December 10, 2011

Americans Open An Eye

Hopefully they will soon open the other one.

This is a good beginning. I won't blether on, you guys know how Freemen feel about corporate "citizenship" versus flesh & blood men and women. Suffice it to say that in America, corporations are protected by the Constitution, which was designed to protect people. I read somewhere that in US law books there are over 250 pages of definitions for the word "person". Thousands and thousands of definitions for the same word? And it is in those definitions that we find ourselves inextricably linked to corporations. We have seen evidence here that we are-all of us-registered as a corporation at birth. Government agencies cannot deal with men and women: they can only interact with your legal fiction (corporation) and if you disbelieve me, try it. Try to get a judge to see you as a man or a woman and he or she will scurry out of the court as if their ermine was alight.

When I started all this, I was disgusted by that fact and wanted to run away, I wanted to run far, and I wanted to keep running. Nowadays I am more interested in making my "corporation" work for me.

In the UK men & women have rights and access to benefits. Benefits are cheap, shoddy things, and rights are solid gold. We need to learn how to use both to our advantage. Naturally, the government will almost always want you to go for the benefits. Benefits can be removed, while rights cannot. Rights can be given up though.

You should learn how not to give them up, ever.

It won't happen overnight. Amending the Constitution will probably take years.

But like I said, it's a start.

Regulars will know that I abhor the use of the term "human being" because I discovered some time ago that under 13th century Venetian Law (later converted to Vatican Law with almost no changes) the definition for human being is (variously) 1. Monster 2. Imbecile and 3. Child. I confess that I have been a 2 at times, and I was a 3 for while, but I have never been a 1. Yet this is how (some) continue to view us.

Bollocks. I said I wouldn't blether on, then I did just that.

Tip of the beret to Coz in the previous comments for the link. Thanks!



Oldrightie said...

There's blether and there's brilliance, CR. Yours is most certainly the latter.

Captain Ranty said...


Thou art far too kind to an old scribbler.

But thanks anyway!


coz said...

ha yeah, i don't know the background to the piece but it's a great ad! seemed worth passing on.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Of course this would mean, if it became a reality, that unions would be included as they are 'incorporated' and as such be bound by the same restrictions that these folks in the video propose for valid business's.

Oh no! Did I just let the cat out of the bag?

S said...

Awesome :)

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Well, the cousins on the other side of the pond have got some real shit coming their way if all the stuff gets acted upon ...

Liberty vs. The White House


There's trouble a brewin...

Now then... why hasn't the BBC mentioned any of this?

Anonymous said...

they don't even try to hide it anymore. Anyone know that if the right ordrs are given, traffic wardens have the power of entry to our homes. Same goes for certain council employees.
I'd love to see em fucking try

coz said...

I had a look at some of the background to that ad and seems it's part of the 'occupy' movement, and obviously there's a lot of differing views on that movement and its funding...seems they gonna 'occupy the courts' or sumfink.

Anyways back to the Ranty situation, it's like a poker game they is gonna bluff you and you gotta either bluff back, raise, call, show etc. Seems like their offers to you represents a 'show' (or is it a 'call'?) whereas you are 'raising' the ante in rejecting their offers. Since we don't know what particular cards or bluffs they is gonna use in any one situation, you just go with what you got, play your hand. Hope my poker analagies aren't too rusty, haven't played for a long time.

nominedeus said...

Lovely little video there Cap'n, well found, I may nick it in the next day or so, will link back to you if I di....
Yes I agree your ramblings are brilliance, keep on ramblin on!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but that is a pretty sinister video.
Did you read the amendment? Everything about ´campaign finance reform´ is a NWO trick to tightly control political speech.
What´s worse, this seems to be related to other hype lately proposing tinkering with the constitution this way or that way as bait to call constitutional conventions so they can get the new one they have already written through.

Anonymous said...

It sounds very good. But look beyond the veil. It seems to me that the usual agenda is at play here, not to mention that these organisations are also firmly rooted in the distractive theatrics of the false left-right paradigm, which isn't going to solve anything because it isn't designed to.

The website of Movetoamend says who is behind it in this posting along with a fuller list here.

Some of them are rather intriguing.

Those behind the Liberty Tree Foundation (to whom the Movetoamend website is registered) get up to some interesting stuff. See this RSS feed for an article from 2005. (Scoot down to "The Demo-Greens and the $250,000 grants"; the article is no longer available but still lives on in this RSS feed.)

The Center for Media and Democracy's own site states that it is currently funded by George Soros (via the Open Society Institute) and the Rockefellers, amongst many others. It also operates SourceWatch which is extensively critiqued here.

The National Lawyers Guild is apparently also Soros-funded.

As always, make of all that what you will! :)

On another note, the second part of Dean Clifford's presentation is now up and viewable here. It is 63 mins long so it may be worth waiting a day or two for the split versions to appear, like the ones the Captain posted last time.

Captain, I believe you will find this one very pertinent considering your current battles!

There is mention of them taking a lunch break so there may yet be a part 3, but I have no idea if that is the case.



Anonymous said...

If I was Soros, I would deliberately try to corrupt & undermine organisations dangerous to my interests & make my financial support very public.

We need to look beyond funding to the message & content & actions of those involved.

Decide for ourselves if we support the message & actions of whatever movement & either add our support or not, as the case may be...

We need to think as our enemy thinks. But if we stay in integrity & stick together, we are unstoppable.

Does anyone else see our enemies becoming nervous & desperate?

Keep going everyone. Do what you can. We're taking back the power.

How good will it be when we dismantle the system they have worked so hard & so long to keep us from seeing!

Love your blog el Capitan!

You are getting better all the time. I love your passion, righteous anger, integrity & courage.

Keep doing your thing. People are starting to notice you...

coz said...

mmyeah, wouldn't surprise me if it's an attempt to annexe and control LR. The thing about LR is there is no leader, no organised movement, no heirarchy, it's an 'individual' action because groups do not have lawful rights.

It probably means we got 'em worried!