December 08, 2011

Death Of The Euro?

If there is a God, then yes, a death is on the cards. It is long overdue. An obscene amount of our sweat equity has been pumped into this nightmare and it has to stop.

If that God has any empathy, the death of the EU will swiftly follow. If we bury them both together we can save on the funeral costs.

In my company office in Aberdeen there are about 20 people. We do not all get along. Some are Scots, some are English, some are Swedes, some are Norwegian and we have one Dane. Globally, we have around 260 people. I won't bother listing all the nationalities but I can tell you that we do not all get along. When you lump together people of different cultures, it is obvious that clashes will happen. One region (the US) gets only 14 days vacation a year (plus the public holidays) whilst I get 25 days (plus public holidays). The Scandinavians get 30 days (plus public holidays) whilst those in Singapore get a lot less.

Just this one difference causes no end of arguments. Pay rates are different in all regions. Working hours are different, to suit the various cultures: prayer times, and siestas, for example.

That is one business. That is 260 people who struggle to agree. How could anyone ever imagine that 500 million people could be forced to get along? It was an exercise in stupidity from day one. As the wheels come off this ridiculous experiment, I am cheering. I have wished its death from the moment I realised it was not about unity, it was all about the usual suspects: power, greed and corruption. And didn't they do well? All those non-entities that couldn't get elected to anything, anywhere, ever, suddenly found themselves at the top of the totem pole, issuing edicts left, right & centre.

The difference between my company and the EU?

I can leave my company any time I like.

Billions of words have been written about this abomination, by much better writers than I could ever hope to be.

Only two are needed now:

End it.



OBO 110X said...

I wouldn't hold your breath for a swift death and burial of either.
These people will go to extreme lengths to cling to power.

Captain Ranty said...


I know, I know.

But one can hope.....


Furor Teutonicus said...

It has been rumoured for about two years now, from "sources in the Bundesbank", that for about three years, Deutschmarks in the billions, have been NEWLY printed, and every few months a collector is reported in the media, having found brand new DM coins with dates such as 2009 and 2010 "in his change".

These are widly reported in the bloggs here, and also in news sites by publishers such as Kopp Verlag.

As you will apprieciate, not all Bundesbank workers are boy scouts, being perpetually "prepared", so it is obvious they know something we do not.

Captain Ranty said...


I heard the same thing about drachmas and pesetas.

If the Germans, the Greeks, the Spaniards (all of them) do NOT get ready for the euro death then they are barmy.

And as you say, we know they are not.

I am liking the signs!!


Anonymous said...

The only course of action for the people of europe is.....Revolution, whatever form or direction that takes. The "ruling" elitists will never relinquish their grip on power as a result of Lawful Rebellion or or similar peaceful means and they will need to be forcibly removed. The sooner we all wake up to that reality, daunting and unpleasant as it may be, the sooner we will liberate ourselves from this evil madness. reiverdave

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Let's not make a Drachma out of a crisis......

Laurie -

Michael Fowke said...

I wish they would end it now, but I've got a bad feeling they're going to drag this on until we're all staring into the abyss.

Oldrightie said...

There just might be a European wide huge voice and choir singing the Alleluia Chorus before Christmas!

Valerie said...

In other parts of the world populations are fighting to overthrow governments who have denied them democracy. Meanwhile the EU is striving to stamp it out.
It will all end in tears, hopefully very soon.

Woman on a Raft said...

They should ask us how to do it. When the British Empire had to shut up the shop just after the war, it managed to leave any number of economies in a strong and functioning position. Even Pakistan - about which there was great concern - has not yet descended in to civil war.

Yes, there will be problems as the EU collapses, but it is better to do it in an organized fashion rather than risking it going out with a bang by obstinately holding on.

Anonymous said...

Captain, on those rumours..

Zero Hedge caught this on the header of the German FT back in October.

Just a typo...or the wrong timing?!



Anonymous said...

does anyone remember being informed that things would be cheaper when the euro was up and running? Maybe the case for bullets and gunpowder but my fags are almost 7 quid a pack

pitano1 said...

please arrange into a well known saying.
a flogging horse dead.

their all skint,but are lending money
to each other.c`mon.

thats what we are supposed to beleive

this was all planned 60,or more years ago.
what the owners want, `the owners gat

wayne said...

I've had plenty a good night and a few good Hogmany's in Aberdeen Ranty, those pubs down the docks are brilliant, proper spit & sawdust! And then up to Union St and Oscars etc!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the intention for the EU to fail so they can 'save' us with a one world currency?

The NWO has broken cover from the shadows & we are fast approaching a critical mass of people who see their game...

All hands on deck for the final push!