August 29, 2012

Are We There yet?

Are we living the Orwellian nightmare?

Only you can decide.

And, ironically, only you can do something about it.

If you think you can't, then you can't.

If you are waiting for a hero I can tell you that he/she is not coming to rescue you. If you are waiting for "the right time" I can tell you that the right time never comes.

Civil disobedience can be satisfying, peaceful and hugely damaging. It is also worthwhile. If you desire change, that is.

Do you dare to be disobedient? Note the overtly paternal rebuke. Children "disobey", adults revolt.

Many commenters say I am wrong. Many say that violence is the only answer. I disagree. For now. You don't need to put yourselves at risk. You can unleash hell from the comfort of your armchair, using tools like your brain, your keyboard, and a tiny word that has more power than you can possibly conceive.

That word is "No".

Try it out. You will be amazed at the dumbfounded looks on the faces of the Borg.

Tip of the beret to fellow Awkward Sod Captain Swing for his great video.



Anonymous said...

Poignant and precise Cap't!

It is about saying no. It will however erupt into bloodshed as is planned and of course it will result in the reinforcing of the police state we live within.

It can be stopped. We can bring about great change for the people, our indigenous, their culture and nations. But we won't. The draconian measures taken by the elites to program us into our way of thinking, done so via the educational establshments and MSM can only be reversed by counter draconian measures and recapturing of the educational establshments and MSM. This won't happen. The programming is too deep.

The destruction of the UK is non reversible sadly. And please, all you people who think it is WAKE THE FUCK UP! If you want the UK back to what it was before WW2 you'd have to reverse the massive migration into it from thence. You'd have to stop the School of Frankfurt escapees from Germany coming to the west. You'd have to infact stop the spread of communism. It would have meant fighting with Germany to destroy Russia.....

You cannot change history, it is fixed. You can change YOUR future however. Do you seek the truth regardless of the cost and overwhelming chances of becoming a social pariah? If you do then you're a round peg that won't fit in the and on your way to changing reality.



Anonymous said...

Harbinger, your posts are always interesting, but tend sometimes to be somewhat paradoxical.

On the one hand, you write:

"It can be stopped. We can bring about great change..."

And then go on to say:

"The destruction of the UK is non reversible sadly."

So which is it?

For myself, I've been saying "NO" since I was at school (which is why I bailed out of that institution at 16), and have continued to do so all my life. However, UK was becoming so oppressive that I gave up fighting it and bailed out of there about ten years ago (again). But this time for good. I now stay well below the radar in my country of choice, and my life is good, despite the fact I'm still ducking and diving somewhat. I'm used to that, though. It's been the story of my life.

I think the UK has had it. I won't be returning anytime soon. In fact I won't be returning, full stop. It's too late for rebellion, TPTB have it tied down too tightly now. The terrorism ploy was a great opportunity to slam the liberty door shut, and they grabbed it with both hands.

CR, you will know who I am from my IP, but I think I'll post as anon since you seem to be attracting some rather sinister lurkers.

Anonymous said...


I was going to write a follow up as I realised that some people may believe that I've contradicted myself and you quote the point I was referring to.
However, I realised that I haven't contradicted myself. I'll explain.

The destruction of the Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Roman and Norse cultures that collectively make up the UK is dead. Those living within, who call themselves the indigenous English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh are not. They are globalists, that is the culture they have grown up in is not an indigenous one. The Scots for example are just English people with a dialect, along with the Welsh, Irish, white Americans, white Canadians, White Australians etc etc.

I say that 'it can' be stopped but also say 'it won't' This is important. There is massive difference between can't and won't.
So the UK is effectively dead, merely a globalist state now sharing that title with many others, including North America, most of Europe and Australasia.

So when I say 'it can be stopped' I do mean that, but the sacrifice needed, by the many in order for this to happen simply won't ever happen.
If a brave soul rebels against the system and attacks it, it will ultimately defend itself. The first line of attack back is the use of the MSM, the police and the judiciary. If this doesn't work it will go after the loved ones of the attacker and if that fails then it's assassination time.
It means that if one wants to change society back to the way it was (as explained in my previous reply) then we have to implement draconian measures, which would be ironically seen as totalitarian actions. The people would not have it due to programming. They actually have no problem with their race being destroyed in order not to bloody offend. It's really fucked up. And then because I have a love for my race and don't want it to happen, the slur word attacks like white supremacist/nationalist/separatist will instantly be thrown at me. It means that I have to accept my peoples genocide for in not I am a racist. LMFAO!!!!

There is always the possibility of changing anything. There is always hope, but it really depends how badly people want to bring about change for their own good. The elites are bringing about change 'for their own good' but to our overall detriment. People can's see this because they look to the media for answers, not realising it's the mouthpiece of the elites.

So sadly I say, the creation of a one world government, banking system, religion, culture, people and emperor is inevitable and won't be stopped.



GoodnightVienna said...

Cap'n, I often look around and wonder why my circle of family & friends can't see this. It truly bothers me, particularly where my sons are concerned.

Like Harby, above, I can't imagine acceptable circumstances that would bring everything back into balance. We're not the sort of people who would adopt or tolerate extreme measures. We've been sub-divided, taken advantage of with some used as milch-cows while others have been patted on the head and told, "The State will provide". It's such a nonsense.

I usually end my infrequent tweets with #justsayNO but I think most just treat it as a joke. We must always question, calmly & politely, and be free to say 'NO' to any demands put upon us with which we don't agree. The majority have forgotten what it's like to fight for a cause or even to recognise one worth fighting for; that's how far we have fallen. Those who do see it must never give up.

On a brighter note, I loved the vid/post btw and have tweeted it.

Noggin the Nog said...


Are you going to use that little word 'No' to the Income and Council Tax collectors?

For all the talk, it is all just pissing in the wind if you allow them to take your money at source or freely give it to them when they send you a CT demand.

What do you suggest I do? Register all those affidavits, start a blog about resbellion, then write a cheque for HMRC?

I haven't read all your posts, so I could be wrong, but the sum total of your success on the tax refusal front appears to be 0. You have also refused to pay beck some credits, which is not the same thing because if the muppets had got it right in the first place, you would never have had the money. The refusal to pay Corporation Tax is also not relevant, because the company which no longer exists owes the money, not you.

Just say the whole nation adopted your tactics; not a penny of Income Council Tax would be lost to the Gov, nor VAT.

I'm happy to rebel, if I think there is a chance of success, but your hobby does not and will not work. Give me some concrete examples of LR actually working, I mean fully resolved, case closed, Gov agreeing that you are correct examples, and I'll do it.

But you won't, because there aren't any.

For once I agree with Harby. We're fecked.

PS The comment modding is much better than all that 'Prove you are not a robot' shite. I usually have to try 3 or 4 times to get the proxy thing to work.

Noggin the Nog. said...

Poxy, not proxy.

Poxy spell check.

Captain Ranty said...


Here is a once-in-a-lifetime-never-offered-to-anyone-else deal:

Cart yer arse up to my gaff in Scotland and I will show you each and every letter received from HMRC since 2008 and I will also show you each and every reply I sent to them.

If, after seeing them all, you can conclude that I have never said no, that I never agreed to meet them in court each time they threatened, AND once you have viewed my personal bank accounts proving that I paid them fuck all, I will publicly announce that I am a fraud.

I have NEVER lied about my dealings with them. You, on the other hand, are speculating like a Leeson.

You are all the way wrong. You really should read all the posts on this subject.


William said...

Who gains from the current state of affairs?
What is the gain from the current state of affairs?
Try as I might all I can come up with is the employment of millions and millions of working age people on these islands depends directly or indirectly on big state and that is the root of the problem. It's not class war or a right or left war as the dead media tries to push on us either in print, in the 'news that isn't' or in 'entertainment television' or as the political people would have us believe, they really all do piss in the same pot and do not represent anyone not even themselves.
It's a state of affairs that has been quietly built up over my entire life that I now understand (Thanks to Stefan Molyneux) is a classic master and slave relationship.

The slaves are those people who do not depend on the government for a living and the slave master is the millions of people who do depend on government for a living.

Can you see it?
I didn't until today when I read the comments above this. It is an astonishingly simple way to enslave an entire population into acquiescence. Half believe they are above the law as they 'work for the government' and the other half have to dance to the tune of those who set the rules or they bear the consequences.
Thing is though there are no consequences to bear. We are just told there are.

The good captain is bang on. NO is all it takes to show the consequences are not what they appear to be.
It really doesn't matter how many codes are put into place they are all designed to remove money from your pocket by placing a fear inside your head which rely on your brain to make them into monsters and boy do our brains oblige.

This is how you begin to remove the fears implanted in you brain.

You ask questions. Learn to query EVERYTHING any government employee, sponsor, contractor, believer says YOU HAVE to do.
You remove all media from your life. This is harder than asking questions for most people as most see media as their reality.
You gain the confidence to say NO.

Until enough people actually go through this process and realise that the statist half of the population gain 100% of their power as slave masters from the consent of their slaves change will always be just beyond reach.

Dioclese said...

We're not quite there yet - but we're working on it1

NewsboyCap said...


Went to a British Constitution group and Lawful Bank meet up last night. I would recommend their ideas to anyone who like you see's the need for change.
They see 'alternative governance' as a way forward, to step away from the corrupt systems of legal/banking/political nonsense we endure/suffer now.
And NO they don't seek proof that what they propose is right, they know that something must be done, so lets do it.
As you have said many times, if we wait for a leader or proof of that which we seek we'll wait a awful long time.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT fill in or send back a
Voter Registration Form.

I have not for 4 years, this will be five years.

Still on the Electoral Register
but destroyed my voting paper in May this year.

Anonymous said...

Judd said.

Am i saying NO, buggered if i know.

What i do know is that for the last 25 or 30 years i haven't bought a bloody news propaganda sheet, and i never ever watch the goggle box news (and precious little else either) and i always switch the bloody radio off when the every half hour state broadcast chimes in.

In a way you don't have to physically say NO, you can as one reply above duck and dive around and only pay the state the absolute bare minimum you have to.

Its fanastically liberating, and so sad to watch the clones do as they are programmed, 'there but for the grace of God go i' often springs to mind.

As one reply above, its heartbreaking seeing how conditioned ones own children are, my daughter has independent thought though, so she'll have to wtch her back, it really has worked, for the most part the present generation with few exceptions are lost.

As Harbinger, i too think its too late, the brainwashing worked, bread and bloody circuses.


Noggin the Nog said...


I am not doubting your integrity, nor accusing you of lying. I don't doubt that you've told a few people to do one and been pleasantly surprised when they folllowed your advice.

All I'm saying is that LR does not solve the big problems (if it solves any at all) like Income Tax, Council Tax, Stamp Duty, VAT, etc, etc, and therefore, ultimately, is good only for amusement purposes and provoking the Gestapo at HMRC into launching unnecessary investigations that will probably end up being very expensive.

Thanks for the invite. You never know, maybe one day I'll take you up on it.

I went to Jockland once. Nice countryside, but loads of Jocks everywhere.

wayne said...

I think free speech is already dead, or on its last legs. And the drones are very scary; soon they really will have the ability to watch your every move, as if there isn't enough surveillance already!

The twats!

Captain Swing said...

Thanks for the hat tip Captain you are a gent.

DC said...

I believe the whole system is rotten to the core. The self-proclaimed overlords who bought it into being have placed so many safeguards, smoke and mirrors between us and themselves that we barely know who to blame let alone how to punish them. The only thing they truly rely on us for is to keep their system alive.

I feel a bit like Liam Neeson's character in Batman Begins saying this, but I do sadly believe that this artificial reality we delude ourselves with every day needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up. Many will perish and suffer (perhaps I among them), but the human race needs a little reminder of natural selection and of the natural order of things. Our modern civilisation is pathetic with its celebrity worship, artificial foods, apathy, consumerism, gullibility and injustice. We can't go on this way.

I only hope the good humans are prepping for a collapse. It surely is inevitable.

DC said...

Ranty, and others, if you're not already familiar I'd recommend the writings of British patriot Mike James. Over the last few years he's written, artfully, some very enjoyable, inspirational and informative articles about the corruption of British/German government and media, and of the subversion of the British/German people (he lives in Germany). Quite underrated. Enjoy:

Archive at The Truthseeker

Anonymous said...


Mike James wrote some excellent articles on the problems in the UK, so much so that he ended up being blacklisted for telling the truth and becoming and exile living in Germany. I used to be in regular email contact with him when I was writing my Harbinger's Journal before his 'personal problems' meant that we lost touch. I still read what he has to write when he does and he is, as usual, correct in his analysis. Noggin the Nog wouldn't like him, for he, like me, blames much of the problems on the demise of the west down to the hands of Jewry, not all, like I believe, but many to matter when it counts.

"Many will perish and suffer (perhaps I among them), but the human race needs a little reminder of natural selection and of the natural order of things."

Sadly I think the human race will be under a tyranny for a very long time, possibly a millennia or even two or more. Nature has been taken over by man, who desire to be God. Therefore the natural selection has turned into the continuation of eugenics, where babies will be 'made to order' and of course, discrimination of humans will happen long before they enter this world, whether it be a natural birth or in a test tube.

The problem is, the majority of people simply have no idea what's around the corner. The science fiction films they all gossip with one another down the pub, speaking of the horrors in films such as Gattaca, Repo men and even Logan's Run, to name a few, are in fact predictive programming and future reality.
And the natural order has been replaced by families, who because they've plundered the world for hundreds of years, beaten, tortured and murdered millions in their lifetimes, they truly believe they have the right to control over all. Yes, these psychopaths, through the MSM, continually tell us how crime is wrong, yet they're the biggest fucking criminals on the planet, always have and always will be.

The joke is that people say I feel sorry for those who'll have to suffer this future hell.... I don't. Who's the bigger fool; the fool or the fool who follows? This is reality. There is a saying - people deserve the societies that they live in which I agree with up to a point, as British people deserve the hell they're in, but I can't say the same for the Palestinians.



Noggin the Nog said...


No such race as Palestian. No such country, either.

Never has been, never will be.

Thank God.

Perhaps you mean the Syrians, Jordanians and Lebanese?

Or the Israelis? They live in what was the mandated area.

Yes, that must be it, the Israelis.

DC said...


I feel the writings of Mike James deserve far greater exposure. I may hold slightly different views (the Christianity thing and the insistence on calling Englishmen 'Celts') but overall his words are poetic, inspirational and deeply insightful. Yes, he may be what's popularly known as an 'anti-Semite' but any skeptic who takes the time to read him, as I did, will find that his views are not without basis and not for a lack of compassion or fairness.

"There is a saying - people deserve the societies that they live in which I agree with up to a point, as British people deserve the hell they're in, but I can't say the same for the Palestinians."

Indeed. Then again, the Zionist conquest of the UK has been insidiously covert - relying on the most dishonourable forms of deception. At least the people of Palestine were granted the slight dignity of open warfare. Still... most of my kinsmen do deserve slavery. As Mike James has pointed out, the American War of Independence was won by 7% of the population. We'll be lucky to find 7% of English, Scots and Welshmen who are genuinely aware, patriotic and pissed off; but whatever percentage we do find will fight to the last breath for the sake of our brainwashed kinsmen. There is not equality of greatness or bravery, even amongst the mighty people of the UK.

But yes, we deserve the societies we live in, which is why - as I say - I'd like to see this one razed to the ground. For then we shall see who deserves to live in a healthy society by who is willing and able to build one from scratch. But we minority of patriots do not deserve this sick society, kept in stasis by some overwhelmingly powerful, evil forces.