October 08, 2012

Scotland: A Nation Of Scroungers?

It would appear so.

The report is here but I will include a couple of snippets.


"Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader, is to highlight official figures showing that only 283,080 households north of the border – 12 per cent of the total – pay more in tax than they receive in public services."

I am one of those. I receive nothing from the state. Not a single penny. The (inefficient) services I get, I pay for through the nose.


"She will blame Alex Salmond, the SNP First Minister, and his Labour predecessors for nurturing a “corrosive sense of entitlement” among voters that has prevented her party making a comeback in Scotland."

I disagree slightly here. The rot set in with Labour. By the time Wee Eck won the big chair, Labour had done the damage over many, many years. The number of those employed by the state rocketed during their gross mismanagement. It was an animal out of control by the time the SNP took over. The beast either could not, or would not, be contained.

The Tories, for once, cannot be blamed. At the moment they have just one MSP so the scope for harm is extremely limited.

Naturally, for daring to tell the truth, Mizz Davidson is eviscerated by the Nats:

"Kenny Gibson, a Nationalist MSP, described it as Miss Davidson’s “Mitt Romney moment”. He added: “At least Mitt Romney only insulted around half of Americans, while Ruth Davidson believes almost 90 per cent of Scots do not 'contribute’ to society.” "

Instead of listening, they elect instead to shoot the messenger. She says so herself in the piece. Telling the truth is a dangerous activity. Notice, if you will, that Gibson does not refute her information. He denies nothing.

The SNP seem to favour the "head in the sand" technique when it comes to difficult statements, or difficult questions. No wonder they love the EU so fanatically; they are cut from the same cloth. The EU detests anyone questioning how they spend our money, and the SNP detests anyone questioning how they will finance the country post-independence. They detest it because there is only one way to finance the country, and sadly, it will be through hand-outs from the EU.

They (the Nats) despise Westminster, as I do myself, but as I keep saying, removing Westminster from the equation just puts them one step closer to the EU. If, that is, an independent Scotland will be granted a seat in The Stupid Club. There is much confusion over this but don't waste your time asking the SNP for clarity. I have asked. Repeatedly. They have no clue. This does not stop them making stuff up though.

If Davidson has upset 90% of the Scottish population, it may be a good thing. It is a matter of pride for me not to have to depend on anyone else for the care of my family. I take it as a personal responsibility to feed and house them. I also take it as a personal insult that I have to pay so much tax. It is especially insulting when you learn that the lion's share of your taxes are being used to support the feckless and the idle. I repeat here, because some readers will remind me that those in need have to be attended to, I know that. I have never suggested that the truly needy, the sick, the vulnerable, the young or the old should not get help. They should, and I do not begrudge them a single penny.

It is the malingerers and the parasites that I loathe.

And, it would seem that there are plenty of those up here. Millions of them.

Let the outrage begin.



Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because, generally, the Scottish aren't stupid enough to fall for the propaganda handed to the Daily Mail and the SUN and follow the lead of those in our government and claim EVERYTHING THEY BLOODY CAN.

Anonymous said...

Has Scotland got anything to be proud of any more? Hang on, has any of the UK got anything to be proud of any more?

Answers on the back of a fag packet. Oops no room - too many colourful pics.

Anonymous said...

Its not just North of the Border, this is going on everywhere.

There's not a hope in hell of this country (the whole UK) getting back on its feet whilst money is being thrown willy nilly at anyone who can't be arsed to fend for themselves...can't afford 9 kids?, no problem we the state will gladly pick the bill up...well what we'll really do is take it from people who only did what they could afford and took responsibilty.

There i've said it, that old fashioned word so despised by liberal luvvies...responsibilty..taking care of ones self and ones family just as millions of good men and women have done for thousands of years before the state took over from common good bloody sense.

It'll never end either, the bastards can't feed the 5000 with a handful of loaves and a couple of fish, it can never work, only in the minds of the stupid and gullible listening to liars theives and crooks, con men who play to the greedy lazy good for nothing audience, telling them as they have done for a thousand years what they want to hear.

I had a eureka moment some 25 years ago, i needed to post a parcel one day and happened to be in Bury, Lancs, Monday i seem to recall.
Spotted a sub post office on a main road and stuffed the lorry in a side street so i could go in and send the parcel.

Well, the bloody post office was heaving, dozens of bloody women and some men, nearly all with brats in tow...took me about 20 mins to queue up and get to the counter.

In that 20 minutes there must have been thousands of pounds in benefits paid over the counter, and about £5 went back, the £5 they charged me for the parcel.

It occured to me that this was going on all over the country where those who know how to milk the system congregated, i realised then it was all over.

Since then they've shipped in bloody hundreds of thousands more, as if we didn't have enough of our own bloody wasters.

Its all over bar the shouting, the country is bolloxed.

Cheers and thanks Capn.


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX only 283,080 households north of the border – 12 per cent of the total – pay more in tax than they receive in public services." XX

Ahhh Stand FAST laddie! Why the FUCK should ANYONE pay more than the value of what they are recieving??

Anonymous said...

I've seen this story in a number of papers. They've all got it arse about face.
It's the state that's a burden on the people, not the other way around. ( in most cases)
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Mmm? Less tax than the value of public services received? Sounds to me like us Scots are vastly underpaid or more likely the cost of our services are hugely inflated. How was the cost of services calculated and allocated? What "services" are included?

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Let Salmond have his own way and let Scotland go theirs' lock, stock and whisky-barrel. At least we do'nt have to implement a salad embargo.

They can feast on Roast Salmond, the bloated cunt should keep 'em going for the first 3 months.

And as for the Welsh........

Laurie -

Sue said...

If those figures are correct, independence won't make the situation better. If indeed, we are subsidising Scotland, wouldn't it be better for them to remain part of the Union?

Captain Ranty said...

Good comments, thanks.

For the record: I do not, for one minute, imagine that things are much different in Engerland, Wales or Norn Iron.

I'm just struggling to pin-point that exact moment when benefits became a career choice.

When did sitting on yer arse, for years on end, become a valid option?


Anonymous said...

Captain I am sorry but everything in life is not black and white.

I went through a messy divorce,I struggled for two years to keep the house over our roofs while she dragged the divorce out demanding half knowing it would bankrupt me.

The state in it's wisdom allowed an alcoholic to claim Legal Aid while I despite paying out more than was coming in .. had to pay for my lawyer ...

In the end I lost everything but I squared away my debts .. Due to an ahole manager at work I also lost my job (stress has a large part to play) ...

I found myself unemployed and in a situation where I had more more spare income than I did when I was busting a gut nine to five and coming home to run the household.

Now finding a job that would give me the same net result was not going to be easy ...

So someone that had paid all his life into THIS SYSTEM and being continually shafted ... what do think I did ...

Battle against the tide or work with it ..

P.S I am not proud of abusing it .. but sometimes it's the nly sensible choice.

Until the system changes .. nothing will change.

Robert the Biker said...

Having worked with Jocks both here and in Scotland, I've noticed that those who leave seem to undergo a sea change and are much better for it. They are often wonderful Engineers for instance.

Captcha word : equalga
Whats that? Algebra for those who are too thick to do the sums and want marks just for turning up?

James Higham said...

Instead of listening, they elect instead to shoot the messenger. She says so herself in the piece. Telling the truth is a dangerous activity.

Oh yeah - know the feeling.