most likely Syria-Iran.
Next Japan,again trapped in stagnation reliant on ever more expensive raw material now facing a resurgent China.
The EU,the eastern borders are the flash points, always have been.
The perfect storm is coming I think!
It is unthinkable,however was it any less unthinkable in 1914 or 1939?
The patterns of economics and political change are uncannily familiar.

Captain Ranty said...


I am neither. If I was I would say so.

I have decided to leave no stone unturned. If that means publishing links that make you squirm then feel free to leave at any time.

You may recall that I said in the piece "Read the articles and decide for yourself". You have, so well done to you.

Harby wouldn't give a shit if his name was never mentioned here again. I could have left the links uncredited but I didn't find them, he did, so he got a mention.

Just for clarity, I do not automatically disbelieve or believe every word written in the links. The author may be misinformed. Time will tell.


Captain Ranty said...

Anon (21:05),

Thanks for the link.

Naturally, I agree 100%.

Folks, I have visited the website prior to this evening and I highly recommend a visit.

Drones, stay away. It is not for you.


Captain Ranty said...

Anon (22:34),

I have not been following the Japan/China story. If you have some links, please share.

The rest is, as you say, eerily familiar. Do these dozy bastards only have one play-book?

Or are we the dozy bastards for not recognising when history repeats?


Captain Ranty said...


I am starting to believe that Israel is the 51st state of the US.

It may get its own budget allocation. They send container loads of money to them.

Wondering who the bad guy is these days and if a good guy still exists....


Anonymous said...

"I am starting to believe that Israel is the 51st state of the US.

It may get its own budget allocation. They send container loads of money to them."

Indeed, but it is "anti-semitic" to point out basic facts such as that or the shiploads of weapons too. Much like the various "isms" it is designed to silence the critical thinker, to enforce conformation with the accepted diktats of the day, with the herd. The truth is always the truth nonetheless, no matter who it doesn't suit.

One could be forgiven for wondering just how or why Israel exerts such power over the US until one looks at the people behind the scenes. I have nothing against any race of man or any religion but I cannot see the "good" in the official deeds or words emanating from either of those countries. This much is certain, when the big one starts, these two along with Britain and a few others as well will have much to answer for and a lesson in humility would not go amiss. The world might just be a better place for it.

"Wondering who the bad guy is these days and if a good guy still exists...."

That one's easy. Those countries with their troops on someone else's soil are most definitely not the good guys. Never were, and in their present incarnations, never will be. It is worrying too that in order for common sense to prevail we now need a strong opposing force to keep all the warmongers in check otherwise they will simply march across the globe, as it seems is their intent. Russia, China and Iran may just be that necessary force. There are however no good guys. None at all. Any of them will seize whatever opportunity presents itself for greater power; ...the best we mere mortals can hope for is balance.


Anonymous said...

Oh Noggin the Nog,

How little you know........

Firstly I wrote an email to the cap'n and stated that the links were for personal consumption, simply because I knew that fools like you would instantly attack him, calling him a 'neo nazi' and an 'anti semite'. I did so in order to not have people pillory him as you mistakingly have.

My friend in London, a RASTAFARIAN, very knowledgeable on the bible and the 'Jewish' problem, named his daughter Nazarine after Nazareth, so who in the fuck are you to decide that a Nazi is in fact not an ancient label for someone of Nazareth?

Any fuckwit knows that the latter day definition of a Nazi is one of the German Nationalist Socialist party and yet you, in your infinite wisdom disagrees with one who was privy to the 'TOP SECRET' history of the British intelligence agency, information you know nothing about whatsoever.

And you laugh at the saying Hitler loved children and animals, attacking a man you know nothing about other than the Zionist controlled propaganda of the western media, a media that saw fit to put him on the front cover of Time magazine three times and yet castigate and demonize him for booting out the Rothschild cotrolled bankers who had bled Germany dry after WW1, conveniently ignoring the Jewish controlled Russia and the 40+million deaths under Stalin, the golden child of the west?

You are a fool Noggin to say the least. You are one who promotes the story of the victor and sullies anyone who attempts to promote that of the loser. You are an ignoramus who masterbates over lies coming to an orgasm of deception and gross stupidity.

If I were you I'd learn how to handstand because guaranteed, what would pour out of your arse, should you teach it to speak would hold far more sense than that which pours out of your mouth.


Anonymous said...

And lastly Noggin,

The Briton's perception of Hitler is one responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their fellow countrymen, but yet he never launched a war on Britain. In fact, it was Britain, the crown (under the control of the Rothschilds) who launched a war against Germany for 'conveniently' invading Poland, a country whose people served as Spitfire pilots (amongst other services) to defeat the Luftwaffe and yet whom Britain washed their hands of when Russia annexed the country later under the tyranny of Communism. Where was the support from Britain then?

You are a gullible twit to say the least. A twit that no doubt the cap'n will welcome, who promotes all that is wronh within humanity today - the gibbering, non critically thinking automaton, the NWO's wet dream.


Anonymous said...

Those countries with their troops on someone else's soil are most definitely not the good guys. Never were, and in their present incarnations, never will be. It is worrying too that in order for common sense to prevail we now need a strong opposing force to keep all the warmongers in check otherwise they will simply march across the globe propaganda was used to make people hate another just so that said hate could be utilised to further an objective. I see very clearly indeed that just as the lies of the present have become visible, so too have those of the past. War is the aim and global domination is the objective. No doubt many thousands of "patriots" will run to the flag just so they can die in ignorance for nothing. From my vantage point Next Japan,again trapped in stagnation reliant on ever more expensive raw material now facing a resurgent China,It's not something so complex it takes hours to explain. It's so simple staightforward and common sense that a schoolkid can readily comprehend it. You aren't asking anybody to believe some conspiracy theory or anything wildly fanciful..

Anonymous said...

This video from the infowars site is well worth a watch. Max Keiser has a good track record of prediction so I think he needs to be taken seriously


James Higham said...

At 9 am on 1st January 2012 we started with zero. Just eight months into the year we find that 2,691 2,711 2,713* new Acts or Statutory Instruments have been created and given the force of law

This is Gordo's and Blair's tactic, transcribed.

Anonymous said...

China Japan;

There appears to be a rise of the type of militarised nationalism in Japan again.
Always been the problem in Japan ,lack of natural resources.
As we saw from their last exploit they are a people to be reckoned with when roused.

Anonymous said...

> "We will not use thermonuclear weapons against Iran"

No, just regular nuclear ones. Fission != fusion.

Noggin the Nog said...


You are the one incapable of critical thinking. You need to look it up because you obviously think it means something different to what it actually means.

You have been rude, aggressive, verbally offensive and annoyingly you condemn me for things I have not said, things I do not think and things I do not believe. Just because I do not think the world would have been a better place if Hitler had won, you think me small minded, a NWO shill or perhaps just a moron, judging by the levels of abuse. Bit thin on reason and argument though, in the true sense of the word.

You seem to think that ANYONE who disagrees with you is an 'ignoramus', and attempt to defend a position with nothing but sounbites from YouTube and accusations of sheep-hood.

Let's get this straight; you have a problem with multi-cult and yet have personally contributed to it, and hang around with Rastas whose word you take as gospel (pardon the pun) on all things biblical, even when proven to be wrong. A Nazarene is a person from Nazareth, as in Jesus. A Nazarite was someone who had taken a vow of holiness to God and amongst other things would not shave or cut their hair during the period of the vow. Samson is an example in the OT. So, both your Rasta mate and you MI6 friend, who is a legend in his own living room, are completely, demonstrably wrong on this matter.

BTW Hitler lost the war because he was a useless, arrogant megalomaniac who wouldn't listen to his Generals when it really counted. He invaded Russia far too late in the year, leaving his men to die in the Siberian Winter, and he failed to finish Britain when the air defenses were on the brink of collapse. Perhaps just 2 more weeks of the Battle of Britain and we would have run out of pilots and usable airfields.

People like you Harby, people who think they have discovered an amazing secret, one that will bring down the Gov and free the proles, people like that would have been first against the wall if the sausage munchers had won.

If you wish to reply, just stick to facts, eh?

Noggin the Nog said...


Fair enough, your blog, your rules, but if the only support you can give to your position and that of your 'friend' is to suggest that those that disagree with it should leave, it might cause others to think you have a serious problem with the Jews, particularly in light of some of your other comments recently.

Anonymous said...

noggin - 'I tried to plough on manfully through the unsubstantiated, anonymous, unsourced pile of poo that the Hitler Files is, but had to call it a day when I got to the bit about him being a lover of children and animals.'

the fact that hitlers government changed the laws to prevent animal testing and that he was a vegetarian show that he cared about the treatment of animals. similarly, there is plenty of film of hitler with children where his gentleness and obvious concern for them is immediately apparent,as well as the child centred policies of the nsdap.

as for unsubstantiated and unsourced, there are multiple sources for the information contained within,substantiated by groups such as the red cross,the world almanac,even churchills diaries fail to mention gas chambers or holocausts.

if you look up ernst zundel(as suggested) you will find plenty of other source material for what is said in those articles.all the articles do is provide yet another source (although as yet unsubstantiated) for the same information.

i find it highly plausible that the word 'nazarine' may have been shortened to 'nazi' in times past.i doubt it played a part in the allies decision to label the german national socialist workers party as 'nazi' for short though.i think this would have been because the word is similar to 'nasty' and hides the fact that they were nationalists, not internationalists.the germans never reffered to themselves as 'nazis'.

trying to shame people by calling them marxist-inspired names like 'neo-nazi' or 'anti-semite' will no longer be enough to silence the truth,thanks to the wealth of information available online on both hitler and 'the jews'.

Anonymous said...

try watching this noggin if you think its unsubstantiated.

'hitler - the greatest story never told'

Anonymous said...


You insulted first or have you already forgotten your ramblings?
You are a moron and an ignoramus implying the cap'n to be a neo nazi and anti semite because he publishes two links that you disagree with because they are contrary to your life indoctrination.

Some of the information that Kevin Field will release has already been given the light of day by David Irving and Ernst Zundel, both vehemently attacked by the press and imprisoned for challenging the religion of the holocaust.

And I have a big problem with multi culturalism, but I never 'added' to it. You obviously have a problem defining multi culturalism and multi racialism. Both partners, black women, were products of a globalist England, no different to their white peers when it came to 'cultural identity'. I produced mixed race offspring whom I have no problem with. I have no problem with people who mix but common sense decrees that mass immigration equals indigenous and cultural suicide.

And as for me being put against the wall by the 'sausage munchers' (nice derogatory term there showing complete prejudice), I doubt it. Firstly I wasn't around in 1945 as I arrived nearly 30 years later. And secondly, my parents would probably never have met due to obvious changes in the timeline meaning I would never have been created.

Moreso, if what Kevin Field has stated is correct about Hitler then Germany would never have invaded Britain, but reunited its lands taken illegally after WW1. There is also further proof of Hitler's intentions towards Britain in Basil Liddell Hart's book (The Other Side of the Hill 1948, Pan Books 1983) where he writes the following quoting the German General von Blumentritt with regard to Hitler's Halt Order at Dunkirk on the 24th May 1940:

"He (Hitler) then astonished us by speaking with admiration of the British Empire, of the necessity for its existence, and of the civilization that Britain had brought into the world. He remarked, with a shrug of the shoulders, that the creation of its Empire had been achieved by means that were often harsh, but ‘where there is planing, there are shavings flying’. He compared the British Empire with the Catholic Church – saying they were both essential elements of stability in the world. He said that all he wanted from Britain was that she should acknowledge Germany’s position on the Continent. The return of Germany’s colonies would be desirable but not essential, and he would even offer to support Britain with troops if she should be involved in difficulties anywhere..” (p200)

Liddell Hart continues: “At the time we believed that the repulse of the Luftwaffe in the ‘Battle over Britain’ had saved her. That is only part of the explanation, the last part of it. The original cause, which goes much deeper, is that Hitler did not want to conquer England. He took little interest in the invasion preparations, and for weeks did nothing to spur them on; then, after a brief impulse to invade, he veered around again and suspended the preparations. He was preparing, instead, to invade Russia” (p140)."

So who do we believe - the victor or the loser? It is obvious whose version you promote because you fail to see the level of subliminal indoctrination within you, 'sausage munchers' is typical, reinforcing your obvious prejudice against Hitler and the Third Reich. What if what is written is infact 100% truth, carefully left out of our education in order to further indoctrinate us and the continuing demonisation of a man, who may very well have been the only hope the west will have ever had of stopping the Jewish elite, Zionist banking oligarchy and the creation of a one world, totalitarean government?

This is my last reply to you on this topic. You will ofcourse reply, it's your prerogative, but I will not entertain it. I won't even read it. I'm not turning the cap'n's comment section into a battleground because of ignorant pricks like you.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous (21 August 2012 15:56),

It is pointless getting into any debate with Noggin because 'it' sees anyone who criticises world Jewry, more importantly the elite Zionist oligarchy, as anti semitic and those who question the 'official story' of Hitler, the Third Reich and WW2 as 'neo nazis'.
It's a pointless execise to say the least. It's mind is fixed and regardless of the many factual documents out there along with videos of the intense hatred of Jews towards Goy, especially in Israel, it still sees Jews as the persecuted ones, totally innocent to the crimes thrown at them.

I don't know if Noggin is a shill or not but it will defend the official story on Jews' suffering and Hitler.

You state Churchill never mentioned anything about gas chambers in his memoirs and that is correct. More importantly neither did Roosevelt or de Gaulle in their memoirs either. I don't know if you know about General Patten but he had some interesting things to say about the Germans and the Jews before they killed him.



Noggin the Nog said...


Do you actually read the replies I post, or just scan them and think you know what I have said?

I have not accused anyone of anti semitism, I have asked the question.

You condemn everything the Gov have ever said about the war as propaganda. Everything, that is, apart from what the German Gov said, as they obviously never engaged in propaganda.

Hitler's intentions for Britain were quite clear, as expessed in the bombing of non military targets, deliberately, in Liverpool, Coventry, London and others, as well as Scotland. Just think of all the animals and children that died if you are not overly concerned with your countrymen. I'm sure Hilter was distraught over the loss of all those hamsters, cats and dogs. And children. Because he was such a lover of weak and defenseless, wasn't he? Still, I bet a few of them were only Jews, and they're not really worth very much compared to an animal, eh Harby?

Kevin Field is unsubstantiated and unsourced. Just saying he isn't does make it so. He is also anonymous, in that his 'name' does not identify him. He may as well be called Roger Rabbit. One cannot ascertain the veracity of his credentials, if he even has any. One has no address to correspond to, no number to call, nothing. If he is what he claims, an ex-spook, and if he has seen classified info and is spreading it on the net, then he is in breach of the Official Secrets Act, but I suppose that adds to your exitement? If he is not (I'll give you 10-1 that he isn't) you are just another keyboard warrior, sucked into thinking that you are smarter than all the other sheep, using the force and seeing hidden clues to secrets that do not exist, just like all good Jedi.

The Red Cross have not denied the 'holocaust', not now, not ever. I personally have no idea how many died in the camps. I have no doubt that the number was exaggerated for propaganda purposes, but equally no doubt that the camps existed, that they were created as labour camps in some cases and death camps in others, that the sausage munchers treated the Jews, along with a whole load of other people including mixed race, like filth and often executed large numbers of them. By large I mean at least 1 million.

I make no attempt to hide my prejudices. You, in one breath (no doubt through your mouth) argue that terms like anti-Semite are just labels used to silence debate and in the next breath are moaning about 'prejudice' because I called the Germans 'sausage munchers'. You accuses others of the very thing you do yourself, including your choice of friends and lovers. Blacks are OK if they let you sleep with them, eh? You've been testing your Rasta mate's herbs again, haven't you?

Whilst stating that you will ignore any future postings of mine you call me an 'ignorant prick'. Ironic. A bit like putting your fingers in your ears and chanting 'la la la la la la la la ' because you realise you are wrong.

You claim that 'Nazi' was a tag that the Allies gave the Germans in one breath, then, still incorrectly, claim it is in someway connected with Christ. I really do not know why you or the Nazis would want an association with the King of the Jews, and I suppose that neither do you, it just sounded clever at the time and now you cannot retreat. Entrenched. Unthinking. Programmed. Words you use, yet cannot see that they apply to yourself as much as to others.

You are the worst of men, Harby. You are an hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

what an idiot.

Anonymous said...

thanks harbinger, some good info here as well.

DC said...

I read an article recently by an unashamed National Socialist recently who said:

"The burden of knowing Hitler was wrong is nothing compared to the burden of knowing he was right"

Now, I am NOT saying Hitler was right. Indeed I do not know enough of the facts to conclude either way yet. That it why I follow dozens of different blogs written by people of all ideological persuasions, religions and races. Point is - I do not know enough of the real FACTS surrounding WWII, Hitler and the Holocaust to know what the ultimate truth is yet. Anyone who insists that they know the truth about who was right and who was wrong, based solely on the history as-written-by-the-victor, is truly arrogant, weak and destined for slavery.

10 years ago, I was a committed enemy of National Socialism. Getting to the point, where I am now, of even considering that I may have my facts wrong has been possibly the hardest journey of my life. But I am loyal to truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be and I owe it to my very soul to follow the truth to its grizzly end.

I am heartened to see that I am not the only one on this path. Thanks Ranty.

Steed / Eye of Woden

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (22 August 2012 16:26),

Correction: I stated the memoirs of Roosevelt when I should have said General Eisenhower.



Anonymous said...

Kevin Field takes a page or three from David Irving. I don't doubt for one minute what they both have written is perfectly true. The 'Global plot' has been ongoing for over 250yrs, what has happened during the past within living memories, and those of our parents, shows all the evidence needed to prove that our media and education system is designed and controlled to maintain obedience. Punish the law abiding, harrange them at every turn. Some of the young are seeing this with ease. Those that do not are seeing education as 'improvement'. Guess in which direction.

Breaking the system is not done by fighting, it's done by opting out. So many 'oldies' such as myself, are seeing this more clearly as our doubts of published history increase. Logical really.