August 09, 2012

An Awakening?

Watch this sixty second video clip.

The big question comes right at the end.

I make no apologies for repeating this statement: money is magicked out of thin air, pretty much every time you sign a piece of paper asking for a loan or a mortgage.

You ask for £100,000 and you pay back £125,000 to the bank (for example).

Has the bank just made:

1. £25,000


2. £125,000

Answers on a postcard.

Just know that YOU created the money. YOUR signature and YOUR promise to repay it is all they need to whistle up an additional £100,000 into the economy.

It's all trickery but everyone gets what they want.

But only YOU end up in debt. The bank has risked absolutely nothing.

Wake up. Stay awake.



Tony said...

Very true CR! Here is an excellent clip on the subject by David Icke, whom the mainstream media have labelled as mad.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Capt,.......try telling the sheeple that, they look at you as if you are mad !


Anonymous said...

David Icke? Our sovereign is a lizard who writes in purple ink because it's for sovereigns- that David Icke ? Must be true then! All a jewish conspiracy magic track suit, I am the messiah David Icke... Never question your sources do you?

Captain Ranty said...


I do think David is slightly mad, which is one of the reasons I like him.

Thanks for the link. He explains it so well!


Woodsy42 said...

Surely the system has made £225,000

They made up £100,000 on your signature which they paid to another bank on your behalf, then your bank made £125,000 from you because of your repayments.

banned said...

Wasn't one of Gaddafis sins supposed to be his attempt to set up an Arabic currency based on gold and the USA didn't like that idea?

Anonymous said...

Hang on there, 100k was paid by the bank to your private seller, BEFORE you repaid it. The bank makes 25k.

Pesky Anonymous said...

Yes it's another sign of the awakening in my book Captain.
As the man said, people are asking questions now.

Everyone's interested in money aren't they. It's a much bigger crowd puller than freedom. It's my opening gambit should I find an opportunity to try to educate someone. I find people quite prepared to accept the premise that the money system is a scam. I think they've suspected it for most of their lives.
It's not something so complex it takes hours to explain. It's so simple staightforward and common sense that a schoolkid can readily comprehend it. You aren't asking anybody to believe some conspiracy theory or anything wildly fanciful. There's nothing implausible about it and it pretty much fits in with their existing suspicions, so they intently and studiously listen.
I conclude by predicting that the whole thing will collapse soon, as it is about as mathematically sound as a pyramid selling scheme. Now I shut up while the going's good, before I say something which will get eyes rolling, and therefore, to them, negate everything I've said. Anyone with half a brain who understands this can now be left to digest it all and make their own leap on to issues of control.

So I regard the financial system as a 'gateway' subject. If people understood it, it would give credulity to lots of the other things we rant about.
I've heard that a lot of people believe 'money is freedom', and they are becoming more curious as it gets in shorter supply.
So it's all good to me.
It's coming down boys. The darkest hour is just before dawn and all that.
It won't be all sweetness and light. A phoenix can only rise from ashes.