September 04, 2012

Transmission Ends....

I know, I know. We've been here before.

I am going off-air.

Although I (deliberately) missed the jubilee celebrations, everywhere I looked I saw/heard/read about fawning Brits (foreigners don't know any better) throwing love, adoration and respect at an 86 year old lady who has neglected to do what fate decreed she must, and that which she swore an oath to do, for several decades now.

It made me realise that people will politely listen to me, nod sagely, then rush out to organise a tea party in Mrs Windsors honour.

I don't care, particularly, how hard she works. How many events she attends. How many badges and medals she pins on people. How much she does, or does not cost us.

I only care that she does the job she was entrusted by the people to do. She let us all down. She dropped the ball, frankly. Her defenders say that it wasn't/isn't her fault. "She was badly advised", they shriek.

Well, I happen to know that Mrs Windsor, 86 or not, has a brain. She also knows right from wrong. She knows lawful from unlawful. She knew what she was getting into. Despite all that, she still signed off on that damned ECA 1972. And later, she signed off on seven treaties that firmly lashed us to a bandwagon destined to go over a cliff. Sooner, rather than later, some of us hope.

She did not act alone, but the buck stops with her. (That does not mean that the others are free from guilt):

Image courtesy of TPUC

And to this list we can now add Duffer Brown, his understudy-in-chief David Cameron, and Team Lickspittle.

You, me, Uncle Tom Cobley and all do not get away with anything either. We are governed by consent, and, make no mistake, we consented to it all.

We consented because we did nothing to stop them. No mass marches. No parades. No riots. Our weapon of choice, (but only when we are uber-miffed), is to write stern letters. Even then, we failed, as a nation, to reach for our pens.

The common excuse is that we were brainwashed. That we had 13 years of Labour (that same party we kept in power for those same 13 years) and that they did all the damage. We conveniently forget (if the right-coloured ties are in office) that the rot started with that bastard Heath. Oh, we moaned. We moaned like Olympians. We moaned in the pubs. We moaned in the working-mens clubs. We moaned down the caff. We moaned in the bingo halls. So to stop us moaning they emptied the pubs with a piece of insane, inane, selfish legislation. What was this master-stroke, you may ask? The smoker ban. It only affected 12-15 million people and we were so well trained, a goodly number of those 12-15 million people simply said, "Thank you". They still do to this day. Thank you for dehumanising me. Thank you for making me a pariah. Thank you for throwing me out in the rain, the sleet and the snow to smoke, while my friends, the good robots, were safe indoors, warm & dry & snug. Thank you for that, oh blessed government, thank you for the smoker ban.

With that legislation enacted, the government (of the day, and all others that followed/will follow) knew that anything was possible. So they kept on doing exactly as they wished. 650 men and women, addicted to power, kept vomiting out legislation. As I keep saying, they had a vomit-fest and spewed 4,116 new rules and regulations out in 2011 alone. As the quality of the MPs drops, the volume of legislation spikes. Only the terminally deranged can possibly imagine that more rules means better government. They, collectively, are devoid of integrity, devoid of pride, and totally devoid of honour.

And yet, we fall for it. We say nothing. We do nothing. We listen to their manifesto promises knowing, absolutely knowing, that they are lying and still we trot down to the booths like good little robots and make our mark for the cleverest robot in town. We then look mystified when the clever robot turns out to be defective after all. Just to prove how stupid we are, we repeat this insanity every five years. They remain in power, and we remain mystified. They remain the robbers, and we remain the robbed. They take our money and they take our freedoms. Still, we do nothing.

Anyhoo, I am rabbiting on. Time to stop.

Time to say thank you.

The figures speak for themselves. No matter how well we have done, and please be assured that this was a team-game, we are now in extra time. We are in the dying seconds. The game is all but lost. As hopeful as I am, as optimistic as I am, it is going to take far too long to get everyone, or at least a majority of Britons, to finally understand how bad things are.

They have enough to worry about, so there is no point adding a new worry to the pile.

The numbers:

May 2008-September 2012

Posts- 1,095

Comments- 16,668

Unique visitors- 554,561 (not counting feeds)

Page-views- 857,890

Some left- and right-wing blogs have more impressive stats for a month. The trick, I think, is to keep on shitting out popular stuff. It doesn't have to mean anything, as long as you don't frighten people too much they will return, lemming-like, to read utter bilge. And so the game is played.

I dared to be a little different. I tried a few amendments to the rules.

In 2008 I declared myself a Freeman. I informed the government, and they ignored me.

In 2009 I declared myself a Lawful Rebel. I informed the monarch, and she ignored me.

In 2010, 2011, and 2012 I picked fights with as many government agencies as I thought manageable. There is still a lot of work to do, but it takes time. Mostly, when trying to rebel peacefully, it is like watching wood warp. Which is to say, it takes a bloody long time. I was naive. I thought that writing clever Notices to various agencies would stir them up. I thought they would react. Mostly, they don't. Mostly, they ignore me. The last time I ignored them, they sent two thugs to my door.

That didn't stop me. And I am not stopping now. I have won more battles than I have lost and this gives me the encouragement I need to continue.

I am done with the cheer-leading. Others do it far better than I. I never set out to be a leader of anything. I merely wanted to chart my course and tell you about it along the way. I just didn't think it would take this long.

Here it is in a nutshell: first they ignore you, then they send the heavies, then they shaft you. Game, set and match. It doesn't matter how right you are. They have force. They took away our guns whilst ensuring they can still use theirs. The dice are loaded. The game is rigged. It doesn't matter how free you think you are, they will beat it out of you.

But before they do that, the great British public will ignore you even more. They have a reality and they don't want that reality being fucked with. The law is fair, the queen is doing her job, the police do treat you with respect, taxes of 30-80% are more than fair, petrol should cost £1.40p a litre, dozens of agencies should have the right to enter your home, or look at your personal data (or lose it on the 8:15 to Dulwich), it is absolutely okay for those same agencies to log every call you make, every text or email you send or every Tweet you write. Those 5 million cameras are There For Our Own Good because they do protect us from the Taliban.

A swift glance at the numbers above should explain this whole post, and the reason I am not writing about it daily, weekly, or monthly anymore. A swift calculation should tell you that if I/we have only managed to reach half a million people in over 4 years, it is going to take around 60 years to reach them all.

I do not have that long to live. I do not have the stamina to repeat the story for another 60 years.

So, just before I start getting ever-more desperate to attract an audience, I am going to say adios amigos, and thanks for all the fish.

It has mostly been a pleasure, and my adventure doesn't stop here. I will keep going, because I cannot unsee what I have seen. I cannot unread what I have read, and I really cannot unknow what I know.

I may swing by from time to time with an update. I like to write. I just get tired of writing the same thing. In the meantime, if you want top quality blogging, visit each and every one of those unsung heroes on the right hand side. Geniuses, all of them. I am proud to list them here. They inspire me. Let them inspire you.

Unlike my previous good-byes, this one was not sponsored by the grain or the grape.

Thanks again for tagging along.

Captain James Xavier Ranty (Ret'd).


Captain Ranty said...

Erm, thanks.

Don't for one nanosecond imagine that LR stops.

It won't.


Pete said...

All the best for the future Captain. It has been a pleasure reading your blog on a daily basis.

Caratacus said...

Understood Captain.

Don't underestimate the effect you have had on many people .. bit like the Taoist ripples on a pond. Positively heroic if you ask me.

We all resist in different ways. I have my own form of defence and resistance as I'm sure do many others. It certainly isn't as well thought through as yours, not as detailed. If an HMG agency makes life difficult for me, they get it back in spades. Because I am self-employed and some of my work is for these agencies, they get 'fined' to cover any cost to me. All legal and above board - they misbehave, they - or another arm of the state - will pay through increased invoices. This avenue is not available to many, I know, so their resistance will necessarily be different. I am also a cantankerous old bastard with a fuck-off look which works quite well :-)

So don't be despondent CR, you have done a lot of good.

All the very best for the future mate. Have a well-deserved break :-)

Jason said...

A post to cheer us up (below) and a post to make our hearts sink, good luck Ranty and be sure to pop over to our forum

Always welcome


Tony said...

Farewell buddy! Really enjoyed some of your rants, all the best for the future (whatever of it this bastard system allows you.)

mikebravo said...

It's a damn shame sir!
You and your rants will be sorely missed in these parts.
Keep fighting the good fight and making the bastards suffer when you can.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks lads.

It's been an adventure.

In fact, I scored another small victory just today. Fucking debt collectors. Huge threats over a contract that never was. I got a letter this morning to the effect of "We were right but we are letting you off".

(I had cancelled a contract during that mystical 14 day cooling off period. It has taken them 15 phone calls and 4 letters to realise they were fucking with the wrong guy).

So you can see the fight goes on. I just need to come up with a new plan to get the word out.

Blogging is too slow.


Escapee said...

Escapee here,

James, THANK YOU for all that I have learnt from you!

My personal struggles have been lessened by your knowledge and strength.

My future is brighter due to your insights and foresights.

My very BEST WISHES for your future.

I will miss you.

THANK YOU, Escapee.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your stopping the blog I'm a real newcomer to twitter so had only picked up on it in the last month Iv enjoyed it it's openedy eyes and made me think so thank you CR and hope you keep in touch

Ian said...

Thanks CR for all that you have written.

I am a better man for reading it.


Anonymous said...

Cheers, Ranty.

People were reading you stuff - clearly - just not reacting. But I'm sure they understood.

I'll swing round to check out the feed and to see if you're in.


Anonymous said...

Judd said.

I'm sorry that are giving up the blog, i've read much and posted only a few replies, mainly because others have been so eloquent and my meagre contributions lacking in so many ways.

I'm not sure if you realise just what a difference you and the other alternative thinking bloggers have made to those of us sickened by the ineptitude, the corruption and the greed of our leaders and their army of cohorts, apparatchiks and arse lickers, but shocked to the pale by the acceptance and endorsement of the vast majority of the sheeple.

There have been years when i have felt quite alone, assuming that it must be me, everyone else seems content to allow foreigners to tale over our country without a shot being fired in the true sense of the word, whilst hundreds of thousands of our best lie in graves.
Put there long before their time, doing their duty as they saw it, fallen in the struggle to retain the freedom of our country and way of life...only for bastard politicians, endorsed and rubber stamped by our current monarch, have sold or given the place away for their 30 pieces of silver.

Quite honestly it friggin beggars belief.

You Ranty, and other bloggers, have kept me in a semi sane state, where by now without these blogs i would likely have blown a bloody fuse long ago, you have all allowed me to realise that there are many who feel like me after all.

Thankyou for all you have done for us, its far more than you probably realise.

You will be sadly missed, and i truly hope that a holiday from blogging might give you a second wind, you'll be welcome in my home anytime, virtually or personally.

Regards and best for the future.


Dora_the_Explorer said...


Go on, give in.

I am not trying to make comparison but Jesus took 33 years to get 12 apostles.
Now 2000 years later there are billions of them.

I think that I can be confident that your half million converts were not acquired in a linear fashion - has not the speed picked up as time passed ?

You are a poster child.

Lead man is a shit job but someone has to do it.

What can I say to make you change your mind ?

Best wishes.
Dora_the_explorer at talktalk dot net

Captain Ranty said...

Judd, Escapee, Chris, Ian & Thomas,

Thank you very much.

You are far too kind.


Anonymous said...

Good luck and cheers.

karlos said...

Cheers Captain, I'm sure you'll be keeping us all on our toes at twatter :) Many thanks.

Captain Ranty said...


A poster child! That made me lol, that did.

Actually, the numbers started to taper off quite dramatically in February this year. Whatever appeal I may have had has disappeared.

Not a lot to say, really. How many ways can a man tell the same story? Maybe that's why people stayed away? I don't know, TBH.

I just know that I am repeating myself and that must be as tedious for you guys as it is for me.

Many people arrive, read one post (the latest, perhaps) and do not ferret around in the archives. Who has time to read over a thousand articles? No-one. So they assume I am a nut-job, fling in some daft comment and fuck off.

In that respect at least, I am doing more harm than good.

I'll crack on and if I have a decent update for you I'll swing by and jot it down.

The battle continues. I am as committed as ever to causing trouble.

The whole story is here, somewhere. The blog will remain so that people who make their way here can eat in bite sized chunks.

Thanks for the nice words!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go will be back when something pisses you off in the future.......I hope !


Anonymous said...

Hi CR, I echo the others here, a shame that you are packing it in... though I don't think it is true that readers of yours and other quality blogs are the type that finish reading stuff like this, and then immediately go out and organise "street parties" for the traitor class and/or any of their adherents.

The really big problem for any form of protest Cap'n is that the protesters are a bunch of individuals who only have one life... It lasts for (on average) 70 years, of which only about twenty can be devoted to protest....

...Our adversaries are fuckin' immortal... The state, the monarchy, the bilderbergers, the NHS, the farewell state and all the other crap that is designed to keep us down.

If there is ever to be a really successful assault on the slave system, it has to get to the stage where there is NO CHOICE... a bit like the situation that developed in eastern Europe at the end of the 1980's, and that is something that OUR leaders are very careful to avoid.

And of course even then, it was impossible to sustain a rebellion under those conditions... They all ended up being hijacked, and actually voting to join the European Union.

Unknown said...

Cheers Cap'n!

NewsboyCap said...


Thanks matey, its been an honour and a pleasure to read your Rants and follow your progress.

Lawful Rebellion is the future, there's no going back now.

You've been and remain an inspiration.

See you on the Barricades.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cap'n,
I will miss your blog - you have opened my eyes, educated me, and have been an inspiration.
In turn, I hope I have enlightened those good people in my circle of contacts, and that those ripples will grow.

Your thoughts that you can't made a difference remind me of the story of the startfish.
(Here if you don't know it -

'You made a difference to that one.....'

Keep safe,
Cabin boy Jim

tinks said...

Well, I was going to start by asking whether it was your time of the month, but I thought better.

I'm genuinely sorry you are putting away the quill. It is frustrating, I think today's cabinet reshuffle of 'powerful' nonentities and crooks, with a similar bunch waiting in the wings, sums up the frustration and a sense of futility at their shameless contempt.

Yet we learn so much from the people that write, question and offer hope and discourse of alternatives. A few years ago there was none of this - the internet has been a revolution. Such is the fear of it to want to control, stifle, nullify it.

You have made me think, gasp and laugh over a good while now, and I wish you well. I am sure I would enjoy putting the world to rights with you over a pint.

Unless and until people demand better and more of our politicians and public servants things will not improve or be fairer. Maybe one day people will wake up, perhaps before the boot is firmly planted on their faces.

However, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Good luck and thanks.


Anonymous said...

All the best Cap'n you will be missed.
John Gibson

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the kind words, folks.

It may interest you all to know that I penned this post a while ago. I updated bits here and there but the bulk of it was written back in July.

You should also know that I am not giving up nor am I going anywhere. I am really just re-evaluating.

Half a million unique visitors since this all began in 2008 sounds wonderful, but (and this is a guess) less than 100 are actually trying to change themselves and their efforts to resist.

100 out of 500,000. Whilst I am super-chuffed about the 100, can you imagine the havoc we could cause if the other 499,900 joined in?

That was my (naive) vision 4 years ago.

If it (this experiment) has proved anything I think it has confirmed that we Brits are not boat-rockers.

It may be because people don't entirely believe how bad things are or they genuinely don't give a shit. And I can't do much about either of those attitudes.

Back to the drawing board.


Captain Swing said...

Sorry to see you go Captain-good luck with all you do .


Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

William said...

Less is more...That is the answer.

Took me almost 52 years to figure it out but I'm there now.

DC said...

You have to face the fact, Ranty, that you have a way of wording things which educates, entertains and empowers regular people. It may all seem a bit futile - for I agree that only a minority of people have the capacity and will to be woken up in this day and age - but the point is that this minority need regular encouragement and broadening in order to become the force that will preserve justice in this World. That's what you have provided and it is invaluable.

No matter how few we are, before we go down we will make the devils in power bleed (ideologically speaking).


Jacobite said...

Sorry to see you go, I feel like I am losing a friend and patriot.

Anonymous said...


been following you now since 09 and will miss your blogs. if a difficult pill to swallow the truth and it does take some time to sink in, its been a good education its broke down a lot of conditioning and its helped a lot so thanks.
things are changing and will change because eventually people will se through the bullshit.

Nick said...

Shit Captain!
This news has fucked me up to be honest!
Are you leaving the blog up?
If not. How long do we have to read/ copy the info you have written?

Anyway. Thanks for your efforts. You have been an inspiration and it is my fervent hope that we meet some day. The Bombay Saphire and cigars are on me. Fuck it, you have my email address, I'm back in Britain at the beginning of November, I'll drive up to you and say thanks in person.

Mac said...

A line from a book I'm reading which says a lot in a few words;
"They're building a machine and I'm not a cog."

Anonymous said...


I knew this day would come at some point but it's still a crushing blow to know you're packing it in. Reading your brilliantly informative posts has helped me on my own journey probably more than you'll ever know, and I now carry my own version of the Lioness's card ready and waiting for the fcukers to try it on.

I am soon moving to a new part of the country and will not be registering to vote. My first action is to avoid detection by not being on any of their checklists for individual registration. If the bastards catch up with me then the proof of authority will be the next thing, and so on and so forth.

You have strengthened my resolve with every post you've written and - more than any other blogger - have encouraged me to be brave enough to kick back at the system - for that I can't thank you enough. But more than that - future generations will have people like you to thank for clawing back the freedoms so may have been foolish enough to give away.

All the best mate and enjoy chilling out for a while. I look forward to any updates on sticking it to the cnuts.


Caratacus said...

" ... Half a million unique visitors since this all began in 2008 sounds wonderful, but (and this is a guess) less than 100 are actually trying to change themselves and their efforts to resist ..."

Huge underestimate Captain IMHO :-) Modesty has its place and all that but 100?? No way, that butterfly is going to be causing typhoons in a wee while just you wait and see ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Captain..... Your blog is responsible for my faith in decent people (troll excluded from that, wanker) in the world.....

Not buying shares in piano wire as my faith in people having a spine and saying no is non-exsistant... We are screwed, I'm just glad I can see it coming and have the satisfaction of being a pain in the arse all the way......

Good luck


Anonymous said...

Thank fuck another windbag spewing shite leaves the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

You know how I feel, we've been here before and I think what you're doing is for the best. The frustration will just continue to grow especially as you've perfectly explained how the overwhelming majority happily accept being drones in a continually growing, repressive, authoritarian society.

I'll miss your informative freeman/lawful rebellion posts. I'll miss the many likeminded individuals who have commented, many brilliantly so. I will also be happy to get away from the latest crop of utter dickheads who have just come to do nothing but disrupt.

I'll continue to keep in touch via email and I congratulate you on your hard work, your patience and putting up a fight.

Take care Cap'n



Anonymous said...

Hey Captain,

All the above have said all that is necessary.

For my own part you have been an inspiration. I may not comment much but your example of the power of saying NO is amazing.

You should be proud of what you have done for so many. Not many people have the cojones to do what you have done for us all.

My attitude to life has been changed by your example.

Thank You


James Higham said...

I do not have that long to live. I do not have the stamina to repeat the story for another 60 years.

That seems a long time, Cap'n. :)

Come and write at our place.

Gary said...

You will be sorely missed mate. you were always my daily first port of call. I sincerely hope you return in the future.

Progress IS being made, witnessed by the number of like minded people I meet. Even a US airman I met this week who questions 9/11...

Good luck Cap'n.

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain,

Sorry to see this one up "in the flesh" as it were, and to see you depart - but, recalling earlier correspondence on these matters, I also understand where you are coming from and why you have taken this decision.

I can only echo what I said in those, and similarly what has already been said in this thread.

From an entirely selfish perspective, however, I shall miss the regular briefings at Ranty Barracks, as well as the many comments that ensued from them! :-)

It has been a pleasure and a privilege, and thank you for all that you've done.



Anonymous said...

TTC and CR,
first let me say thanks for the REAL information you gave leading to an awakening within me and the inspiration you have both given me over these recent years to the point where i have been spreading your blogs and messages GLOBALLY to ex-colleagues, relatives and friends. Not too long ago within my own extended family in UK i was viewed as becoming a bit of an oddball what with all the conspiracy information i was trying to tell them about and the great hoax after hoax perpetrated by the Illuminati via their quisling disciples. it has taken me around 2 years to reach the point where my family and friends don't laugh at me any more!! Now they email me and ask for my opinion and advice on so many matters and many discussions and exchanges ensue. The good news is that i know all of them are actively spreading these messages within their own circles of friends and community. I have a relative in the force who is also on-board and i have had a flurry of messages recently after i sent the latest video link relating to Tony Farrel all over.

(2nd link is the video) i have a kind of ironic satisfaction in the knowledge that even i in my own small way can make a difference and that is what i will continue to do. I am truly very sorry you have both opted for this course of action but totally respect your decision. You will both be sorely missed.
Best regards, reiverdave

Paddy said...


it doesn't matter how many drones there are, nor how many WANT to remain in the system - what matters is a voice like yours, even if repeating the same old thing, DOES make a difference. Don't try to change them, just put out your thoughts, when you feel like it.
If we all vanish from publicly accessible sources like yours, 'THEY' win, good men/women/children lose

When I'm 'explaining' anything to the 'normals', I do so without any expectation that they will understand; what's important to me, is I'm doing it, and if they are in the right place, they'll hear it. If not, they won't. It has no effect on me. But I will keep doing it, as long as I choose to be here (Earth, such as it is).

You might find that this approach will remove that tiredness from writing about the same thing. Your work is benefitting us all, and your online presence is adding to the global change occuring. We will miss your energy, expressed with great humour and great humility. We can only ever control our own lifes, our self, but we can add to others' understanding and evolving, and help them break the indoctrination - our voices and ideas help to redress the imbalance created by psychopaths

I'm not trying to convince you contrary to your decision, but perhaps adding another reason to consider to continue to blog

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks all.

Just wanted to say that this has never been a one way street.

Your comments, your support (or not, even the negative comments helped, sometimes) have had me looking under all sorts of rocks.

My search for a different version of the truth hasn't ended, and neither should yours.

We live in a world built mostly on deception. The deception is complex, and it is enforced and strengthened by us. We are willing participants in that death by a thousand cuts.

I just think it's time to question our obedience.

If you can look about you, and conclude that all is well then you should crack on, and you have my blessings.

But if you are disturbed by what you see, hear or feel then what harm can a closer examination bring?

Either way, May Allah Bless You All With Many Fine Sons.

(As my pals in Libya and Algeria might say).


Anonymous said...

from reiverdave.
Hi There TTC/CR.
Am so happy to see you back online TTC.
It was an enormous shock the other day to see the messages from yourself and CR and my disappointment was so tangible my family were asking who had died!
I would stress however that i totally understand your point of view and respect your collective decision. I did write a summary of what you guys have done for me and what you have meant, but it bounced back!
Anyway, i want to let you both know how i have utilized and maximized your blogs and comments. 3/4 years ago i began to take an in-depth interest in what is REALLY happening all around us and found that i needed the internet to begin and nurture my true education. As well as reading newspapers i have searched the internet and devoured much material therein in a genuine desire to enlighten and empower myself. Happy to say i have succeeded as far as possible only thanks to yourself,
CR, and a few others. For this i'm eternally grateful and especially heartened today to witness your "return".

I have routinely cut and pasted your joint blogs and articles/links and emailed them to family friends and ex-colleagues GLOBALLY!
My extended family used to point fingers and giggle at me for attempting to bring them into the light of day and out from the darkness of the ignorant and the deceived but guess what? after a couple of years of me being viewed as the family oddball nobody is laughing anymore! I get lots of mail now asking for advice, my opinion and any more information i can send them.
They in their turn are actively informing their own circles of friends and their community so your efforts though maybe unsung were never inconsequential or trivial but continue to enlighten and inspire many others of an ever growing "peoples army" i promise you. Relatives and friends across the broad spectrum of society including professionals, police officers, and the military/govt. are being updated either by me or others and with your material.
It's a long hard road and each of us can do something no matter how small or seemingly unimportant. Just remember the feeling when you first start to assemble a huge jig-saw puzzle and how impossible it looks, until you see the bigger picture and then piece by illuminating piece, it all comes together.

It's a long hard road but,....."you'll never walk alone"

Zaphod said...

There are a small number of people who have really inspired me. You are high on that list.

I'm not the only one.

We haven't all followed your particular course, but you have a huge legacy of people who now realise that resistance is not useless.

"I do not consent."


Anonymous said...

Come back when you're rested and your batteries are recharged.
We will miss you

Paris Claims

nisakiman said...

Nah, can't see it, CR. You're a compulsive blogger, and your blog gives you the facility to invoke eternal pestilence on the heads of those who would control us.

The world needs people like you; the proverbial thorn in the side of authority.

Until I wandered aimlessly into the blogosphere, I used to think I was just about the only member of the awkward squad, but now, thanks to blogs like yours, I realise I'm not alone, not by a long shot. Sure, we all have a different approach to dealing with jobsworths who want to tell us what to do and how to live, but the exchange of ideas and knowledge in blogs like this (and the comments that it generates) is invaluable.

It's your contribution to freedom.

Admit it, CR, Twatter will never satisfy your need to castigate the arseholes of the world. How much scorn can you pour in a little over a hundred characters? Not enough, mate, not nearly enough. You need to blog.

wayne said...

Sorry mate, been away on holiday and only just saw the post. Good luck mate, I love keeping up to date with the blog, sorry to see you go!