August 24, 2012

More Insanity From The EU

Just when you thought The Stupid Club couldn't get any stupider....

...they do this.

The headline, and the most important thing, is that they will force us all to have smart meters at a cost of €51 billion but the "savings" will be €41 billion, at best.

This is like manufacturing a product for £10 and selling it for £7. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


"The Brattle Group consulting firm estimated in a 2009 study that rolling out smart meters across European households would cost €51 billion by 2020. With energy savings estimated at €26 billion to €41 billion, this would leave a margin of €10 billion to €25 billion between benefits and costs."

It is utter madness, but then, madness is built into their DNA. They rarely do anything that makes sense.

You may recall that I have been battling with my (now ex) energy supplier. I had complained about the amount they were billing (£357 per month) and about their illegal "Environmental & Social" charge which was somewhere between 9 and 12% of the annual bill. The supplier investigated itself and magically, they decided that they were whiter than white. I then complained to the ombudsman and lo and behold, they said that my supplier was whiter than white. They did, however, read my complaint wrongly. Their reply, which I received a couple of weeks ago, incorrectly assumed that I was complaining about a product. I was not. My letter is clear: I wanted to know who gave them the right to charge the additional 9-12% per annum. I will write to them again, using words and sentences that an intellectually challenged gibbon could read with ease and I will let you know what they say.

My new supplier charges me £43 per month.

Oh, and it will be a cold day in hell before I allow them to fit a smart meter in my home. I have enough of Big Brother on the streets without inviting him in. The smart meters are operated remotely and switch off your stuff if they feel it shouldn't be switched on.

I don't have to put up with that. None of us do.

At the risk of repeating myself, try saying "No".


Please note:

Because of one moron I have had to switch on comment moderation. He is 100% wrong with his assertions about who I am or where I live. This harms another soul who has done nothing other than help me when I asked him to. If the troll stays away I will be able to remove moderation. He must be a lefty. If life doesn't go exactly his way, we all have to suffer.


Anonymous said...

I have changed to British Gas dual fuel,with no price increases for 2 years and a free Gas and electricity saftey check, and also a Marks and Spencer £20 voucher.

Twisted Root said...

You talk about The Stupid Club CR but look at the beginning of that article 51% have never heard of smart meters. As you have pointed out we are the problem as much as anything.

Enough talk and posting I'm going to inform my local area about them one way or another about 5,000 souls. If half have never heard of them before now is the time to get in there and create that vital first impression.

Anonymous said...

The thing with smart meters is, that they can cut you off immediately without having to visit your property and also get a court order to get in.


Anonymous said...


The other disturbing facts about smart meters is they also report findings to the police. If, let's say, one month you use far more than normal (pulled out the black & decker power tools for a spot of home decorating) then this rise would be reported and you would most likely have the filth around, kicking your door in and arresting you under the terrorism act. It will soon be comulsory that every home that uses electricity has a smart meter.

I agree with TSL and have realised that the people must act now. I'm talking UK referendums to remove all politicians, judiciary, police, university professors etc and to start again. We decide the cost of fuel, food and alcohol etc and not politicians/corporations.

Unless people wake up (ALL) asap then nothing will change and the NWO will win. People foolishly believe the reason all the new legislation is being enforced quickly is because the elites are scared knowing we all know. This is of course BS. They do what they want because THERE IS NO RESISTANCE! If the UK invaded Iran tomorrow with the USA and Israel, there would be minor grumblings but that would be it. The masses would still welcome 'our brave war heroes home' regardless to the fact these mercenaries have been on a government sanctioned, killing spree upon brown people, removing a leader with far more intelligence, patriotism and love for his people than any western politician.

People have to wake up pronto! It means readers of this blog (and others like it) telling as many people of what's really going on, no matter the ridicule and prospect of becoming a social pariah.
But many won't. Many who believe they're awake are still fast asleep and not prepared to give up their material lifestyles and make sacrifices for the greater good.

This is the reality Cap'n. More and more people will be arrested for hate crime, offending those chosen who mustn't be offended, rightly questioning and denying historical events, bringing mountains upon mountains of debate destroying facts to the fore. The prices will continue to rise, a test to see just how far the people will go before they snap, only then to be met with UK & International police and armies, only to willing to let rip with live ammunition, looking at their murdered victims the same as those on their video game version of Call of Duty /Battlefield whatever. And then the unmanned drones will be killing from the skies.....

It can be stopped but it won't. Bread and circuses control as they've always done. Add to that the fact there is nothing that differentiates westerners anymore bar language and dialect and you have a world begging to be controlled under a world government. Worse of all the slaves won't ever know they're slaves.



Captain Ranty said...


Just so you know: that first post was criminal impersonator DD. That is why I deleted his comment. Not that I need a reason. All of his comments will be deleted.

I agree with you. We are heading to a bad place. Have a look at crop failures in Russia and the USA. There is going to be unheard of shortages in the worlds food supply. Couple that with a meltdown in banking and we have a recipe for some serious shit. The elites will be fine because they are smart enough, and rich enough, to stock up.

We are robbed every month by the taxman so we have barely enough to live day to day, let alone plan for a global shortage of essentials.

It's going to get nasty.


Anonymous said...

> The elites will be fine because they are smart enough, and rich enough, to stock up.

How much does a year's worth of food cost to have in the cupboard? A few hundred. Add a decent water filter and enough meths to power a stove for a similar length of time, and you're still well under a thousand.

Are you smart enough?

James Higham said...

Unfortunately, they've already started putting them in at our place, without so much as a by your leave.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

Yes, I gathered he was back, but then I should imagine that the post he posted, that you removed, was in fact one of TSL's. It's the type of thing he'd write.

As for crop failures, well, have you ever heard of HAARP? I think you may know something about it from earlier replies of mine, but have a read here:

The elites want EVERYTHING including the whole wide world. They don't want to only control all the money, politicians, corporations and history, but the people, the land, the food and the water. There is nothing that they don't want and won't control. Again, they will achieve this through their control of the populous via the education and the MSM.

It's not so much a case that the elites are rich enough and will stock up for while they've been polluting our food and water supplies with goodness knows how many drugs and chemicals, they've been eating their very own organic foods, free from all pesticides. The people at monsanto won't eat their products! The Royal family own hundreds of farms all over the country (and world) and they use this to produce their natural foodstuffs. And of course, as the price of organic (read natural) food continues to rocket, the people are left with no choice - it's the heavily polluted, GM foodstuffs, riddles with chemicals that will kill them because it's all they can afford to eat.
Just a visit to my local supermarket (I'm desperately trying to move away, but money issues mean I can't [but soon hopefully]), I saw the constant price flux of ALL foodstuffs. It's just as Orwell predicted in 1984 - one day coffee and chocolate is 15p, then it's 20p, then it's 10p, then 45p.....eventually people never remember how much it initially cost and so will snap up their bargains when they see the 'Two for £1' deals. It's all about creating confusion and they have.

It is these little things that people miss. In my home city in Scotland, before I went to London, one thing about its inhabitants was that they always complained about price hikes. Now they don't. They just accept. It really doesn't matter the fact that in 16 years, the price of local buses has shot up by nearly 400%. The same with alcohol and cigarettes, to name but a few.

The ironic thing is that people don't complain because they don't want their peers to see them as complainers and yet their peers are thinking exactly the same, yet don't because they don't want to OFFEND anyone. LMAO

This is reality captain. The people are and always have been their own worse enemy and deserve everything that they get. It's when I look at the state of society today, I realise there very possibly is truth in biblical happenings such as Sodom and Gomorrah and the flood. People never learn. They don't care. They are sheep, in fact more sheep than sheep.



PorkPie64 said...

Good post. I tried to posy earlier, but my computer didn't let me; not sure why. Anyway apologies if this is a repeat.

You're quite right of course; smart meters are nothing to do with savings, they are all about control. I used to work for a smart meter manufacturer, and there is some good technology in there. Also, they cost more, so meter manufacturers will make more profit. I've no problem with that, as they are only responding to demand, which is fine, but we all know they won't make big savings.

For the main reason behind smart metering look to the first country to go 100% smart meters: Italy. In Italy electricity is classed as essential to life; like water. So, you can't be cut off, even if you don't pay your bill. The key difference between a smart meter and an conventional credit meter is that smart meters have two way communication. So, if your Italian and don't pay your bill the power company doesn't need to worry about not being able to cut you off; they simply set your maximum allowed power to a low level; say enough to power a single 100Watt bulb, for example. You switch on a second light, exceed your new set allowance, the internal disconnecter within the smart meter opens, and your power goes off. Turn stuff off again, your power demand goes back down below your allowance, and the disconnecter closes again. So, the power company has never (illegally) disconnected you, but you will now be under real pressure to pay up.

This is coming to the UK soon, and all mainstream political parties support this.

Noggin the Nog said...


It's not just the tax man that is stinging the average Joe every month. Aside from the ridiculous cost of everyday necessities, most employers pay peanuts nowadays, since the Gov dole out tax credits to their client state.

My old man worked a blue collar job, all his life. He was reliable and trustworthy, but not particularly skilled or qualified (his bog standard education was easily equivalent to today's A level standard though). He was able to buy his own house and car, and maintain them, raise his kids and provide for my mother, who never worked, outside of the home, that is. We had an annual holiday in Skeggy, good Christmases, birthdays, etc. there was never a lot of money, but there was always enough.

Nowadays both partners in an average household MUST both work, just to stand still.

It is not going to get better.

Captain Ranty said...


Pack it in.

I am not Ian as half a dozen commenters here can testify to.

No more warnings.


Captain Ranty said...

Dear all,

Thanks to Dickhead Doubleday, I have had to make commenting here a little more difficult.

The troll has convinced itself that I am someone else. I am NOT the guy he is commenting about and I will not have my friends name dragged through the mud.

DD can have a go at me any day of any week but he is wrong, yet again, and he is being nasty to the wrong guy.

Normal service may or may not resume.

Apologies to all of those making genuine comments (whether pro or anti my stance) but I do not have the time or the inclination to put up with another one of DD's sustained attacks.


Anonymous said...

When it is said that the power company are able to 'switch off' your supply, then presumably this means switching off the functions of the meter? So no electricity flows out of it to the fusebox/distribution board. Elecky still flows into the meter though I would say, from the cable out of the ground, first through the main fuses. Now not that I'm saying anyone should do anything illegal or highly dangerous ........ In an emergency I mean.

Anonymous said...


You've crossed the fucking line. The details you have posted are not of Captain Ranty as I'm in regular email contact with him. You have now found yourself in serious hot water and the threats made against you are LEGAL ONES, you know, with the police?

You have caused mayhem on this blog all because you disagree with the cap'n on certain issues. You have behaved like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Your stupidity will lead the cap'n putting more control on his blog, chasing away posters all because of your selfishness.

If you had any sense whatsoever you'd have read earlier posts to see that the cap'n DOESN'T live in England you moron!

He's asked you to stay away and you haven't. I should imagine the police will be knocking on your door very shortly. What an arsehole you are.


Anonymous said...

Voter Registration Form
Whatever that is - has just come through my door.

Nick said...

This is from Canada, but, I believe their legal system is very similar to ours in the U.K. I'm interested in any opinions
Also some good information at :-

If this does not wake people from believing that governments are benign I have no idea what will. Assuming that they do a little research into it.

Chris said...

There are also health implications associated with these smart meters, and for many reasons must be opposed. Looking at things generally I believe that watching how things are developing in the US now is a good indicator of what we will have to face in the UK within the next couple of years, and it doesn't look good. Examples of an emerging totalitarian state are numerous, but how about arresting people for selling their own home-grown foodstuff, or collecting rainwater on their own land. The NWO is insisting on total control over what we can eat and drink, and what healthcare we wish to use. They wish to control every aspect of our being, whether physical, emotional or mental. Naturally they want total control of the money supply, which is why there is such a push for a cashless society; once it is all electronic you will have no control in your life. And as far as I can judge the American people, in the main, aren't putting up too much of a struggle, and with such media emphasis on trivia and misinformation, I doubt that there will be much here either. My only hope is that when things get so bad a peaceful movement of resistance will in due course emerge here. Call it the bulldog spirit perhaps! There are certainly enough pissed off people.

Anonymous said...

You may also want to read the following website:



tinks said...

"I have enough of Big Brother on the streets without inviting him in. The smart meters are operated remotely and switch off your stuff if they feel it shouldn't be switched on."

Quite, the Mainly Useless Media really needs to start getting the facts about about this, a pretence about being green but essentially about control. We descend further down the rabbit hole.

I have no intention of allowing such an installation. You know, anyone worried about consumption can open up a spreadsheet - or even put in on paper - and take regular readings and work out consumption and average. Costs nothing. Any perceived savings through meters are complete nonsense.

A very worrying development. I'm not 'remotely' interested (geddit?).

Dave_G said...

Smart meters can be set to limit your power consumption by tripping out (switching your power off) if you exceed a preset level - therefore you won't be cut-off, as such, as it will be your OWN decision (i.e. what items you switch on) that determines whether or not you get the power.

Smart meters can also be programmed for unit cost i.e. they can set the kW/hr rate you are paying thereby leaving it open to adding amounts to your bill as they see fit. Got a speeding ticket? Dog shat on the pavement? That'll be £xx added to your lecky bill then. Try to avoid paying your fine by THAT method then....

What about council tax? etc etc.
The level of possible financial abuse is unlimited - but one thing it will certainly do is give CONTROL to those who hold the keys.

Forget about all the 'electronic radiation' crap - this is a pretty pathetic attempt to get people to believe in a ridiculous proposition that makes detractors of smart meters look like 'loons'. Smart meters are no more radiative than your TV, mobile phone or PC. Would you give any of THEM up? Don't let the loons detract you from the REAL issues - CONTROL.

Of course, any technology can be circumvented and a concerted effort to spoil the party is bound to happen - free electricity anyone? lol

Please though, people, DON'T try to circumvent your electricity supply..... unless you KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Getting it wrong will kill you and, possibly, others.

Unknown said...

The reason they are being installed now as James says is because they have to get them all in place by the time the legislation is in force. Think that is 2014 and installing millions of these things will take longer than that. They are not legally required at the moment, this is a preemptive move.

One problem about Smart meters that no-one is talking about is that each power company is using a different one. So if you want to change your supplier you will have to have the meter changed. So more cost to the consumer or a way to stop people from shopping around for the best deal (not that that really exists anyway). If the legislation then decides on a common standard of meter then all the ones installed by then may have to be replaced, again at our cost.