September 02, 2012

Not The Time For Apathy

I suppose most of you are tired of me saying this.

No apologies from me.

I will repeat as necessary until you are all willing to do something.

Like him or not, David is right.

You can do the easy thing, which is fuck all.

Or you can do the right thing, which is to ensure those who come after you have some sort of life.

It's time to shit or get off the pot.



Anonymous said...

Never has the "650 of them, 62 million of us" been more poignant. We know how to stop it. We know WHO to stop. There are only 650 of them.

Anonymous said...

I switched off after 1min as soon as he went into the Weimer Republic and the Nazis.

My guess is there was no mention of 'Judea lauches a war against Germany'. My guess is there was no mention of the Jews responsible for the sordid German dance shows, who then fled to the USA to create Hollywood. My guess there was no mention of the Frankfurt school who came to the west in 1933 to set about its destruction......

And of course the still image of dead, emaciated corpses as he reminds us of the holocaust. I bet he went into the gas chamber and 6million myth too?

I used to respect Icke but he's controlled opposition. The basis of much of his rhetoric is the promotion of the New Age religion. He's a Blavatsky bitch, a Theosophy tosser. Revolution Harry's written much about him and his beliefs.

Icke's like the Zeitgeist movie - lots of truths mixed in with total disinfo propaganda. I don't listen to him anymore. He should know that the holocaust is one horrific lie. It's because of this that I can't follow him anymore. His silence on the Jewish banking Oligarchy's control of the world proves one of two outcomes - he's either totally ignorant of it or part of the problem.



Budvar said...

Harbers, I agree that Icke's a bit of a tit, with his lizards and his "Life is a garment of illusion" new age clap-trap, but I think he's on the money with this.

Zionist isn't the same as being Jewish/Israeli, I tend to agree that holocaust numbers may well be a tad exaggerated, but I don't know as I wasn't there.

The Balkans however 20 years ago, I can comment on. The shit that went down there was the same sort of shit like lining people up and shooting in the back of the head business.

They may take me out, but not before I take out at least one of them, and I'm not alone. I wont end my days staring into my own grave.

They may take out the handwringers, old dears and the like, but I think they'll find rounding up chav scum from council estates and compliantly hauling them off in cattle trucks, biting off a bit more than they can chew.

Anonymous said...

To further add,

Cap't, you, me, those who blog as you do and those who follow these blogs, as well as very possibly trying to bring our subject matter into conversation, by their actions are actively rebelling against the system.

Icke along with all other truthseekers preach to the converted. These people are awake already. What can they do other than arming themselves and having a pop at some elite, being banged up, or worse shot for their actions?

People are the problem; those fuckwits who vote, who enlist in the armed forces, who join the police, who become lawyers and QC's, who become public servents, the muscle, enforcers, judges and administrators of the system.

By me saying NO, FUCK THE SYSTEM, I am rebelling. It's not my job to sacrifice my life and freedom just so some cunt out there, too pig fucking ignorant to smell the fucking coffee and educate himself, can be free!

I am an individual, a solitary human being, who owes no one anything. I woke up myself. I questioned the status quo. No one guided me, I led myself when I saw things weren't right.

Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em all! Fuck people too afraid to be different because they might lose a 'friend' on facebook. Fuck people who although told the MSM lies continue to buy and immerse themselves within. Fuck those arseholes who still vote every four years to elect another millionaire into number 10.

It's their life, their choices, their prison and hell they've created, not mine! Let them suffer for their choices. Fuck 'em all!



Bill Sticker said...

"He should know that the holocaust is one horrific lie"

Really? So all the film evidence, the eyewitnesses, the buildings, the photographs and the mass graves are a put up job then? All the squaddies and grunts who found the camps were liars? The evidence presented at Nuremburg a massive fabrication? I don't think so.

I think David does tend to go off half cocked, but all the Jewish conspiracy stuff Harbinger just emitted reeks of the 'protocols of the elders of zion' and the rest of that crazy fake shit.

David Icke, for all his faults and fancies does have a point. Get up or get out. I chose the latter. I've seen the machine from the inside and how easily it is assembled from ordinary everyday people 'just doing their job'.

Unknown said...

Sadly, whether he is right, half right or partially right, Mr Icke is a voice of one. We're all voices in the wilderness with no recognised representative voice. Unless there is a platform to speak from, who can possibly listen?
To make any impact or effect radical change, surely the best way to 'get up' is to 'set-up' the means to project the message you want to get across?
Like-minded can 'get-up', come together and agree the path of action, so whose in???

Anonymous said...


You'll find that Israelis are Zionists and the overwhelming percentage of world Jewry basis its religion on the Talmud before the Tanakh and Tora. That's a massive problem.

What happened in the Balkans 20 years ago was a direct result of western tampering with countries and the promotion of migration into them of peoples of a different culture that would create a future powder keg ready to blow. The Islamisation of the Balkans was instrumental into the current war on terror we're constantly warned about.

As for Icke, I'm not saying that what he says is false. On the contrary most of what he states is true but sadly, most of what he says is also disinformation. Icke's 'new age clap-trap' is incredibly dangerous stuff. he is promoting undiluted HP Blavatsky Lucifarianism. Do some research on the woman along with some of her followers - Annie Besant and Alice Bailey. The latter set up the Lucis trust, a prominent establishment within the UK.



Anonymous said...


I will further add,

What is it about Jews that they should hold the mantle for the world's persecuted? There was a time in my life when I didn't care what went on. I was ignorant then, didn't have a clue about Judaism. I thought it was Christianity with Synagogues, the same as I thought Islam was with Mosques. Oh how wrong I was.

I read the Babylonian Talmud and thought "Wow, what a truly fucked up book and yet here we are, in the 21st century, demonizing the Qur'an which is like an ABC book compared to this piece of utter vile filth, prejudice, racism, murder, paedophilia, bestiality condoning upon all the non Jews, a book written by people who believed their religion should rule over all."

We were never told in history how the Jews had started WW2 were we? We weren't told how they boycotted German goods, all because Hitler had removed the Rothschild's banking control over the hard working German people, who had suffered tremendously under them? We weren't told this devious plan by the Jewish elites who knew that in boycotting German goods, they would effectively starve them into submission, so the Jews could continue doing what they've always done - parasite off of people.

The madness of reality is one that attacks anyone who should criticise Judaism, yet condone any attack on Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism etc etc? Why must Judaism be protected? It was because of this that I studied history far more and a horrific picture of lies was presented before me.

Do you know that there was NO FINAL SOLUTION towards the Jews Bill? Do you know there was a final solution against the Germans though, again, a piece of literature that we're conveniently never told of? This was a book by An American Jew called Theodore Newman Kaufman who published a book in 1941 called Germany Must Perish. He also spoke the following of the up and coming Jewish New World Order:

"I believe that the Jews have a mission in life. They must see to it that the nations of the world get together in one vast confederation. ‘Union Now’ is the beginning of this. Slowly but surely the world will develop into paradise. We will have perpetual peace. And the Jews will do the most to bring about this confederation, because they have the most to gain."

I suggest you read the following article, so you can blow away the smoke and smash the mirrors, carefully constructed within your mind by the MSM and education systems:



Quiet_Man said...

As my Grandfather was part of the British 4th army who liberated Belsen I call horseshit on your holocaust denial Harbinger, I know what he told me, I've seen the evidence and you are less than scum to keep bringing it up.

Noggin the Nog said...


You are wasting your breath with Harby.

He knows everything, and what he doesn't know, he lies about.

If you disagree with any of his inane ramblings, but particularly his 'It's the Jooooos!' schtick, it's because you are a sheep, or a moron, or both, and nothing to do with the fact that you just can't stomach his unsubstantiated bullshit.

BTW David Icke is a cock of the first order, and anybody who takes his clap-trap seriously wants their head looking into.


With respect to your exhortation to 'shit or get off the pot', does this now mean that you are going to withhold your Council Tax, or does that not count as shitting?

Chris said...

Actually what Icke says is not new age claptrap. The way he says it may come across like that, but actually science is now starting to confirm that the things he says (and what people have been saying for thousands of years - including the Theosophists, Blavatsky, etc) are correct.

Finally, Lucifer actually means 'shining one, morning star'. It was the rising Christian church that associated Lucifer with Satan. Alice Bailey and co firmly used Lucifer not in any Satanic way, but rather as a symbol for light; the truth.

Anonymous said...


A good article on Lucifer by the blogger Revolution Harry. He has written quite a few good articles on Theosophy, Freemasonry and the Occult.



Noggin the Nog said...


David Icke thinks that the Queen is a lizard shape-shifter and that the Queen Mother is not dead, she has merely returned to the mother ship.

As I said, an utter cock, but not as much of a cock as those that pay to listen to his lunacy.

Quiet Man,

Take no notice of him, no one else does. He has delusions about being the only enlightened one, and gets all frustrated when others cannot 'see it', or are 'asleep', then he starts swearing and threatening, like he was a big man, when we all know he is sitting in his stained pants, thrashing away at a keyboard in impotent rage, disgusted with himself.

BTW Harby, the Bible says that one of the chief attributes of Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, whatever you want to call him, is that he is a liar. But I suppose you don't give much stock to the Bible, as it was written almost exclusively by Joooooos, eh?