December 18, 2011

A Freeman Responds To Plod

In the spirit of fairness, I wanted to post the police officers video first, so that you could hear his rant, and then the rebuttal by the Freeman.

Here is the coppers tale:

"This video has been removed by the user.
Sorry about that."
Why did he remove the vid? No clue. Perhaps he was told to. It's a mystery. Perhaps it was because he uttered the most insane statement ever? It was "....consent is automatic". In my world, consent can be either freely given, or it can be revoked. 'Twas ever thus, I was just late to the game.

Here is the Freemans rebuttal/explanation:

Many thanks to blogger Call Me A **** (I've cleaned that up a bit) for posting the story. Oh, and I like your other image in the same story, and I wanted to stick it on here. It makes a vital point:

It's a pity we can't hear the bobbies side of this, but I am willing to bet my left nut that all the vitriol came from his training to be a fully fledged Borg. Much like the lawyers who swing by and leave derogatory comments in an obvious ploy to defend what they do to put bread on the table.

As I keep saying: the jig is up. The proles are self-educating. We will be your downfall. 

If you think we are a pain in the arse now, get those loins girded.

We have only just begun.



Pete said...

Feel free to rob whatever ever you want Capt. I liked the Freeman's calm response and his explanations. Many thanks for the hat tip.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Pete!!

zaphod said...

me and smoking hot was clocked, apparently speeding, by a laser gun three years ago. He fought his case through the courts, proving he was travelling below the limit. He has acted as an expert witness on behalf of many motorists since.
"I was drawn into this controversy because I know about laser science. I do not rely on my court appearances or the speed enforcement industry to make a living,i clean windows and walk dogs he told dodgy stan when we asked him to help - without payment - in our experiments.
i says that the gun is defective because its wide beam can easily pick up the wrong vehicle. Furthermore, if the device is not held firmly on the target - and this is a difficult task - it can produce an erroneous speed result by "slippage".
Reflections from road signs and reindeer and from other cars - even one stationary on the kerbside, and of course small garden gnomes - can also make the laser gun misinterpret the truth.

Sukyspook said...

Shame Nokiaman's vid has been removed - but I hope he's as chuffed as I am with this awesome; sensible; compassionate and Truthful response to questions he posed.

Thank you for bringing our attention to this video Captain - a most useful vid to pass on & post where we can.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

OT - I know but it's got themes that pop up here from time to time - Africa, control of society, recycling (OK that's stretching it...)

I see the BBC is running a puff piece for the sort of renewable society they see us living in in the future...

I'm sure some local councils would be enthusiasts ...

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I'm reminded of the slums of Naples being sited to make urine collection for explosives manufacture easy...

zaphod said...

and also oldham town council had re-cycled toilet paper made out of empty crisp packets that by a slim majority on a vote was introduced into the blue collar toliets in all council buidings , the green party abstained from the vote because of a long running legal battle with walkers crisps and climate change.

yes you have guessed it....the toliets in the environmental health officers were strictly tesco finest double strength extra soft.

that something smoking hot has in his sights name and shame oldham town council

smoking hot said...

steady on zaphod, i have been approached by the G.M.B and asked to run a campaign about oldham town council but that will be in the new year as soon as the tiling of the brother in laws bathroom has been completed and also i promised HER about some new decking.

i did ask you not to raise the park keepers darts team into false hopes of a quick outcome

Captain Ranty said...


SH and Zaphod are old pals. They are having a conversation.

And we know and love Suky, Gordon and Pete.


Antony said...

You sure?

I read N2D as well - both Z and SH are far more eloquent. For a start they both understand the concept of punctuation and Capitals.
Sure it isn't this Tricky Dicky doing the rounds?

"Reflections from..." "...and of course small garden gnomes..."



Leg Iron said...

This reminds me of the time i hit a wheelie bin and damaged it whilst driving the car(i was showing off at the time), PC plod came around because number 73a had sent them to find the vandal who wrecked the bin, whilst i was doing a few checks on his identity and small talk about the roadworks by the co-op, the missus sneaked out by the back door and changed 73a wheelie bin for another neighbour who was in malaga for a couple of months.

i demanded to see the damage...he he, thats the last time i spoke to no73a who still to this days hasnt a clue how i pulled it off.

brian boru said...

Well, said. The vampires who misrule us hate the truth just as fictional vampires hate sunlight. Only by exposing the truth about them and their crimes can we hope to stop them.