August 28, 2012

Dear The Police

This is a public service broadcast. Please pay attention.

This, is a lion:

This, is a cat:

And while we're on about recognition, these people, are all traitors:

So is this chap:

Now that you know who the bad guys are, we insist that you do the needful. All but one of them are alive alive-o, so there should be no issues locating them. They are all fairly high profile but don't let that deter you. Treason is still a crime. One of the most serious on the Rolls.

Get to it.

This public service broadcast was sponsored by rage, disgust, disappointment and despair.



Jay said...

Excellent. The police should find the photos particularly helpful. But uh... Where's Gorgon Brown? Surely he is a traitor, too...?

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

I see Police 'Lions' all the time, they're Golden-Fucking-Retrievers....

Laurie -

Anonymous said...

And you really think ANYONE within the system will prosecute these cunts? How's Albert Burgess' admirable-but-doomed-to-failure cause of arresting those still livings involvement with Heath's treasonous Treaty of Ascension coming along? How many pollice stations and police committing compound treason with their failure to bring about prosecution now to date?

How many times do I have to say this - The elites created the police to serve them and enforce policy. They will not arrest their masters!!!! The same for the judicial system.

Fuck Cap'n, you of all people should know the game's rigged ALWAYS!! You won't prosecute any of these cunts. You'll 'be removed' long before they ever will. Once you get too close I imagine the following article:

"[Your name]" aka Captain Ranty, along with four others were shot dead today after explosives were found at [your name] house. When armed police called at the property, a gun battle ensued and [your name] along with four accomplices were fatally wounded. It is understood a terrorist attack was planned to murder several names within the current and non current political system........

Of course you never did or would do anything of the sort but do the MSM indoctrinated masses? The elite's mouthpiece weaves more lies, you become demonized and the people's assassins worship continues



Anonymous said...

LOL, ACPO Ltd. Grand Masters won't allow such scum to be prosecuted, ever.

pitano1 said...

hi capt.
we should all be proud-`sniggers`when we realise,that we have the best government,and judiciary/police that money can buy.

just look at the police for instance,their was a time when you had to be a certain height,and have a brain.

now it improves your chances if you are incapable of rational thought.

you can even be a dwarf-sorry person of limited stature,as long as you can drive a pencil `your in`

it goes more in your favour if you have psychopathic tendencies,and these are detected at an early stage.

or,they even have SPECIAL ones,though try as i may,i fail to see anything special about them.

as for treason.
the game is just a game.
not many listen,when they`tptb` tell them,
we are fucking outlaws.

welcome to the century of change.
the 100 year war,and the feudal system.

Antipholus Papps said...

Still, chaps, give the bloke some credit for trying to uphold the Rule of Law.

This is the fight of our time, and we can't let cynicism overwhelm us completely!

Captain Ranty said...


If I could, I would put up photos of every single MP elected since 1971.

If they supported Heath they are guilty of treason. If they didn't, and did nothing else, they are guilty of misprision of treason.

No MP since that time is innocent.


Captain Ranty said...


I expect them to do fuck all.

If I thought that posting something like this would get results, I'd post it every single day.

Over 80 police stations have had the crime of treason reported to their most senior officer. Around eight are investigating.

So yes, I agree with you, but it doesn't hurt to remind people that we are living in a deception.


Captain Ranty said...




Captain Ranty said...



You have been a stalwart since the beginning of this.

Cynicism is healthy though, and it often kick-starts the process. The process ends in disbelieving absolutely everyone on the public payroll.

They say, and do, anything to stay latched on to the public tit.