December 02, 2011

Lawful Rebellion With Veronica And Guy

Arrived back home a short while ago.

I finally got to see the letter the Procurator Fiscal sent me. In it, he (the PF) says "...I cannot enter into any discussions or review the facts of the case or any other matter". Oh boy. I have a surprise or two for him. In law, a man is entitled to as many defences as he can mount. I only need one, but I am going to have some fun. In his world, this is done and dusted: he has offered me a deal. He will remove the £1,000 fine and up to 6 penalty points. All I have to do is send him a cheque for £60 and they will endorse my licence with 3 penalty points.

I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything, but the deal sucks. I have not committed a crime. No-one was harmed. No-one suffered injury, and no-one suffered a loss. I most certainly did not make mischief with my contracts because there wasn't one in place. The contract was torn up the day I entered Lawful Rebellion.

So I will reject his offer, and make him a counter-offer. I'll give more details in a day or so.

While I am in training for the fight, you good people should watch this set of short videos. Edge TV did an interview with Veronica: Chapman and Guy: Taylor in which they discuss Freemanry and Lawful Rebellion.

V wrote to me over a week ago and asked if I would highlight the show on here. I promised that I would. I broke that promise unintentionally because I spent several days on the road in Ghana and could not access the internet. My apologies V, I hope this makes up for it.

Listen, as Veronica and Guy explain how they achieved the results they did achieve. There was no fanfare, no centre-page spreads in the MSM, no rulings handed down by those fraudulent judges & magistrates which allowed our truth-seekers to skip off into the sunset. You will hear that judges are waking up. They are making statements in open court to the effect of "Look, we know you are right, but this system is all we have".

Not for much longer, me old cock-sparra. Things are changing.

We are coming for you.

With a bit of luck, I'm up next. If my paperwork doesn't kill this speeding nonsense stone-dead then I will be happy to visit their place of business to explain how things are. I do not intend to appear for free. They will pay for the pleasure of my company.

It's good to be home and back in the fight.

Have a terrific weekend.



karlos said...

Nice to have you back Captain.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks mate!

And I returned with no exotic diseases.

(So far).


Dioclese said...

Glad my mate's music got you going again - go for it, mate! I will be fascinated to see what happens...

wayne said...

Welcome back CR!

Captain Ranty said...


Me too!


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Wayne.

James Higham said...

Back to the grindstone, Cap'n.

The Travelling Toper said...

Last time I was abroad I came back with an erotic disease.

Anonymous said...

What's Roger Hayes doing wearing a Doris Day wig?

Anonymous said...

Tread carefully, very carefully. If you think English J.P.s and judges are bad the Scottish system is, dare I say it, even worse.

John the Bastard

Captain Swing said...

Sounds more like the Prickurator Fister to me with that sort of logic.
Good luck Captain.

Ben said...

Perhaps you could post a scan of the letter (with your personal details deleted, naturally)?

If such a deal has been offered I must urge you to accept it. £60 and 3 points isn't much given the threat of more points and £1000 fine.

The 'I didn't make mischief with my contracts' stuff just isn't the law as anyone in authority (whether police, judge, magistrate or lawyer) understands it.

If you offer the sort of 'deal' your refusal to accept responsibility for you actions suggests, it will be refused. If you attend court and use arguments based on being a freeman they will be rejected. On some level I'm sure you know that to be true.

Ben said...

I want to add that it's not a question of being 'right' about the law.

Let's accept for the sake of argument that your conception of Magna Carta is correct, all statutes are unenforceable and the whole judicial and legal system is invalid. It's a massive conspiracy maintained by the judges, the politicians, and senior civil servants and policemen.

When you stride into the magistrates court and argue that you have lawfully rebelled, that you have no contract, etc what do you think will happen? Do you honestly think the judge will think 'oh no, he has seen through our elaborate deception and so I cannot apply the law'? Or do you think the judge will reject your arguments and apply the law as normal *even if he secretly think you are somehow correct*?

I'm fairly certain that on some level you *know* that your arguments won;t work, no matter how much you believe in them or want them to work.

Maverick said...

In Ben's world .. don't fight just roll over and let them stick it up you .. open wide !!!

pitano1 said...

hi ben.
if you find a marisrates COURT,can you let us know where it is please.

all i can find are places of business
operating under a masquarade,and calling themselves courts in a lawless fasion.

ie.allowing hearsay.

charging people for contempt.[common law],and cannot be dealt with by the accuser.

these are places are a sespit,and that is where the shitheads that run them belong.

the sign atop the pit should read xxx town magistrates association of let down and liars[screwing the uneducated and vulnerable a speciality]

Captain Ranty said...


It's an option....but not for me.

I am committed. I am resolute. And I am right.

I don't even need MC1215 to shake this off. I have the right to rebel. So do you.

See the UDHR.


Anonymous said...

i second the last 3 posts.
ben u have to ask yr self this question / are u yr own master or a slave with privilege with a corporation as yr master, the same one that makes unjust rules ( they call them laws .
only one law, common law .

Anonymous said...

It's lucky Vera was once a bloke... otherwise she might easily have been accused of looking like someone Wayne Rooney hires to knock up... rather than a serious proponent of Freepersonery.

nominedeus said...

Welcome back Cap'n, all the best with the PF and court I look forward to seeing reports of 'that' fight!