October 23, 2012

Cameron Promises A Referendum

Well, he did, but that promise is now long forgotten.

"By their deeds ye shall know them"-Matthew 7:16 (I have paraphrased, but it should work for this alleged Christian).

Can I humbly suggest that he picks a metal less brittle than cast-iron for any future "guarantees"?

Titanium may be a more suitable choice.

However, a covenant signed in his own blood might make him more believable.

Once bitten, and all that.



Jo. Smith said...

How long before we see a Camoron 'I'm sorry' video

Captain Ranty said...


I don't think he will ever apologise.

The glitz may be rubbing off though:




Is there hope, or is this more chatter?


Anonymous said...

I smell bullshit.
When I see EU regressive legislation being pulled then maybe.
How many acts and EU laws did parliament, these LibLabCon types pass,tens of thousands of them, well if they actually mean it, we will soon see eh?

Captain Ranty said...

My nose says the same.

132,000 regulations issued in less than 10 years.

No wonder British businesses are failing at such a rate....


Anonymous said...

I stuck the vid up on Conservative Home. To be fair to them it was still up there last time I looked.
Only yeaterday someone accused Ken Clark of being a paedo. I think moderation has gone out of the window there. Fill your boots!
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dingwall celebrates celebrates pediophilio and genocide.

Dingwall Museum has a sign "Hector's Greatest Triumph", the Battle of Omdurman in Sudan in which 10,000 were murdered by famous local soldier,Major General Sir Hector MacDonald
a pederast and pediophile.

Read about his small boys at:


profoundly_disturbed said...

Good to see regular posts from you again Cap't

You make an elemental mistake in this post. You seem to have forgotten that you're talking about politicians. Did you expect him to keep his word? Really?

No offence intended.

Anonymous said...


Cameron, like all cabinet politicians are there to do a job, just not for the electorate. You know they are nothing but ventriloquist's dummies, mere mouthpieces for the elites to do their bidding. While their time is being served, they will lie, cheat and steal, being absolved of any wrongdoing, given access to public funds to take and do whatever they so desire. They will instigate wars for their jewish puppeteers, call for the slaughter of billions, rape foreign lands all in the know that when their political career ends (if it ever does) they will be taken care of by their controllers, even though the lives of the people are falling into the abyss.

And the people deserve every hell that befalls them, simply because they fail to see the system is and always will be corrupt, nothing but a mechanism there to control, enslave and totally manipulate all of humanity.

When I held my finger over an open flame as a child Ilearned not to do it again. People sadly haven't. They continue to think politics is there to help them and make their lives better. Our parent's job was to govern us while young. Therefore those who want government have simply never grown up.



Noggin the Nog said...

Are you modding me?

Just tell me to piss off if you don't want me to comment.

Captain Ranty said...

Every comment is "moderated" but only spam and comments by DD (same thing) are dumped.

Everyone else get published.


Dave_G said...

The MSM are unable to grasp the nuances behind the actualities of in/out EU subjects. Pop over to EU Referendum (Dr North's site) for the facts of the matter.
Whatever you do DON'T listen to the BBC or get your info from the MSM.....