October 17, 2012

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Whatcha gonna do (next) bad boys?

It's hard to respect some people.

Back in the day, respecting the bobbies was automatic. These days? Not so much.

It really is getting harder and harder not to tar them all with the same brush.

They seem to want us to distrust and dislike them. Greater Manchester Police are in direct competition with the Met to see who can be the most cuntish. Lancashire Police, sensing they would be left out of the race to the bottom, joined in with this fine effort.

The short version? Blind man. 61 years old. Tasered for five minutes. The offence? Carrying a white cane.

Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't there an awful lot of bad apples lately?

Or is it just me?



Anonymous said...

How the absolute fuck can they mistake a cane for a SAMURAI SWORD?

(Rhetorical question is rhetorical...)

Al-Jabeeba says:

"A Lancashire Police spokesman said the incident was being investigated and the officer's Taser had been withdrawn."

It's all the taser's fault. Naughty, naughty taser. At least it can't hurt anyone any more.

"We have launched an urgent investigation to understand what lessons can be learned."

Thank fuck for that. Oh, wait...

"A man carrying a samurai sword was later arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly."

Presumably, after tasering the blind people and putting them in hospital, it became far easier to work out what a samurai sword looked like.

As I said in a comment here a while back, it's time to get a ThorShield. There's one that even protects against EMPs - you can decide for yourself why the manufacturer felt it was necessary to add that capability.

Oh, but it's only for them, innit?


Comments at another blog are, um, interesting...



Anonymous said...

Psycopaths with a uniform, armed to the teeth, killing people, injuring people and carying out their government orders. Welcome to your new world order, "where the rule of law applies, not the rule of the jungle". (their laws which, don't apply to them). we use to call them constables, rearrange the letters and you get, unstablecunts.

banned said...

"How did you feel after being tasared Mr Blind Man?"

Woman on a Raft said...

"A thug dressed as a policeman".

Says it all.

Anonymous said...

Well Cap'n, that's what happens when ability counts for nothing in police recruitment.

Far more important that police officers come from ethnic minorities and/or are female.

Anonymous said...

There is a phenomenon where people who expect to see something genuinely believe they are seeing it and act accordingly. The famous Swordfish aerial attack on HMS Sheffield by pilots who were told that the Bismarck was the only vessel in the area is one example. The shooting of a boy with a folding umbrella by the army in N.Ireland near a staked-out arms cache by soldiers who "saw" an armed man. I can't help but think that this case may fall into this category.

Anonymous said...

Lancashire?, ah yes i've read that a traffic officer spends several hours at a time sitting in his BMW 4x4 on a Haydock industrial estate watching and waiting for lorry drivers to come down the estate road...now wait for it...this knight of the black knife proof vest isn't looking out drug carrying foreign lorries, or those carrying illegals or poor bloody smuggled girls from eastern europe...oh no this scourge of the criminal gangs apparently nicks lorry drivers for not wearing their seat belt...i ask you.

Well thank fuck for that, you lucky Lancastrians can sleep soundly tonight knowing that PC fuckin plod has that murderous swine the unbelted lorry driver firmly in his sights.

Hardly surprising then that another fuckin numbskull has gorn and tasered a poor soddin blind geezer is it.

Fuck me, every day i hear meself saying 'thats it i've heard it all now', and sure enough another bloody priceless piece of lunacy comes in within the hour.

I bloody give up.


Anonymous said...

As a retired Police officer, I can add nothing more than "I am so ashamed of either what the Job has become or the type of person now being sworn in as officers."

Anonymous said...

I've met some of Lancashire's finest and while there are some seemingly decent policy officers on board that ship there are also a large number of fucknuts too. "Just doing my job!" We need to sloganise that Nuremberg defence so that they will be open to ridicule any time any 'official' uses it to justify being a complete process-driven, drone bastard.