December 08, 2011

Another Mouth To Feed

My lot usually do this when I am abroad.

I get back and the family has grown. This little monster ran up my leg as I was dumping my suitcase. It was not a pleasant experience.

Meet Bellatrix*. (Black & white & evil, as the older pets will testify).

*Bella: of the Ranty family, commonly known as.

She keeps leaping out onto the other animals (the adult cat and the two dogs) and I haven't decided yet whether she is very brave or very stupid.

If she makes it to 2012 I will tick the "brave" box.



Cynarae said...

Awe.. What a cutie.
My parents recently got a kitten named Mr. Madsen. Sadly he either moved or his odd like of sitting infront of the bus wheel when it picked up passengers became his end.
But I'm sure yours is much smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

sorry mate.Cats= stick up arse and use to clean bog. Never managed to get to like the bird killing smelly bastards.

F***W*T TW****R said...

After such a short time with you CR and the kitten is in Rebellion. Stonking piece of kit. :-D

F***W*T TW****R said...

You an ex Scaleyback?

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Poppy!

I don't know....remember Maisy? She ran into a car.


Captain Ranty said...


I live alongside a wood. There are billions of mice in there and they all want to come and eat for free at the barracks.

The cats are my first line of defence!


Captain Ranty said...


It's the contagion!!!

And, ex Scaleyback? Fucking ex Scaleyback??

I prefer to be called an ex-Bleep, thank you very much!

Or if you want to be all formal: ex Royal Corps of Signals.

HTF did you deduce that from a kitten?


pitano1 said...

looks like a pussy to me.

dont shout at your wife from a ditance

Captain Ranty said...



Sue said...

I'm not a cat person I must admit. I like them but there's nothing like the loyality of a dog :)

Captain Ranty said...


"but there's nothing like the loyality of a dog :)"

Which is EXACTLY what Merkel said to Sarkozy about Cameron.


coz said...

puddy tat!

Barking Spider said...

Aww, sweet - she's gorgeous and she obviously likes you already.

JuliaM said...

Heh, she's sweet!

We had many cats when I was growing up, one mastered the trick of running right up the back of the person feeding her to jump on the counter. That person was usually my dad.

He did wonder why, when he went for an annual medial, the company doctor winked at him as he was putting his shirt back on.

He'd seen the scratches... :)

Angry Exile said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! She's got that psychotic look kittens and young cats have a lot but she's a cutie.

@ JuliaM - We had many cats when I was growing up, one mastered the trick of running right up the back of the person feeding her to jump on the counter. That person was usually my dad.

Fulfilling an alternate definition of the term 'pussy whipped' there.

Anonymous said...

All this freeman of the land bollocks...

I assume you have a passport to travel the world? Are you called Captain Ranty in that?

If you go awol in Africa, I presume any help from British forces would be unwelcome?

Captain Ranty said...

Didn't bother learning anything before posting that, did you?

The only time I need a passport to leave or enter my own country is during times of war. Didn't know that, did you?

If I go awol in Africa I will not expect help from British Forces*. I will, however, get help from my African friends. They know where I am at all times. I do not tell the various Embassies or Consulates where I am so they would not be much use if I did go awol, would they?

And it is Freeman ON the Land. Not of the land.

Didn't do so well on this outing, did you?

No. You did not.

Off you go, study a bit, then come and have another go.

*You also cannot know that at least two ex-pats get kidnapped in Nigeria every single week. (They are not all British). But now that you do know, perhaps you can tell me the last time British Forces were deployed to Nigeria to rescue a kidnap victim?


Stealthy said...

Yet another boost in my mood from the captain, your turning pseudo legal harassment into a fun sport! lol Nay sayers should try doing a bit more knowing before they start naying me thinks hehe :P

Anonymous said...

Stealthy - pseudo is exactly what it is - it's all made up.

CR - "on" or "of" makes no difference to me because as Stealthy says - pseudo.

I really would love you to try and leave or enter the UK without a passport to/from Africa - rubber gloves all round methinks!

Stealthy said...

lol at rubber gloves xD