December 19, 2011

Fascism For The 21st Century.

Words fail me.



DAD said...

Here is another 'Agreement' Still in Draft form

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks DAD,

Reading now.

It is all unpleasant so far...


Sue said...

As far as I understand the German Government have refused to approve this, hence the new agreement.

See Ian's post (who tends to know his stuff)

"At the same time the new EFSF plan hits the streets (this is the cut down version of the ESM that Germany cannot sign because its Constitution will not allow it). This is total madness. This is a club of bankrupts, pretending to have shareholder capital in a fund, pretending they have money to lend to each other and then pretending to pay it back"

Sue said...

Also, you might be interested in one of his previous posts Capt.

"Why the City of London will not be controlled from Brussels"

Read the first one linked on that page "That meeting, the ESM and the Crown - why Cameron said NO"

I love all this "historical stuff"

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Sue.

A "Remembrancer"? Never heard of one of those before.

If the Germans say Nein!, (and mean it) then that daft proviso will never make it into print.

Or will the EU just scribble something else on the back of a fag packet and proclaim that as the new edict?

Can't trust the weasly little fuckers. Not at all.


Captain Ranty said...

Here is a picture of the current Remembrancer:


Anonymous said...

Is that what you want?

Cos that's what you gonna get!

Oi Cameron….


Captain Ranty said...


I think it is all going to end badly.

For them.


Sike said...

hmm that page with the picture of the remembrancer is talking about the Freemen of the city. I will have to find out more about them .
The IPJ article is fascinating.

"the City’s rights pre-date the construction of modern political Britain, pre-dates parliament and this has placed it outside parliament’s normal legislative remit."

Dioclese said...

Thank you Captain. I think this video clearly defines exactly the strategy for the Fourth Reich. I shall post it prominently on my blog immediately!

Sue said...

I'd never heard of a rembrancer neither.

I don't trust any of them. Germany coming begging today totally delighted me and then the breaking news on Sky that we are not contributing to the IMF for the purpose of an Euro bailout made my day.

but... I still don't trust them to follow through.

What a sad state of affairs.

Captain Ranty said...


I have a piece on here somewhere about the CoL NOT being part of the UK.

Washington DC is NOT part of the USA.

The Vatican is NOT part of Italy.

The CoL is responsible for the worlds finance, DC is the worlds policeman, and el Vaticano is responsible for all law. And by that, I do mean all law.

None of them can be acted upon by their "host" nation.


Captain Ranty said...


What's mine is yours.

Help yerself.


Captain Ranty said...


"What a sad state of affairs."

The saddest part is that these affairs are unknown to us. Or at least, not commonly known.

We can correct that.


F***W*T TW****R said...

How long before all those € stop facing us and start facing each other? It doesn't matter what Babushka Barroso or Sven Goran Rompuysson say about unity, it'll blow up in their faces.

F***W*T TW****R said...

P.S. Capt, put a link to here and the projectfreeman site on the Defenders of the Crown page on Farcebook, accompanied by my thoughts on the monarchy.

pitano1 said...

hi capt.
i notice in the vid the`e.s.m`,is portraid behind bars,and this is where
any of our representatives,that sign it
should be placed.

Xen said...

Captain, referencing Sue's last post you might like to take a look at this - Entering Python Territory

Scroll down to the article just under the $5 dollar bill picture.

These people think they can run a Supranational State? They've got two hopes and one of those is deceased.

Woodsy42 said...

All members and staff of the ESM are immune from all laws, and to make it worse there appears to be no limitation on that immunity to restrict it to ESM business. They are immune.
Does this mean they have built themselves an unassailable legal position to do absolutely anything they like?

bryboy said...

Sorry but I am stealing from your blog yet again! Who has made this clip? This is exactly what we need people who can strip the EU bare! We need people who can cut through the gobbledegook and expose it!

banned said...

Hang on though, how else are they going to fund their pensions and fancy lifestyles?

Leg Iron said...

They will ban kebab/pizza take-away next, because pizzas can only be sold to the public under an old english by-law on their own, some of local turks have been flouting that for years with that donner muck and four chesse pizzas on the same order

Anonymous said...

That ESM treaty is scary reading even if you know this sort of shit has been planned for years. Show it to anyone who wants proof the EU is the tyrannical colossus we all know it to be and you should have an instant convert (one would hope).

On the freemen of London, Lord Coke wrote that there were only three ways someone could become one:

"...first, it was observed, that one may be liber (e) homo, that is a freeman of London by three ways. 1. By service, as he who serves his apprenticeship. 2. By birthright, as he who is the son of a freeman of London. 3. By redemption, that is, by allowance of the Court of Mayor and Aldermen, and all these three ways are allowed by the custom of the City of London, and by no other means can a man become a freeman of London: for none can be made free of the city of London by charter." (8 Co. 127)

1) Service 2) Birthright 3) Redemption.

There are several instances of the following phrase (or similar) in the various local government acts relating to London: "This section shall apply to the City of London as if it were a London borough and the Common Council as if it were the council of that borough". That covers the City's "local authority" hat (and is the only capacity under which FOIA requests can be made to it, IIRC) but pretty much shows that it's just acting as a borough and in reality isn't one. All the good stuff carries on in the shadows as before.

A 1765 work, "The Laws and Privileges of London", said that the laws and customs of the City were "derogatory from the general laws of the realm". They persisted because of their longevity and the City's role in commerce (plus ca change, or what?) and were "confirmed" by acts of parliament as opposed to being instituted by them.

Henry I's charter for the City of London from c.1130/1131 makes for some interesting reading.

More on what the Captain was saying about the Unholy Trinity:



Leg-Iron said...

pensions and pizza/kebab takeaways are just not what the ESM treaty should be dealing with

nominedeus said...

Theres more on Royal Charters here Cap'n and commenters
I am surprised you had not heard of the remembrancer Cap'n...right weird little beggar isn't he?

Phil said...

Interesting video, but needs a new narrator who speaks proper British English. Cheers!