September 28, 2012

Rape And Theft


There is nothing on earth I find more wrong than raping children, but this week we learnt that Rochdale Council and the local plod did fuck all about it. For more than ten years.

Why not?

Mostly, it appears, because the savages who carried out the grooming, drugging and raping of these underage girls were.....brown. Yes, yes. I know I used the words "savages" and "brown" in the same sentence. Fucking sue me.

This report from the Daily Mail (my apologies), reads like a horror story. Even the DM reporter felt the need to soften the article as she changed the word "rape" to "abuse".

EDIT: You could be forgiven that the kiddie-fiddlers only reside in the north. Not so. Read this

I have long hated the very concept of political correctness and this story is a staggering example in support of its' abolition. Council workers, terrified at the prospect of accusing the gang of Muslim freaks, simply turned a blind eye. For more than a decade.

The police, may all those involved be struck down with something nasty, were equally afraid to apply the law. Spineless cowards, is what they are. Not fit to serve. Sack them all and sack them today. No pension, no more payments, nothing. Except scorn. They deserve lashings of scorn. They ignored the young girls when they tried to report the crimes. For that the police must be punished.

Animals, all of them. That the Muslim gang are scum is a given, but the council workers and the police should be sent to gaol as well. Nobody in this clusterfuck did their jobs. No-one took responsibility, and that makes them all guilty. No-one understood the term "duty of care" concerning these young vulnerable kids, and for that they must be punished.

Let's make no mistake here: the brown savages are the guilty ones here, but they were ably assisted by all the right people. No-one comes out of this disgusting and disturbing mess smiling. Be ashamed. All of you. And the next time you DEMAND respect for the police and/or social services, read this story again. Until the message gets into your thick skull.


Naturally, any story about theft on this blog will involve the government. This is no exception.

Gormless Dave turned up at the UN in New York to strut, preen and brag in front of a global audience. This was after he humiliated every single one of us on the Letterman Show by NOT knowing what Magna Carta meant. I took this as a personal insult because I wrote to him after he took office and I forcefully reminded him about this world-changing Treaty. He ignored me. The cunt.

Back to the UN, where he had this to say.

In a nutshell, we ever-generous Britons will give away £1 BILLION per month in foreign aid. Were you asked if you wanted your taxes to be given away like this? Me neither. £12 billion of OUR money will be sent abroad to fund life-changing programmes for the poor, the hungry, and the down-trodden so that the warlords and the despotic leaders can salt it away in offshore accounts for their old age. They may or may not spend huge chunks of it on standard AK-47's for their enforcers, or, God bless them, for 22 carat plated AK's for themselves. No tyrant worth his salt is without a gold-plated weapon on his shelf.

Will we bother to check who is spending our money on what? Will we fuck.

We will just keep on saying nothing while the taxman helps himself.


Just fucking marvelous.



analiensaturn said...

There is a case for Vigilantes, fuck the law. And I;ll say it again foreign aid is a money laundering process that gets bungs into offshore accounts for guess who?

Unknown said...

Good points Captain.

On a similar note, I asked Mark Williams-Thomas (@mwilliamsthomas) the TV Presenter -Criminologist & Child Protection Expert-Prog's Inc - Jeremy Bamber,On the Run,Bullies Online,Lost Detective,To Catch a Paedophile(series)....... the following question yesterday: Are new priests required to complete a CRB check?
His reply: Meant to but don't in every case.
When the screening 'systems' supposedly put in place are not even being used to catch the noncy priest fuckwits raping kids - because they represent "the church" and that's some sort of board game privilege card, the savagery will continue, because as you say, no one wants to take responsibility.

There was a rumour that one or two Policeymen were taking advantage of the situation in Rochdale. Wouldn't surprise me one bit. Will we see an investigation? Nope!

As for that CUNT Cameron, well, he's only protecting his family and colleague financial interests in Europe, and has no intention to leave the EU or 'serve' the interests of the people here.
Like so many politicians, he has his own agenda and will do all right Jack when he goes, just like his predecessors before, appearing on shows in foreign lands...plugging Team Cameron and building the rapport.
A chip off the Blair block for sure, that one.

MTG said...

I state with great sadness rather than any pride "I saw these horrors on our horizon, two decades ago."

What is institutionally corrupt cannot be reformed...anymore than a corrupt government (created by any combination of main Parties and Quangos) can be overthrown by peaceful means.

Defenseless against the deadly arsenal mounted against UK civilians, we are nevertheless bound by a moral duty to oppose State corruption at every opportunity.

NewsboyCap said...


Gormless Dave HaHa

His parents must be really proud that they've spent a fortune on his education and buying him his route to the top. Although they are pair of cunts for not drowning him a 'berth' and making a fuckin' fortune with their private windfarm....cunts.

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Our hard-earned Taxpayers mean given as Foreign Aid is nothing more than poor people in a rich country giving money to rich people in a poor country and it's about time it was reigned in.

As for the Rochdale rapists the trial begins today of 9 more of the bastards from Oxfordshire.

It's about time we stopped tarnishing people from the Indian sub-continent. The offenders are...


Laurie -

Anonymous said...

Re child rape article; there are also the disgusting incidents in Jersey that are being buried very very deeply, no doubt to protect high profile persons of the "white christian" sic, variety.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Captain! :-D

(Very belatedly...)

"Were you asked if you wanted your taxes to be given away like this?"

Lib Election Manifesto, 2010: "We remain committed to spending 0.7 per cent of national income on aid from 2013, and we will enshrine this commitment in law early in the next Parliament."

Lab Election Manifesto, 2010: "We will meet the UK’s obligations to the developing world by committing to spending 0.7 per cent of GNI on aid."

Con Election Manifesto, 2010: "We will honour our commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of national income in aid, and ensure our aid is transparent and properly targeted."

Lib Lab Con. Spot the difference. ('Tis in the Coagulation Agreement also, but that was "overseen" by civil serpents and thus has an even thinner facade of legitimacy than the manifestos.)

For the sake of completeness, the OECD defines Gross National Income as "GDP less taxes on production and imports less compensation of employees and property income payable to the rest of the world plus the corresponding items receivable from the rest of the world."

Whilst the act of electoral registration arguably represents a conveyance - and thus a consent of sorts to whatever the resultant morass of liar politicians does on behalf of its true masters - it is also the case that anyone who utilised their voting privilege and ticked a box next to the LibLabCon also approved these foreign aid policies, because the LibLabCon said that's what it would do.

Of course, as we know, manifestos are not binding, lawfully or legally; the puppeteers behind the LibLabCon pick and choose which ones to implement, which ones to ignore, and which ones to defer for any particular electoral cycle; they use the language of the snake oil salesman when doing so.

However, the important phrases are "obligation" and "commitment", which are notions far beyond the mere pointless sales brochures that masquerade as party manifestos.

Obligation:, plus the wordy magic legalese in multiple Black's or others if you have them.

From whence does this obligation arise? It doesn't take much searching to find out where it comes from - and I apologise if this is already known to anyone who reads this - but, as the LibLabCon doesn't spell it out in the above quotes from its three manifestos, allow the Melon Party to do so:

"We will exceed the UN’s 0.7% target and allocate at least 1% of UK Gross National Product for aid by 2011, adding an extra £4.5bn pa."

Ah, so it's the UN then. There you go. No one was asked, it was just declared by the UN General Assembly in 1970, and regularly ever since.

Anyone care to guess what sort of control philosophy promotes "redistribution" from so-called "haves" to so-called "have nots" on the basis of spurious reasons, using methodologies and processes that no one other than the architects has any say in? Answers on a postcard...

Cameroid knows exactly what Magna Carta means, pretending otherwise is just another way of denigrating it. "Look, it can't possibly have any relevance if the Prime Minister doesn't even know what the words mean..."



Anonymous said...

You seem to forget that the worst and most prolific kiddie fiddlers, who have been tolerated for much longer by everyone, are white. They are priests.

banned said...

On Thursday BBC Radio 2 hosted a listener phone in discussion on the Rochdale Rapers (Jeremy Vine/Steve Wight?). After the usual contribution from 'experts' we were treated to a tune followed by "Well we've had some listener comments but let's move on to How Not to Get Struck By Lightning".

So Steve/Jerry, what were your audience telling you that you did not wish to share with us?