October 12, 2012


Couple of short videos for you.

This message is for police forces and the one that follows is for the state.

I often bleat on about the drones but I also think Rob is right. I am seeing more and more people start to ask questions.

People are slowly starting to catch on. Politicians are our friends in the run up to an election and once they are in, that friendship dies. But we are waking up to that.

The police do themselves no favours. Of course, even when they get it right, the CPS screw it up.

Will they, or the state, ever realise that they really are there to serve us, or will they go on serving themselves?

If they do, violence is inevitable.



Anonymous said...

Hello Captain

Off-topic, but so utterly absurd that it warrants a mention:

"EU to win Nobel Peace Prize"


What. The. Absolute. Fuck?

"Will they, or the state, ever realise that they really are there to serve us, or will they go on serving themselves?"

I think the Meads vs Meads "judgement" gives you the answer there.



Anonymous said...

Globalism every national or international organisation,the UN the IPCC The Nobel foundation the WWF is utterly corrupt to the core.
All of 'em.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

When I was understanding about the freeman movement, Rob was a godsend. He helped me alot, but I don't agree with his 'hippie' approach, because in a nutshell that's what it is.

He always continues this "we should show respect for the police and love them, even though what they're doing is wrong...blah...blah..blah..." yet these, what one can only describe as complete fascist bully boys, are happily following orders given to them from their superiors which means the ultimate suppression and oppression of their fellow man.

I realised when I was young what the difference between good and bad and right and wrong was. Police, at the age they are, still don't know. This is where the problem lies.
Regardless how shit things get, the mob continue their mantra - "they're only doing their job..." and everything is forgiven. It's the same attitude drunks take who end up beating up people, or smashing something that belongs to you only later, when they're sober, state I was drunk as if it was the excuse to absolve them of all wrongdoings. It's the same with the armed forces, believing they're killing in the name of protecting the people of their country, from terrorists, when in fact they're killing for terrorists who control them. No one seems to question what they do. It's why they were turned into robots as soon as they took the queen's shilling - do but don't ask why which ironically is exactly the same way freemasons behave.

I will continue to say fuck the police! They are there to protect the elites (they're outside no 10 and Buckingham palace and with them wherever they go and yet if they're protecting us, why aren't they doing the same?) and to enforce the policy of the bankers. They were created to protect the elites from the public, not the public as we are told.

Until people see the filth for what they are - enemies of the people, nothing will ever change. The simple fact is this Cap'n, if the police had any savvy whatsoever, they wouldn't be doing what they do. If they had any savvy and wanted to help, Heath would have been arrested by them, along with all complicit politicians from thence and well as the queen, banged up in a cell waiting for a trial which would find them guilty of treason.

Fuck the police. They're a bunch of fascist, bully boy, banker enforcing, corporate lackies and don't give a fuck about you and me.



Anonymous said...

The problem with the police is that they are both helpful and useful on a small scale ie. Help find your stolen lawn-mower BUT at the same time enforce tax collection. Without which no wars, wog importation, CCTV, blah de blah.......