September 26, 2012

Mid Week Mirth

I should really call it Mid Week Mix.

This week there are some gruesome images. Of MPs. If you are of a nervous disposition, look away now.

PlebGate No 1.

PlebGate No 2.

"Special delivery for the innocent family of nine at No 36".

Well, it made me laff.

Come to Spain, where WE kettle the police.

 One for the Apple fanboyz.

Yeah, like that's funny.

Amen to that.

Oh, if you ever wanted to see Sean Bean die, 21 times, this YouTube clip is the one for you.

And finally...

I should be fucking anorexic by now....



Anonymous said...

I love the terrorism cartoon Ranty.

Caratacus said...

Great selection CR :-)

Particularly like the proof of god...

MD is going to have to be on his mettle come Friday ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very good.
Sean Bean Death Reel amusing! All that beef over the cliff!!!

Dioclese said...

The religion one is particularly good!

I am encouraged to continue my series on wacky churches!

James Higham said...

Love the police kettling.

Anonymous said...

I've been out of action for the last week but, like others, I've been regularly checking to see if you're back. What a fantastic surprise to find you writing again. It's definitely made my weekend. And - as other readers have mentioned - it's completely understandable that you need to bugger off and rest for a while. Welcome back Captain.


banned said...

If Spiderman did not exist we would have to invent him.