December 06, 2011


Which is to say: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

That is the theme throughout Dean Cliffords videos. I am relatively new to the World According To Dean and he certainly challenges some of the myths and half-truths that grow arms and legs in Freemanland.

My own thinking has changed as the movement has evolved and he destroys a couple of things I thought I had down pat. If you read my stuff regularly, you will probably spot them. I am reluctant to apologise because this is still a young thing, and we are on a learning vertical. We improvise, we adapt, and hopefully, one day we will overcome. What we do not do is stop learning. Many things have been tried, and found wanting, in court, and Dean tells us why.

This then, is what we have been looking for: Freeman stuff explained simply. Never mind that he is Canadian, this affects all of us here too. You'll see the similarities in the videos.

I watched seven vids, but I suspect there may be more in the vid factory. Part 7 ends abruptly, and if I can find Part 8 (or 9 or 10) I will pass on the links.

Here you go:

Watch closely as he defines rights versus benefits. His battleship and canoe analogy is spot on.

Remember this, always: rights are never asked for. They are taken, and they are retained, always.




Anonymous said...

:D It's bloody good, isn't it?

And now a 480p version pops up! (Goes to re-download, even though it's probably just upscaled...)

The versions at Freemanitoba and at T4TT both cut off as well. Apparently the 80min version on YT is already subject to a bit of tampering in respect of view numbers...

I believe, though I am not certain, that the T4TT site (linked to in the other post) is another site that Dean is affiliated with, as his blogger profile has it listed. It also says he's coming across the pond in 2012.



Stealthy said...

Bloody good show old chap :)

Nick said...

Will watch at the weekend, when the Internet speed increases above dial up. From the comments it sounds interesting. Thanks for the twit last night Cap. But had consumed too much to be coherent.

Anonymous said...

OMFG. I knew it, I just knew it. But how to convince others is going to be the hard bit. Just had a major ding dong with missus and kids because they think I'm going mental. I was called an idiot and an imbecile. I just wikied both and neither apply to the real/freeman of the land who had chosen to use the title of lazy(small L, because I don't like the big version). Onwards to freedom

Captain Ranty said...


I think we needed this guy 3 years ago. He may have saved some of us from harm, had we known this back then. He sorts the wheat from the chaff.

Some people (those who charge for the information) seem to want to make the story complex. Maybe that's why people pay them?


Captain Ranty said...


He knows his onions, doesn't he?


Captain Ranty said...


It's very manageable to watch if you use the clips. 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there.

Looking forward to the last instalment(s).

I'd be just about the last man on earth to have a pop at you for that. I do it myself. (Although I have resolved to stay away from the keyboard following great consumption).


Captain Ranty said...


Just plant a seed here and there. If it sprouts, add some water.

Then tell them where to look for the sunshine.

Missus Ranty is not my biggest fan, but when I showed her what we had saved by not mindlessly handing it over, she praised me. Ever so slightly, but it was like a win all on its own.


Nick said...

Captain. I do try and refrain.
But, I will no longer be dictated to by people who believe they are superior to myself.
The red mist covers my vision.
I still have to overcome the anger phase of realisation.
Anyhow, as lazy said, my wife and ,come to that, my Mother and Father thought I was an anarchist for airing my thoughts, although, I thought I did it gently by asking what a £10 note was backed by!
"Anarchist" in the newspeak variety.
Since the whipped vote in the commons over Europe, my parents now agree that the system is a sham.
2 more peeps to the cause.
They are now daily readers of your and other blogs.
As many people have said, you are having an influence.
From little Acorns grow mighty Oaks.

Pete said...

Mon Capitane, I had already watched the full clip. I have it posted it over at Nomineus blog, eagerly awaiting part 2. Hat tip to ya m8.

Pete said...

Nominedeus even!