December 16, 2011

If Only They Had Listened.....

This was a poster for the "Say No To The EEC" campaign back in 1971.

Very accurate, was it not?



Sue said...

It wouldn't have mattered one way or the other. They were determined to get us in whether we liked it or not..

It's messed up our beautiful country that's for sure. Britain will never be the same again.

I'm getting all nostalgic now :(

Dioclese said...

Ted Heath is on record as saying "If we tell them the truth, the public will never go for it!"

In my book, that's treason?

Nothing changes does it?

Captain Ranty said...


I know it.

We were bamboozled.


Captain Ranty said...


It certainly is.

Can we charge dead people with treason?

Fuck it. We should anyway.

As a reminder to the other idiots.


Maddie said...

"Can we charge dead people with treason?"

Yes and hang 'em (we did with Oliver Cromwell)

pour encourager les autres

Captain Ranty said...


Let's mount a campaign.

As you you say, strictly for encouragement.


pitano1 said...

as sue say`s `it was in the script.

these creatures dont waste wars.

they even have the audacity to write about
their evil agender in advance.
the things that are unfolding today were planned 60,or more years ago.

sorry if i`m preaching to the choir.

Michael Fowke said...

Interesting. I didn't know (some) people were this aware back in '71.

DAD said...

I used a copy of this leaflet, together with Albert Burgess's CD (with other documentation) when I wrote to the Embassy at Paris to report Treason. I reminded them that there were still many Politicans and Civil Servants who were still alive and were guilty of Treason. The Dossier went from Paris to FCO London.

At the moment I am awaiting to receive a reply to a FOI request. I have threatened them with 'Misprision of Treason under Common Law' if they sit on their fat arses and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

I have had discussions with you CR about UKIP, and you have been somewhat dismissive of them.

But here you are lauding a document produced by the organisation that eventally morphed into UKIP.

I just dunno sometimes.

BTW: There is loads of this stuff lurking on the net from the same people, along with some papers released under the 30 year rule, which covers Heath's campaign to get negative stories and correspondents off the air or out of print. Jack DeManio presenter of the BBC Today programme for one. Heath also had groups of 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' fogies sending letters to the papers saying what a fantastic idea the EEC was.

Heath was a really dirty b'stard as well as a traitor.

Wayne said...

Fuck me, enlightening to say the least

banned said...

I was too young to vote on joining the Common Market but, like others, fell for the lies of the dead traitor E.Heath and voted to stay in a few years later despite the warnings of Enoch Powell who was dismissed on the CM issue, not Rivers of Blood as we were told (another lie).

"Can we charge dead people with treason?"
No, but you can dig up their bones and burn them.

Anonymous said...

Morning Cloud was a lovely boat though.....

Anonymous said...

Those that surrounded heath - some are still around and know the truth. A bit of digging will dig up some old corpses. Thatcher may well have been one of them, their relationship is said to have been stained but who knows. To be on the safe side I say 'lump them ALL in with the same treason charge' and let them either fess up or go down. Some of them will know nothing but cannot still 'NOT know' and as such have kept a secret which is tantamount to 'TREASON' I say get them to whistle blow and then go for those who they name.

This game ends when the last of them are behind bars and we have the country back.
For those future 'elected' 'Let us never forget' this cannot and will not happen again.

Namaste, rev;
The country is owed an apology and I believe this is all it will take. To continue with the current strategy, I believe will end in a blood bath.

James Higham said...

Too much common sense.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

We are (mostly) on the same page.


Dismissive? Only in the way that I am dismissive of ALL political parties. They have a way of giving you hope, then you vote them in, and then they disappoint. Massively.

My voting days are done. I will vote again when I step out of Lawful Rebellion. I can do nothing to help any government or any potential government. My job is to hinder.

I will say though, of all the parties out there, UKIP remains a firm favourite. I feature Nigel on here as often as I can. But even he, I fear, will change dramatically if he ever got the key to No 10.

The real wielders of power, the under-government, will word him up and he will toe any line they tell him to.

Prime Ministers/Ministers do not have any power at all. They are puppets. UKIP would be exactly the same.


Angry Exile said...

Very accurate apart from the money parts being on the low side.

F***W*T TW****R said...

I'd say it's a sort of reverse sedition. That is the state undermining the will of the people. :-/ Still, may they all become a human centipede.

Anonymous said...

As an Englishman resident in France I'm always amused by the somewhat "engineered" aggro surrounding the subject of the EU.
Most French people just pay lip service to the whole idea and carry on regardless in their French way.
In the UK we are watched every minute of the day. If you dare to write anything too controversial the "thought" plod will come round and nick your computers. The "Englishman" will not cause a fuss because it not on old boy. The "Frenchman" would go bananas.
Another interesting fact here is you can go into a shop and buy a Remington 1858 black-powder gun with .45 ammunition without a license.
The amount of guns in France is enormous because they all like a bit of "hunting". So I should imagine plod would think twice in the rural areas.

Anonymous said...

EEC is not that bad.
The EU, the Lisbon Treaty is the worst.
It took the sovereignty away of all the countries involved.
Brussels doesn´t even need our consent to change its constitution.