September 04, 2012

Gideon Gets Booed


Ridicule is all they deserve.

Well, and a slack handful of contempt.

Have some piccies as well. We could do with cheering up:

That's one way to eradicate the competition.

 I'm voting for this guy.



Humph said...

2 things.

First, I do not want to see fucking policians giving out medals at the Paras or even be present at any sporting occasion you care to mention, unless it was the Throwing a Javelin at your MP event.

Second, Gideon gets booed and Gordon the one-eyed snot gobbler gets fucking cheered???????? Admittedly Gideon is a total cunt, but cheering Brown? What. Is. The. Fucking. Matter. With. People????????????

Captain Ranty said...


I heard that they cheered the gormless twat. Couldn't believe it.

Refused to believe it.