October 18, 2012

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Thieving bastards.

Yes, it's the MPs. Again

This is a sweet deal for the troughing fuckers. They rent a house or a flat, claim the expenses, which WE pay, THEN they rent the same house or flat out to another MP, who ALSO claims the expenses, which WE pay. Not bad, eh?

Not bad if you are a conscienceless thieving no-mark Emm fucking Pee.

Squeaker Bercow is doing all he can to stop the information hitting the front pages. He is worried about the sensibilities of the wickle MPs. FFS.


"A leaked letter revealed that the Commons Speaker has warned the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) against releasing details of MPs’ landlords – saying it is causing ‘grave concern’ to MPs."

Grave concern? Grave fucking concern? I do not give a fuck. I checked my fuck warehouse and it is completely empty.


"He calls on Ipsa to ‘reconsider’ the plan, saying it would cause ‘unwarranted damage and distress’. Tory MP Julian Lewis, who campaigned to ban the publication of MPs’ addresses on security grounds, said even the release of their landlords’ details could be dangerous."

Unwarranted damage and distress???

What about the damage and distress it is causing to the British taxpayers you light-fingered bastards?

Never mind though. It's all "within the rules".

And guess what?

Come 2015 we will queue up like the fucksticks we are and we will vote for these same troughers again.

Are we learning yet?

Are we fuck.



Fidel Cuntstruck said...

It was inevitable Cap'n - we took them to task over it once, even jailed a token few to make it look like someone actually gave a fuck, but it was never going to stop - they are just finding cleverer ways of doing it.

Sky news were bleating this morning that if all the address details were made public it may put the bastards "at a security risk"

Horsefeathers! Surely the details are public anyway - all due to those census forms that the cunts insist must be completed (you'll note I worded that last part "carefully")

Excuse the profanity - but it does boil my piss!

NewsboyCap said...


Apparently we the ever generous taxpayer BOUGHT my local 'trougher' HIS home by way of expenses.
Now he rents it out for just £1500 a month. So, obviously, we have to pay for him to rent somewhere else.Unbelievable.

"I checked my fuck warehouse and it is completely empty".
Fucking brilliant!

Captain Ranty said...


Profanity is both welcomed and encouraged.

These cunting MPs have to be taught that the money they think is "free", isn't.

I have some sympathy with the security issue. There are some fuckwits that will turn up and make their lives a misery.

We can do that without knocking on their doors....


Captain Ranty said...


Have you written to the thieving git?

They assume everyone is happy with their shenanigans. We aren't. So we should communicate our disgust.


Anonymous said...

I await a reply from my MP. I suspect he is at it.

Longrider said...

Such is the contempt in which they hold us. The expenses scandal was a couple of years back. Time to settle down into the old ways once again, eh?

Bastards one and all. Hang 'em, hang 'em high pour l'encourager des autres.

NewsboyCap said...


I confronted him face to face at one of his 'surgeries' to ask him one or two questions, of course he wouldn't answer any of them.
Threatened me with removal by security men if I didn't leave, and now will not answer any Email or other correspondence.

In my opinion.....Biggest Cunt south of the north pole

Anonymous said...

Now look here chaps. I own a cunt. It is generally a very useful and well behaved cunt. It does not rent out my knickers to anyone else's cunt nor receive one ha'penny of your tithes. I do wish you fellows would not tar all cunts with the same b(r)ush.

Anonymous said...

Highland Cuntcill refuse to speak to me on the phone.
I have to speake only to .......
William Gilfillan a Corporate Manager
and as it happens The Clerk to the Lieutenancy of Ross and Cromarty (incorporating Skye and Lochalsh)

Hwen I phone the coooncil my phone number must pop up on their screens.


and Dingwall


Farenheit211 said...

The fact that the members of the mainstream parties are still troughing it makes it much more important that at elections voters ignore the mainstream liblabconner and vote for the most sensible independent.

I was disgusted with Brown, disgusted with Clegg and even more disgusted by Cameron.

ReefKnot said...

Grave concern my fucking arse. MPs are not supposed to go around showing "Grave Concern." They're supposed to be so busy performing somersaults trying to carry out the wishes of their electorate that they don't have time for " Grave concern".

Anonymous said...

If you think MPs' are cunts now, wait until you read this!


Shit is going down for sure.